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15% off Microsoft Surface Pro 4 & Book, iPad Air 2 16GB $498, JBL Flip 3 Speakers $98 @ Harvey Norman

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  • 16gb iPad Air 2 $498? Might as well get a 32gb iPad Air 2 for $70 more?

  • thx, was looking for flip 3!

  • The Flip 3 is such a great speaker. Can't recommend it enough.

  • Surface pro 4 i5 is tempting for $1074 with two Amex cards.

    • is it best price so far? :)

      • With the Amex cards yes. Without I think it's been cheaper during one of the eBay sales with Futu Online earlier in the year.

        I'm so tempted but not 100% haha. Keep thinking the 4gb ram model might suffer, but the 8gb is so much more expensive.

  • That Sony headphone is cheaper at $49 (+$6.95 delivery if non-member) at https://m.catchoftheday.com.au/product/sony-mdrzx110nc-noise...

  • Are those Hue bulbs any good?

    That is conapred to the belkins at JB and officeworks?

    So many wifi bulbs on market now.

    • Hue is great, but be aware that the version being sold by Harvey Norman today is the previous generation (a new model came out a couple of months ago).

      The new model isn't that much different, it has the ability to be brighter and has a longer expected lifetime. So maybe worthwhile getting the old model at a discount.

  • How long does this last for?

  • Harvey Norman in Maribyrnong had the "secret" VIP sale last Wednesday and it was just 10% off. Seems like much better in public sale

    • It wasn't secret when they texted their customers about it but if you meant with prices then yeah that is the whole allure of making people come to nights like them by not telling the prices, whether they are good prices or not is up to the customer.

  • How's the iPad Mini 2 perform? We just came back from overseas and we were using my 4 year old iPad gen 3, it was pretty frustrating and we're on the market for something new.

    • Interested in this answer as well. I have like the first iPad mini and it's so laggy and no games work anymore.

    • It's a 3 year old tablet. Probably don't want to be updating to the latest iOS.

  • I have both Mini 2 and ipad 3. While Mini 2 is better but it's only like 1 gen ahead. Wouldn't recommend getting it. It's old. Better get ipad Air 2, if size is not an issue for u. Will last longer. I bought 32GB Air 2 to replace my ipad 3 too, it's the best value for money at the moment (Pro is obviously better, but almost double the price. Mini 4 is similar to Air 2, but more expensive too at HN). And yes, Amex cashback worked to whoever still wonder. Sadly, only have 1 Amex, otherwise would buy 128 GB or just make it to $600 and split the payment

    • Mini 2 has the same SoC as iPaid Air, which should be A7 iirc. That's 2 gens ahead of iPad 3.

    • Mini 2 is on par with iPad Air in terms of spec (Apple A7, 1GB RAM), so two generations technically. That said, I do agree that Air 2 would be much better. I'd probably go with Air 2 over Mini 4 depending on price (Air 2 was generally cheaper as far as I recall) and how much you value that portability over all that; Air 2's AP does boast better performance.