What do you think of the OzBargain 10th B'day sale? [Stats]

So, what's Ozbargain's reaction to our BIGGEST sale of the year? Vote and share your comments and what you bought!

It's been 6 hours since the launch of the Ozbargain sale and here are some interesting stats:

Deals posted under Ozb10 Celebration category: 88 and counting

Net number of positive votes so far
Calculation: (Positive - Negative = Net votes)
1318 Votes

Highest Voted Store: GearBest
Highest Voted Store (Net): MobileCiti

Most negatively voted store: GearBest
Most controversial store: GearBest

Most Active category (by clicks): Electronics
Quietest category: Automotive

Average Net Votes (that is, all positive votes, subtracted by neg votes, average across all deals) 14.977

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  • 2
    The deals are amazing and I went on a shopping spree
  • 12
    The deals are great and I bought a few things
  • 60
    The deals are good but I bought nothing / almost nothing
  • 168
    Indifferent -- the deals didn't interest me at all
  • 436
    I'm disappointed and I saw no real bargains
  • 1
    Other reason()


  • +1 vote

    Yeah pretty average, instead it should've been a TA celebration sale that takes you to a page with deals only posted by TA

    • +3 votes

      Interesting idea, is there a way to subscribe to members? Like everytime they post up a new deal, you get a notification sorta thing.

      • +3 votes

        You could use the RSS feed with IFTT

  • +9 votes

    The $10 phones from Gearbest has to be the greatest deal. Must be so many happy Ozbargainers celebrating tonight having secured that amazing bargain.

    • +9 votes

      And a lot of unhappy campers who thought they'd be paying $10 dollars, then surprise, email says they got billed the full amount instead :(

      • +6 votes

        The sad part is some users predicted that before it even happened. Should never have been posted.

        That said, the Biltong deal was awesome, scored a $50 discount on my latest order.


        • +6 votes

          Biltong is always way overpriced anyway so while it might be a deal to someone who actually buys it, it's not a deal to anyone else (because they never buy it).


          Used to buy their biltong, but then I found better at the local store…



          Which store? Always keen to try something new..



          The one next to Coles at Garden City Westfield (Mt Gravatt)… could be a bit of a drive for you from surfers though

  • +133 votes

    It's actually a mixed bag. I was going to comment on it after the event but I will write a bit about it here.

    Getting the best deals are actually not my original intention. It's a birthday party afterall, and I was looking at doing something different so the whole community can have fun (which pretty much excludes the creative competitions we used to run where only a few would participate).

    So the idea is — we are going to run a ClickFrenzy-like event without charging merchants thousands of dollars to be enrolled. It's a free party, and you just need to confirm that you are coming. We were hoping the merchants would then bring the savings to discount. We then sent out around 190 invitations to store reps already posting deals on OzBargain. Problem so far

    • many never replied
    • quite a few uninvited knocking on the door at last minute.
    • I still have around 30 merchants who confirmed the invitation but have not posted the deal
    • deals have very mixed quality. It feels like people coming to your birthday party to enjoy the event, but bringing along some unwanted gift as birthday present (yup I have done that myself)

    Anyway. I might be the only person here treasuring running this project for 10 years. Hopefully you guys can still enjoy the event.

    • +1 vote

      Oh yes I am really enjoying it

    • +9 votes

      Thanks Scotty, the intention was good, and if you run it again it may prosper into something bigger and better, just like OzB itself ;)

      • +15 votes

        Not too sure about that :( the entire team here is stressed over the last couple of days, and we are a small team (as some of you out there are obviously against OzBargain being a business). I can understand why ClickFrenzy would charge fee — to wee out the undesirable I guess.

        At least for now we have no plan to run anything like this again.

        • +59 votes

          Not sure why people begrudge you earning a crust out of this, it's your site, you can do what you want, and besides, I'm sure we have all saved a lot of money here which in the end is the intention of the whole thing

        • +1 vote

          I guess this just proves how hard it is to come across a good bargain. Also takes the fun away from the hunt and the drama of missing out. :)

          The usual suspects of Mobileciti and PC Byte coming up with decent deals, and GearBest with a controversial one lol.

        • +1 vote

          @brotherrfranciz: yes Mobileciti even created an ozbargain10 page.

        • +10 votes

          Despite offering what I feel is extremely competitive discounts, and being near the top of the home and garden section in terms of upvotes, we haven't really had any business out of this sale to date yet(think our deal might have been lost in a sea of eneloops somewhere - but we are a bit limited with being a physical store as opposed to online store at this stage). Our products are for a different demographic and relatively niche vs the more tech based deals on this site however OzBargain is a great community and was definitely very good for me in my last business so if I can give back to the community I'll definitely continue to do so, even if it only appeals to a handful of people.

          It's unfortunate for us with the timing being so close to Christmas that we are already pushing to meet deadlines means we can't extend our offer to everything, and perhaps other merchants are in the same boat/snowed under as well. Perhaps a "half birthday" sale in 6 months time might be a bit easier for merchants to manage and offer some more solid deals as well without the pressures of Christmas being around the corner given it's most merchants busiest time of year already.

          At the end of the day I wouldn't stress too much over the merchants that aren't participating and focus on the ones that are - and looking at the deals that have been secured for the community as a result of your efforts. Most of them are a bit "meh" but there's also a lot of good deals in there as well. Also remembering this is just your first attempt at a big sale. Remember what a train wreck the first Click Frenzy was - OzBargain10 has been heaps better than that!

        • +16 votes

          R U OK scotty? :)

          Have you been taking adequate breaks, downtime and recuperation?

          Looks like you've been working long hours. :[

        • +8 votes

          Thank you Scotty and the team for all the effort you have put into this, and the site in general

        • +1 vote

          @ShannonIngram: It appears fashion, food, and electronics are the most desirable deals on OZB.

          We get a lot of enquiries and plenty of orders after posting a deal, but not the votes, so we have to wait 2 weeks before posting another :(

        • +2 votes

          @ShannonIngram: and you have no idea why?

          I can tell you. It's because the 'go to the deal' link, there's nothing there but a contact us page. No links to deals. No pictures. No nothing. I immediately lost interest as soon as I saw that.

          I'd be interested in looking at the 60% off blinds but without a list and pictures, i'm not interested in pursuing it.


          @snook: Fair call…. as per my comments I'm well aware it's an issue with us being a physical store as opposed to online in terms of the info we can get out there. It's a known issue at the moment and is being worked on as we speak. Unfortunately that particular website is out of my control as the brand is used under licence but we should have a much better online presence next year. Watch this space!


          To help people get perspective, why not run a poll asking people to give an idea of how much money they have actually saved through this site (I mean, money saved for things you were going to buy anyway). For me, in the last 12 months, it would be more than $1000 (airfares and those crazy creditcard deals there the banks give you cash). $1000 would go a long way to paying to access this site.


          @tassieeagle: Jealous peeps. I agree with Tassie. It's his site, and he has every right to earn from it. We should be thankful that he'd bothered running a free event. People are so unthankful these days. They want stuff for free but then doesn't want the provider to make any money out of it either. Selfish [email protected]#$ <end rant>

    • +17 votes

      Your disappointment is palpable, I think we all wish it was what you would have liked it to be. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

    • +20 votes

      The community should be proud scotty. Not many parts of the world where people share real bargains and McD hacks and have a good laugh at the same time. I know I do sometimes, reading the comments. How do I pass my day without Ozbargain? :)

      • +1 vote

        speaking of McDs hack, my deconstructed McChicken deal was I think the most popular thing I ever posted a few years back!


          Yeah I mean like if you read something like slickdeals you can actually feel how cold the community is. Not much of a bargain site, more of a giant billboard for sale. No crazy McD hacks.

          That said, reading slickdeals might be a good cost effective way to survive Summer.

    • +4 votes

      Anticipation is half the fun (I actually added Ozbargain's birthday to my personal calendar).

      Perhaps for the next party, hire TA to do the catering :)

    • +5 votes

      I like it but, the savings just weren't so great, I bought jackshit

      • +3 votes

        How much did you pay for jackshit and was it a bargain?

        • +3 votes

          Jack wasnt selling it this year :(

        • +2 votes

          I can make a special exception for you Bearosaurus, if you'd like?

    • +4 votes

      Scotty, I've enjoyed 6 or 7 years of bargains so thanks a million to all at Oz Bargain. Looking forward to the next ten! …. I waiting for the next ' freedom plus' Google credit kinda thing …oh those were the days. :)

    • +1 vote

      Still waiting for that Aminoz deal :/ I was holding off restocking supplements till next year to see what they have planned, waited all day and still nothing. :(

      • +1 vote

        Likewise my man


          I don't think it's coming haha :/

    • +9 votes

      I know you worked your ass off to make this happen, and as you say it sucks that many of the stores haven't brought their 'A-game'.

      I was particularly pissed to see some of the comments in the GB post start targeting you and the mod team, accusations going everywhere. Can't be nice to read after the stress and work you've put in.

      Side note, but the New Deals page became a mess this morning. Suggestion - how about a new tab for events? So like before New Deals there could be an OzBargain10 tab, where anything that's tagged with the event tag could go. Really it'd be like the current Event Page, but with a bigger highlight I guess.
      Just a thought for the next event (something special like this, not like Boxing Day sales etc).

      Appreciate all the work you put in anyway Scotty :) keep it up

      • +1 vote

        We are definitely trying to organise more event pages however new deals are still going to appear in the New Deals page. Anyway, until next time, although at the moment I'm not sure it would happen again :)

        • +1 vote

          Spackbace hit the nail on the head. 'Sucks that many of the stores haven't brought their A-game'.

          Mods should in future use their prerogative and if deemed to be an 'average' sale or discount then politely decline that business from participating. Far too many very average deals that should not have been included.



          to be fair, the timing is not the best. The most popular deals are tech deals and mobile phones, and as it stands, the Ozzie dollar is very weak against the US post-election. The prices of most imported goods will have to increase in response to the exchange rate.

          Add to the fact that most sellers are busy preparing for Xmas promotions of their own and can't really afford to give Scotty the best deals for fear that having a big sale before an Xmas event might negatively affect their KPI's or budget / performance in their end of year campaign.



          You're right! The anniversary should've been moved to January; this is the age of truthful hyperbole after all. ;)

    • +9 votes

      As a rep gotta say its a great idea and I'm thankful. I basically just remove my marketing budget for Facebook / Google ads from the price of the product. Even through I get the same return per sale - the customer is getting it much cheaper and is therefore happier / more likely to recommend the brand. Beats having the markup go to 1000s in FB/Google ads.

      • +4 votes

        Thanks for supporting the OzBargain community!

    • +22 votes

      Personally, I enjoy OzBargain not because of the deals (the deals are great), but we have a mixed bag of people with very different backgrounds/experiences. The deal comments/forum is probably my favourite part. Some of them are hilarious. Some of them have taught me so much about investing. Some of them have taught me how to buy my $80k car if I get a job at Westpac.. lol

      Suprisingly this website is very educational from a 'managing' your money perspective - Kids in school should really have a class where they spend 20 mins a day on OzB just to read about the prices of things and the comments to understand products.

      I have been on many[mostly car] forums and I have to say this is probably my favourite online community - where most people come together to help each other out.

      The team have done an amazing job with the website and I think it's A LOT easier to follow than the standard/typical forum website layout. The voting, the layered comments, general website lay out etc - it's all perfect.

      In general, you guys have done an amazing job. You can definitely be proud of this. I personally wanted to write you and this message to thank you for all of your efforts. Not all heroes wear capes.


        I've also learnt what can fit in my wife's Range Rover & my X5 :)


        Very eloquent. I agree with everything you wrote. :)

    • +1 vote

      Scotty, both myself and Mrs. StingyBritches adore this site, even though it 'forces' us to buy more stuff. Eneloops anyone?

      Don't let the trolls get you down - you and your team's efforts are greatly appreciated and acknowledged.

      Here's to the next ten years!


      hey scotty

      i think we all appreciate the effort. A few good bargains

      More importantly we all appreciate 10 years of savings.

      Gimli son of gloin


      Your intentions were good, but as you said it's a shame it devolved as it did. I think some people had their expectations too high(probably because of Christmas coming so soon) and that took away the appeal of what OzB was intending to do but then again sellers could only do so much and some sellers didn't really deliver- again not your fault, as you provided a platform to offer something.

      I hope your not discouraged to do a 15th in the future…or close the site altogether :(. This community offers great discussions aswell as daily deals.

      Edit: Should also point out some people were being downright childish in how they acted. I commented in the Gearbest deal and made a common mistake and got negged into oblivion in the span of 5mins.

    • +1 vote

      I'm just happy I got a 10 year celebration t-shirt, even if my wife refuses to let me wear it when we go shopping.:p

      • +1 vote

        Does she let you wear pants?


    There was nothing overly interesting beyond the usual (couple of 1080 deals, etc). Beyond this it was all companies attempting to dump old/bad stock without any significant losses… Oh and the ~$2k of junk GearBest is selling for ~$3300 thinking we won't notice the junk snuck in at $10 a pop.


    To quote the Don: "SAD!"

  • +1 vote

    It is (at least now) nothing amazing, but a few tidy prices here and there.

    However, I definitely do appreciate this event and how it brings together the community, in agreement or otherwise. Scotty and co, thanks for your efforts. Glad to be a part of this site and I feel positive about it's future.

  • +5 votes

    I don't understand the complaints, nobody forced anyone to even come on this site at midday today.

    I understand feedback is important, but this is mass hysteria. I knew the GearBest stuff was going to be a washout, so I half heartedly tried once at midday (only because I actually need a new phone).

    It's this kind of entitled behaviour that stops websites like this from even trying things. It's not worth the hassle! Next time, just do nothing if the ungrateful pricks are going to complain.

    I've been a member for over 6 years and probably used the site all up for close to 8 years, I'm guessing. There have been times when I've not looked at the site much for months and then there have been times when I've checked it religiously (usually when I'm on the hunt for something). Thanks, Scotty, for coming up with the concept.

  • +6 votes

    I got a free board game from the Melbourne meet up. I'm happy about that. :) I skipped the t-shirt because I already have one, so the next guy could get it. :)

    Thanks ozb team.

    • -4 votes

      sounds like the melbourne meetup was run a lot better than the sydney ones

      • +1 vote

        I was there pretty early so I beat the crowds. It was very casual, just nice to be able to say hi. I think being indoors helped, as it was out of the heat.

        The folks at poked were also quite hospitable.


          I think being indoors helped, as it was out of the heat.

          And then the severe thunderstorm minutes later. Then minutes later the muggy overcast day.


          @neil: Hahaha, true dat! I was super soaked on the way home.

  • +7 votes

    I love this site, but i need to start a drug habit so I stop spending all my disposable income here.

  • +1 vote

    there isnt any $4 ps4's or 80k car deals

  • +1 vote

    I kinda thought it would be hard to score a big bargain from it to begin with. The date is too close to Black Friday and Click Frenzy.
    I didn't see anything that grabbed my eyes. That said, I did like the idea of having a celebration of 10th anniversary. Who knows, this might eventually become a big thing.


    Decent and abit dissapointed, some few good deal like GTX 1080 but still not the best bang for your buck, considering GTX 1070 & RX 480.
    Trump be like : OZB become too mainstream and comply with most retailer/ small business interest for mutual benefit. SAD


  • +2 votes

    Lol gearbest is voted best
    I ordered xiaomi powerbank more than a month ago havent received yet. Gearbest doesnt reply my emails and gearbest is voted the best.
    U must be joking


    LOL Ozbargain kind of made it onto Kotaku…



      It's not the first time


      Lifehacker is also monitoring Ozbargain, and gets lots of mentions.

  • -3 votes

    Aussie typical drama…

    There are deals, open to everyone. The website is free to join and check.

    What's the problem?

    It is not ozbargain's fault if our retail is becoming a joke.

    Appreciate the website's offer or do not bother. Or go find your bargain.

    Man, some on here are cheap!!!


    Huge ozbargain fan, was really looking forward to this celebration sale. Very disappointed. Nothing of interest to me and no 'storewide' discounts large enough for me to even consider clicking the link.

    Far too many small niche businesses trying to plug their website and nothing more than that really.

    Interesting concept but need more mainstream stores to participate or celebrate the birthdays a different way.


    Come on 10 years and this is the support they show to ozbargain.


    Cathay Pacific birthday deal for flights to Hong Kong, looks pretty good for direct flights

  • +2 votes

    I liked it! I got far more out of this sale than any of the click frenzy ones.
    -I won a TV thing worth $30 for $10 from the gearbest sale. Although I missed out the other times, it was really fun counting down those seconds til I put the bid through
    -I bought some digital timers for $6 each from Briscoes

    and I just finished putting through a woolies online order at the amazing discount of $80 for $120 worth of goods (the inclusion of alcohol really made it easy to get the min spend)

    The problem I think people are having is that there's too many deals being posted, with no clear signs from the community that its good or not, and the deals need work to sift through to find what your looking for. I think we could have used some more headline acts, but all in all I'm counting this a success. Hold your head up high Scotty, save that toilet paper for when you really need it (neil showed me the picture) :P


    I'm going to say it's still better than the first couple of Click Frenzies. It can only get better!

    Maybe get some feedback from the merchants that did decent deals and see how you can entice others to play ball!
    I mean, it is the time of the year for deep discounts for most retailers.


    While the OzB10 deals haven't been great, it cannot possibly be OzB's fault. To Scotty and the entire OzB team:

    1. kudos to your massive effort in pulling this through,
    2. many many many many thanks for the birthday party, and
    3. look forward to more OzB deals to come!

    OzB fan

  • +8 votes

    As REP, i can say in this peak season, it's really hard to get enough stock to offer a very sharp price deal even we are willing to lose some money.

    In the wholesale market, at this season, even we are willing to pay more to supplier to reserve stock, but still hard to get enough for demand.

    The business environment is getting harder, combine the exchange rate issue and our maximum staffs/warehouse capacity at this season.

    I think that's a common reason for most stores here. I know some ppl don't agree, but at least im telling you the fact.

    We made you guys a bit disappointed. So sorry guys.

    Personally,Im with ozbargain for many many years, i like here. We will try to work harder to support the ozbargain community ;)


    I was hoping to pick up a cheap mid-range laptop.. I think Bearosaurus ruined it for me.. Where's my 50% off lenovo!?!? :)

    All the other deals seemed unappealing while waiting for the big bargains that didn't seem to really eventuate (except the limited stocked competitions)!

  • -1 vote

    there was a 10th birthday sale?
    should have been better but oh well.


    I appreciate the great effort from the team, don't feel dishearten, it often won't work the first time :-)
    Happy 10th birthday!!

  • +2 votes

    The bargains are/were nothing to write about however your efforts Scotty are always appreciated. Thank you!


    Oh well, after all OzBargain is a bargain hunting site not COTD! So it's alright for no shopping sprees


    Can we change or add an OzBargain birthday to early next year? Many more deals will be available at that time, call it "OzBargains belated 10 year anniversary sale" for lack of a better name!

  • +1 vote

    For me, the sale wasn't crash hot but that's not a big problem. OZB is just a platform i.e. they can't come up with their own deals, they need support from the vendors and as stated in a few comments above, the timing could be an issue along with the vendors not bringing their A game.

    OZB has been a lot more than a bargain hunting website for me. The difficult times that my family and I faced last year were very challenging for us and we can't be thankful enough for all the support we received. When I created that forum post entry, I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised at the response I received. So many suggestions, consolations and tips regarding our issues, advice in regards to claiming parental leave pay, offers of free baby furniture and accessories and so on. A lot of members wanted to know the employer's name so they could write to the employer; while I did not disclose the employer's name, I felt empowered having so much support (from people I didn't know personally). And one particular comment about 'calling in the bikies' made me smile at that time (hadn't smiled or laughed for days). I really felt like I was a part of a large family, a community I could count on! And for that my little boy, my wife and I are really thankful and will always be.

    So, the sale event wasn't crash hot, so what? OZB is still a great place with great people and another great bargain might just be around the corner.

    Thank you Scotty for this website and cheers on the 10th anniversary!