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Mobileciti OzBargain10 Deals - 10% off Phones & Watches. Nexus 6P $611.10, iPhone SE $526.50 Delivered


Mobileciti has released their OzBargain10 special promotion early. Moreover coupon code OzBargain10 gives you 10% off already discounted price. Please note that it's not activated yet — it will go live on Monday at 12PM. UPDATE: Extended to 11:59PM on 24 Nov.

Some highlights:

  • iPhone 7 256GB — $1,241.10
  • iPhone SE 16GB — $526.50
  • Nexus 6P 64GB — $611.10

Mobileciti also mentioned that the products might change during the promotion next week when they add more stocks. Maybe some of you guys can start requesting in the comments :)

These are Australian stocks with full 2 year warranty where you can pick up from Mobileciti's Parramatta shop, but they also offer free delivery on all the items. I have purchased from Mobileciti a few times (including my current Nexus 5X) and can't fault them for their service. Thanks Aaron!

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  • Is that it?

    • +10

      Mobileciti seem to be the MSY of phones, so they generally have the cheapest oz stock , so 10% off is a decent deal.

      • +6

        I know, but this is OzBargain's 10th birthday. A saving of more than $6 would have been better

        • +7

          more than $6


        • +6

          That deal was very popular and has sold out now, so even a repeat of that deal would be good.

    • +2

      Agreed Savas. Pretty average…

  • +20

    S7 Edge

  • +3

    Beggars can't be choosers but surely they can do over %20 discount. Gosh where's their Christmas spirit.

  • Mobileciti don't sell Xiaomis do they?
    If they do.. then my request is a bargain on a Xiaomi Mix/Xiaomi (Redmi) Note :)

    • There's a pretty easy way to check that…

      • It doesn't mean they can't stock it for this deal… right…?

        Just doesn't seem likely because they sell Aus stock. I don't even think there's such thing as Aus stock Xiaomi.

    • Xiaomi isn't planning on releasing the Mix globally anytime soon, and even the december preorder for this and the Note 2 all sold out within seconds so no stock available anyway.

    • +1

      Hi illumination

      That's for show interest on Xiaomi phones, Mobileciti only carry Au/A-tick stock, Xiaomi not yet offically A-tick approved that's why we don't keep it.

  • +4

    iPhone 6s please - rose gold. For my daughter.

  • +1

    How about some Sony mobiles please

    • Seconded!

    • Please tell me the model, I will try to ask.

      • Personally I'm after a xperia z3 compact, but not sure if new ones are really being sold anymore. Z5 compact would also be good :) thanks!

        • i just broke the screen on my z3c, and would snap up a replacement or z5c upgrade for the right price. otherwise its a replacement screen and see how it holds up.
          such a good phone, was prepared to never upgrade and just run it into the ground, but over a longer period than a drop on the ground a few days ago

        • @crentist: I'm a little wary of the z5c because of overheating issues with the 810 processor, and apparently bluetooth low energy doesn't work properly on it either? Would love to get a z3c but can't seem to find a non-dodgy grey import being sold anywhere.

      • +1

        the new Xperia XZ ? ;3

        • Or even the X performance or Z5 premium? Both great phones and older now so should be cheaper to buy in?

          EDIT: just realised the XZ is already 10% off at 899 would be good to see it hit 650-700 :)

        • +1
        • @mobileciti: awesome thanks very much!

      • Z5 premium please? Or z5 compact

        • -2

          That links to iPhone? No offense but no one wants the Horrendous SE Xperia is far superior build and feature wise


        • @bloobat:

          No one wants it? Looks like 10 people on this thread have expressed interest.

        • -2

          @tomsco: 10 people who ironically want a horrendously overpriced phone at a slightly less horrendous price….

        • +1

          @bloobat: you do realise strangers don't care what you think?

        • @tomsco:

          Am I trying to convince people? Just find it funny that the same people who are willing to buy grossly overpriced products are here on a bargain site

        • -1


          I was going to get the Xperia Z5 when Mobiciti has 10% off recently but I did a little research first. I found it it was prone to hairline cracks and fonebiz, Sony's authorized repairer was prone to blaming any damage due to water or something which voided the warranty so they could charge hundreds for the repair or a $40 fee to post it back. If I am paying a premium price for a premium phone then there warranty and service should also be premium. Given my research I am convinced it does not meet these standards.

          I had a couple of friends who had their phones replaced by Apple no questions asked by simply walking into the store. I have been using Apple products since 2006 and have gone through 4 macbooks and am now only considering an iPhone. I also purchased a Xperia tablet and then most recently a iPad. The quality and the UI on the iPad is far above the Xperia.

          Also the SE is one of the few full spec'd compacts out there apart from the Xperia series and I want to try a compact phone. My research dissuades me buying into the Xperia series.

          A bargain is more than the price.

        • @Icecold5000:
          All down to personal experience. For me Xperia has always been a solid performer with excellent build quality hence why I prefer them. Camera and battery is also a big deal for me and these are the two features that Xperia excel in.

          I won't argue that accessing Apple repair isn't easier due to them having alot more physical stores but they are also strict on what they will and won't repair under warranty. From my experience the screens on iphones crack way to easily hence why I don't recommend them when combined with their price tag.

        • @bloobat:

          You should read some reports about how Xperia's tend to crack easily. I am dubious of the build quality. My friend actually had his iPhone scratched by the repairer and when this was pointed out they replaced his phone. Frankly I can't see this happening with fonebiz at all. In the long run I believe that Sony contracting with companies like this will have a negative effect on their reputation. In the end I want something that works and that will be replaced if there is a manufacturing fault. Sony just isn't able to compete on these metrics.

          I also own an Xperia C5 Ultra which I got for half price. I paid the right price at $280 for it but would not pay more. Xperia's are overpriced for what you get and have almost no resell value. Even the X series does not have much going for it.

          At least with an iPhone you can sell it to subsidise your new upgrade but with a Sony you'd have have to pay the whole cost upfront and the cost new is on par with an iPhone making it a dealbreaker.

        • I own and iphone and appreciate the UI and quality build, but am looking to get an android phone for: bluetooth apt-x, drag and drop file transfer, and micro sd support. I don't think Apple will be implementing any of those things any time soon. Obviously not sony specific; their compact phones just happen to tick most of my boxes.

      • Is it possible for the Xperia Z5 (black) to be added to the special? Thank you!

  • Can this be used storewide?

    • Just phones on that page I think. However the list might change during the promotion.

  • +4

    Please Mobileciti could you add the 33gb/3gb Moto G4 plus to this special.

    • Hi Cerdig

      Sorry no stock on Moto G4 Plus 32GB

      • Moto G4 16G?

      • +1

        Are you able to provide a special for it anyway and ship it when you get stock in? I don't mind waiting till 25/11 as per your ETA for 3gb/32gb g4 plus

  • No iPhone 7 128gb?

  • +1

    So, we do get GST invoice (for TRS claim), unlike Kogan?

    • -4

      Is that a question ?

    • Yes. Australian business with Australian stock.

    • +1

      Hi hanofee

      All transaction Inc GST Invoice (eligible for TRS $300+)

      Thank you!

  • +1

    Would be more cost effective to take Virgin $40 plan ($960 over 24mths with 2gb) to get Iphone SE 16GB. Unless you can get a good byo plan for less than 20 a month.

    • Yomojo @ 19.90. Not better, but at least you're not locked in.

  • +12

    iPhone SE 64GB please.

    • +2

      Second and third.

    • +2

      Fourth please

    • +2

      Fifth please!!!!!

    • +2


    • Seventh

    • +2

      "The rest thanks." -Broden

    • Really hope they can do it! :)

      • Eighth!

  • +2

    iPhone 7 128gb Space Grey pls šŸ™

  • +17

    Nokia 3310 please šŸ‘€

    • Funny you mention this, wifey dropped her phone in water, so is currently using an e63. If I had a 3310/5510 around I would have made her use that.

    • +4

      ha ha

      Small, indestructible, 10day battery life…..those were the days

    • +5

      Unfortunately 2G will be turned off soon, and then destructive weaponry would become its only use :(

  • I need 2 iPhone 6s 32GB or maybe the 7 in 32GB

    • I'm after the same deal please

  • +2

    black nexus 6p please

    • This!

  • +2

    Anyone else chasing an iPad Air 2?

    • +1

      yep … don't need a lot of GB … 16 or 32 …

    • +1

  • +1

    S7 for 599 ?

    • Are you clarevoyant? :P

  • +1

    Nexus 5X 32Gb please :)

  • +5

    Any of the Blackberry android phones would be great - surely there must be some Priv's gathering dust somewhere that need clearing out. It'd certainly make my wife happy at least. :D

  • Wonder if REP can do a deal on a white Lumia 950XL? Pretty please :)

    • +1

      It's there on 2nd page. I commented below before seeing this. It's 442.8. Good deal

  • +2

    Blackberry Dtek60 or OnePlus 3T (pre order)?

  • iPhone 6s Plus 64gb/128gb please

  • i bought the iphone 7 black 256 yesterday for $1259 (saving of 9%) so they've bettered the "normal" price by 1% :) still a great price compared to apple and other aus stock sellers.

    i'm only saying that for the iphone 7 though.. ther SE and some other phones are definitely good prices.

    Disclaimer - I've bought 100's of phones from them and use them as often as i can budget allowing :)

  • +3

    Silver S7 please.

    • seconded!

    • Third! Though I would settle for (ie prefer) a black S7 too..

  • Any chance of Sony phones please

    • the code doesnt work on all phones?

  • +1

    Will the code stack with the Hauwei50 code?

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