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OzBargain 10th Birthday: 15% Cashback on Every Hotel Booking Worldwide Via Wotif @ Cashrewards (21 Hours Only)


Hi again, Andrew from Cashrewards.
Here's our 2nd offering to the OzBargain community for the 10th birthday event. Get 15% cashback on every single hotel booking worldwide for the next 21 hours only. Once again, well done & congratulations Scotty & team.

Edit: Please note cashback will revert to 12% from noon Tuesday to midnight Wednesday AEDT.

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    Made an expedia booking months ago via CR, completed the stay recently and all of a sudden my reward is "cancelled" for reasons not provided. I've submitted a request for assistance but from what I'm reading here on OzB customer service isn't exactly their priority at the moment.

    • +1 vote

      Had something similar when I booked my airfare from Zuji via CR. It did appear as processing on my account, but remained processing for a whole year. In the end it just dissappeared from my transactions page. The cashback wasn't much, so I didn't bother chasing it up in the end.

      • +1 vote

        Same happened with my Expedia booking.
        Now i use random 10% off coupon codes from internet which works out to be cheaper especially if u can find one with agoda.


          I can't find agoda promo code. Can you please share to us? Thanks


      Same experience here, cashrewards good in theory if you are able to claim it all back…

  • +6 votes

    I'm still waiting for my WOTIF cashback that was due in March earlier this year

    Thanks for reminding me to raise a query with cashrewards

    • +2 votes

      No doubt you got a PM from a certain rep as well offering to "look into it personally" in exchange for removing negative feedback on this site…

      I refused, they're not getting away from copping it in exchange for an offer to provide what is basic level customer service.

    • +1 vote

      Yep. Travel sites and Cashrewards do not seem to be a good mix. I've made multiple $3,000+ purchase with Etihad through CR, which failed to track and their revised policy of saying it's older than x days so there's nothing we can do is unsatisfactory when most accommodation and flight bookings take months to show up.


      I got my WOTIF cashback from Cashrewards paid so am happy now - thanks Emma (cashrewards)


    Hey rep,

    For cashback tracking:
    Is it better to pay the full amount upfront or use the pay with deposit option ?

  • +3 votes

    Not a fan of cash rewards. 1/4 of a year is far too long to process a transaction in my view. I prefer to use a coupon and get an instant saving.

    • +1 vote

      It's not Cashrewards fault, but the stores themselves. Often they'll have a 180 day window after Paypal's protection has run out. That way they're not making a loss by paying commission after the customer has had their order cancelled and refunded.

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  • +4 votes

    Even with the 15% cash back, the hotel I am looking to book is still way cheaper to book directly through the hotel.

    I was hoping for a deal here but looks like Wotif has jacked the prices up (or aren't interested in being cheaper than the hotel itself).


      This might be of interest.


      It's abc's show the checkout's story on hotel comparison sites.

      According to them 2 major companies now have a strangle hold by owning all the price comparison sites and they charge hotels 15% for being on it.

      So cash rewards gets you 12% and they take their cut and then assumedly wotif takes another 15%.

      So not surprising that the random selection of hotels they chose to simply call directly to ask for prices resulted in around a 25% discount to the websites.

      Sorry for the extra 2% token birthday deal given but perhaps that should be the real ozbargain tip here. (Might even make the deal neg-worthy come to think of it, if it can be confirmed 'cheaper elsewhere' almost accross the board)

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    It hasent't tracked one of my purchases and I made SURE that Cashrewards was activated :(


      Has taken a few days sometimes for me. Particularly with ebay


        Yeah, but all my other purchases got tracked and were present withing a couple of hours, for some reason one of mine didnt go through. I will wait the week and put through a request :(. Thanks for the info deep


    I used cashrewards a fair bit earlier this year at the Hilton… Had 4 or 5 bookings tracked, but they never went past pending.

    I PM’d one of the CR guys on here, and he sorted it out for me within a few weeks. Was worth around $250 in total.

    I’ve currently got one with Agoda that I’m waiting on, has been 2 months so far from when I stayed there.


    Hey OP, I made a booking through Cashrewards for wotif on the 21st Nov to take advantage of the 15% cashback, however cashrewards has only confirmed a cashback of a measly 2.4%!!