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Nexus 6P 64GB (Silver) $616, Galaxy S7 Optus (Black) $744, Nexus 5X 32GB (White) $422 Delivered @ Mobileciti


Guaranteed Australian stock with local warranty. Apply coupon NEX-ARSE7 at checkout for the discount. Will be dispatched same or next business day. You can also collect immediately from the Parramatta store if you wish. GST invoice included & TRS eligible. Offer ends 11:59pm AEDT Nov 13. Enjoy :)

Nexus 6P 64GB Silver $616
Nexus 5X 32GB White $422
Galaxy S7 Optus Black $744

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    Cheers for these offers! Any possibility of getting iPhone 6s/Plus deals? Missed out on 20% off eBay and Dicksmith offers -0-.

    • yeah looking for iphone 6s plus deal as well!

    • grey import + more expensive ($603 + $25 shipping = $628)

      • so extra 25$ for extra 64gig not a good deal?

        • +3

          But it isn't Australian stock. The warranty of eGlobal Digital Cameras is very questionable and you will need a travel adaptor for it to work in Australia.

        • Not really as it doesn't have australian warranty.

        • +2

          Nah, not for me … grey import, I just returned a grey import DOA Nexus 5 . The return was a big hassle and not worth any "savings". I'm still waiting on the refund from a phone originally ordered on Sept 19th. So if that sounds like fun, go grab a grey import "bargain"

        • +9

          Mobileciti is local stock so will offer local warranty and fast delivery. eglobal is a grey import, and grey import 128GB has been as low as $577.6 at Kogan, so $628 is not the best deal for grey import.

          EDIT: Wow only beaten by like 5 people lol

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      I've been watching the black ver of this and it seems both aren't in stock :( They'll prob fill it when you order, but ehhhh might be better to get local.

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    Bought one during the $628 deal but it was DOA :(

    Hopefully I can get it exchanged without too much hassle. Will update with feedback on service.

    • +3

      They're good to deal with. I was able to walk in store and get an exchange in about 20-30 minutes, and only took that long because they were dealing with a difficult customer. Dealt with them for maybe 10 minutes, including wiping the phone and setting up the new one.

    • Well that was pretty painless! Just sent it off via Auspost and will hopefully have a new one next week.

      I recommend paying via Paypal as "you can get your return shipping covered if you paid your order with PayPal" as per the RMA email.

      Will update when I hear back.

      • Three day turn around from sending ticket to new phone. With reimbursed postage. Pretty happy with that! Thanks rep.

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    I think Tightarse advised the Northern Territory Tourism Board on how to choose a catchy slogan.

  • thanks for the deal. was waiting for one.. just pulled the trigger.. cant wait to pick it up.

  • +1


    • +2

      we could only wish, pixel will probably never drop to $600 anytime soon

  • Using the coupon brings the black nexus 5x to $414

    • Had it in my cart then it disappeared before my very eyes as I was checking out with PayPal :(

    • which code? when i used "NEX-ARSE7", it got mine to $422

      • Same code but now it is telling me it isn't valid. Should have brought it.

      • Code only works on white 32GB model sadly

        • yes bt it brings it back to $422 not $414

  • Any deal on the Huawei P9 soon?

  • How noticeable is the Optus Branding?

    • +7

      I was planning on putting on unbranded firmware, but the Optus branding hasn't annoyed me as much as I thought it would. I also ran some third-party app to hide bloatware.

      Just realise you may get average customer service with Mobileciti - they sent me out the wrong phone and after 90 minutes wasted talking to them and a return trip to the post office, plus a week delay, they simply said sorry - not even a $5 phone cover chucked in as an apology. Not charging return postage was their idea of generous. It says to me they must make many mistakes if they don't choose to properly rectify them. When I make mistakes, my customers are glad I did.

      • I sent mobile citi emails in the past with concerns about a phone I purchased from them and never ever heard anything back its almost like they just ignored it. :\

        • +1

          They have a solid reputation. Have you tried calling the store or PM'ing the rep?

        • Hi irev1

          Sorry to hear this, We reply all the email within 24hours, may I which email address did you sent the email do you have tickets ID?

        • @mobileciti:

          it was sent January 27 2016 1:51 PM to email address online at mobileciti.com.au
          it was regarding LG G4 boot looping issue.

          Never had a response and it doesn't matter anymore because I sold the G4….

        • +1

          To be fair, I found them responsive and it's good they actually have a phone number that was answered. They just don't understand that if you stuff someone around, you make up for it—all it takes is a simple token gesture like a phone cover or discount off a future phone.

          This stuff matters: I purposely ordered from Mobileciti when I could have got it cheaper elsewhere because I'd have it in 2-3 days. It took 10.

          Story time: An ebay electrical seller who sent me the wrong $40 exhaust fan once said he didn't want me to go to the trouble of sending it back, so keep it or sell it. He had the right one couriered from another store to me overnight, and he paid more for it than I originally did. You think I'm using him again? You think he got positive feedback on ebay? You bet! Better feedback than he would have got if he didn't make a mistake in the first place.

          Meanwhile Mobileciti got a neg on ebay and bad press here, instead of me recommending them.

        • @Janko:

          Hi Janko

          Sorry to hear that you had issue with the your recent ordre, can you PM the order number, I will investigate the issues.

        • +1


          I have checked and found the your email Jan and also September, Our rep replied both email same date, see below time stamped. You may want double check with junk mail or blocklist. Feel free to contact us if you need any help (phone: 0298938886 or email: [email protected]). Sorry for the issues.

          Received on: 27 January 2016 02:51 PM
          Replied on: 27 January 2016 06:56 PM

          Received on: 13 September 2016 05:25 PM
          Replied on: 13 September 2016 06:07 PM

        • @mobileciti:

          Hi thanks for checking that - I do believe you; that you did reply - I do not recall receiving the one in January however as you said it could possibly be filtering into junk mail, this is no fault of yours.

          thanks for checking this. sadly with my email I don't think it keeps junk mail any longer then 90 days so I cant go back and check.

          Sorry if any negativity in my original comments Cheers.

        • @irev1:

          Hi irev1,

          Thanks for your understanding, no issue at all. Feel free to PM me if you still having issue with servicing your phone, always happy to help.

        • -1

          @mobileciti: No investigation required—I have my phone and I care not about my individual case—I care about what others dealing with you in future can expect. Besides it should take you 10 seconds to locate with the information above unless you've been flooded with negs on ebay.

        • @Janko: So you had unusually good service from a completely unrelated company so all other companies have to operate like that?

          You might as well be upset at the ebay electrical seller for not sending you TWO exhaust fans.

        • -1

          @KLoNe: No, the fan story was simply showing how smart companies turn lemons into lemonade. It's not about quantity or size of compensation at all - I clearly said a token gesture. This shows the company has a human face, empathy, and isn't just a conveyor belt from supplier to customer.

  • +2

    Any deals coming up on S7 Edge?

  • +3

    A S7 Edge deal would be awesome

    • Can i ask why S7 edge?

      • Larger screen size, having owned a larger screen smartphone than the S7 I cannot see myself downgrading to a smaller screen size. I can also see myself utilising the edge functions.

        • You are right about the size. Im still enjoying my lg g pro 2 with its 5.9in screen and will not want anything smaller.

      • -2

        Living life on the edge?

  • I am thinking if I should get nexus 6P or waiting for iphone 6s plus deal :/ . How is the battery life of the nexus 6p compared to iphone 6s plus guys?

    • +1

      iPhone 6s Plus battery life is about 50% better according to AnandTech. In my own experience comparing my work iPhone 6s against my personal One M8, iOS rocks for battery life, particularly standby time.

  • +2

    Any chance of extending this deal to the silver S7?

    • +1 didnt realise it only worked on black

  • +1

    with TRS this would be about $677

    Has there been a better price for local aus stock?

  • +2

    Do they have any similar offer for HTC 10? if yes, would grab it in a tick.

  • +1

    Isnt Nexus 5x a little expensive? Was waiting to grab this phone. it should have been much cheaper by now..

  • Still waiting for a Mate 8 deal. If between $500-$550 i'll grab one.

    • I have been checking these out on eBay. Most of the mate 8 is less than $500. Are you waiting for something specific?

      • +1

        It must be the NXL-L09 which supports all aussie bands including b28. It only comes in 3GB RAM,32GB. Cheapest grey import is $529 from TW but am looking got aussie stock.

        • +1

          Grey import price for aussie stock, all ozbargainer's dream

        • Thanks for that. I am looking myself but new to android.

        • Do you mean NXT-L09, according to this it supports Band 28?

          Does this mean this is not a grey import?


        • @Faithgrrl: That's the one. It's a grey import from a seller in Taiwan by the name of QD (Quality deals).

        • @alz: I am confused. The Huawei Aust website seems to indicate the model number is NXT-L09 and this supports Band 28. The grey import has the same model number. How are they different? Is there something else I should be looking for?

          Also - Dammit. I didn't apply for the HN Amex credit cause I thought I didn't want anything. Grrr the Mate 8 is $700 there now I could have gotten it for $600.

  • +2


    Almost $100 cheaper for the grey import. I have a grey import and 4 months going strong

    • wanting to get nexus5x.. should i get this ^ or should not risk and pay $100 more.. which is obv expensive

  • Will this work in store?

    • Hi SimpleRoger

      Yes, just mention the OZB discount code when you in store.

  • +1

    my wife want the Galaxy S7 Optus silver one. any chance that can be included in this deal ?

  • Will there be a deal for an Aussie delivered 128gb version Mobileciti? Hunting for one now in any colour. Many thanks in advance.

  • Great. Just ordered a 6P for my wife! Thumbs up. Hopefully see some more deals next year when I'm due for an upgrade.

  • Rep any other color for the 6p and how to check if it us legit Oz stock?

    • Their feedback on line is pretty good. Unlikely you will have any probs.

      • Cheers mate

  • Galaxy s7 or Nexus 6p? Which one should I choose??

    • +1

      Spec wise S7 is much better (2016 flagship vs 2015). only thing going for Nexus is software updates but Nexus gimped by Pixel. S7 will get Nougat soon (beta out).

      • Thanks! Seems to be works the extra 120ish.

  • It expired before I could buy…please beg them to do another one

    • same! any chance of another sale soon?

  • Me too!

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