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Nexus 6P 64GB (Silver) $628 Shipped @ Mobileciti


After numerous requests from the community, Mobileciti have kindly made a nice price drop on a very popular phone here on OzBargain. The Nexus 6P 64GB (Silver) can be purchased for $628 with free delivery by using the code NEXUS6P628 at the checkout. This is 100% guaranteed Australian stock with Australian warranty and is TRS eligible. Order now for immediate pick up from their Parramatta store or have it delivered to your doors.


  • Display: AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • Size: 5.7 inches (~71.4% screen-to-body ratio)
  • Resolution: 1440 x 2560 pixels (~518 ppi pixel density)
  • Internal Storage: 64GB, 3 GB RAM

Some Great Cases Available for this Phone

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  • Best case for this is the Verus Pro imho.

  • This is the best deal so far. Still a good price tho.

    • Is that not a grey import though?

      • yup anything from kogan is grey import (phone wise)

      • I think most of the phones were Australian stock (check the thread). Mine was shipped from VIC and it was sealed Australian stock with Australian Huawei warranty.

        Yes, you can't get the TRS because Kogan does not provide GST invoice.

    • +2

      so tempted but the previous 128gb at the lower price just irks me as an oz bargainer… 😢 if it was at least $100 off ($588) i would bite.

      • +1 to that, if its repeated I'll def bite too. Will hold out till then thx anyway mobycity

  • +1

    Separate but phone related question, which offers more protection? Soft TPU or hard case?

    • +1

      I've found that a soft TPU case is better. It's more shock absorbent. I've dropped mine a few times and been fine, whereas my wife's phone cracked in a $50 hard otter box case!

  • +1

    this or S7?

    • +2

      Main advantages of S7 is the water resistance, microSD. Main advantages of 6P are stock Google firmware. Just remember there is also a considerable size difference too. Personally I'd go the S7 and load a custom ROM, can't stand Samsung UI.

      • -5

        Personally I'd go the S7 and load a custom ROM,

        I disagree. I love the Samsung UI. It's so much better than every single Android launcher out there.
        Packed with features and Samsung apps.

        S7 Edge/Note 7 user here.

        There's no 'lag' so don't listen to anyone out there.

        • +10

          Samsung's apps are almost universally terrible, and their launcher is ugly garbage. Installing Nova and disabling all of Samsung's duplicate apps is mandatory to make a Galaxy phone tolerable.

        • @klaw81: If you have a newer Galaxy phone, you can even get the Quick Setting to look more like Stock Android as well by using Good Lock. You even get to change the colour scheme around and it removes clutters on notification bar a lot as well.

          Using their Theme to change the colour scheme and icons outside launcher as well helps.

        • +3

          Samsungs UI is terrible.

        • -3


          Oh look, sOmeone who doesn't even own an S7 and thinks he can make a judgement. Pfft…nexus users.

        • +1

          @niner: I've had and used Samsungs in the past, it's still terrible.

        • -3

          shut up and stop riding the samsung hate train

      • Exynos makes it harder to find a custom ROM that's not based off on TW, so I don't think you'd be able to get away from using TW (AOSP ROM on S6 I think was still unstable which is saying something). Not so sure about Snapdragon version, though XDA had virtually nothing on that board, so probably similar.

    • Micro SD, or stock Android with the fastest update?

      • -1

        The S7 has much more features than that and it's the better phone by far.

      • +1

        I'd take Stoke Android, the s7 for example is already two Android versions behind and will be for months to come. 6.0 > 7.0 > 7.1

    • -2

      The S7 is the better phone in almost every single way.

    • +1

      S7 has newer/faster/better SoC (820) vs the 810 in the 6P. The 810 also has heating issues which leads to thermal throttling.

      I bought the Kogan 6P from the other link 2 weeks back which was worth it, but at this price I'd pick the S7 easy.

    • I was also considering between the two and ended up going with 6P due to price, 6P has usb type-c for future proofing, quicker android updates and I read that with the S7 you gotta press the physical button before the fingerprint sensor lets you login. The 6P fingerprinting just works by itself. The S7 has 1 GB extra but I felt it wasn't worth the extra $$$.

      • 6P has usb type-c for future proofing

        Future proofing for what? You never need to plug your S7 into a computer. Everything can be done wirelessly, including charging.

        The S7 fingerprint reader is fantastic. I don't know why you would get the 6p considering it's age and being an all round inferior product.

        • +1

          considering it's age


        • +1

          @aldoduco: S7 is current generation, 6P is previous.

        • I transfer my photos via usb so if I upgrade my laptop, I won't need any dongles. But I guess I could still be swayed if the price was comparable to 6P. Mobileciti sells the 32GB S7 for $820 and I'd rather an extra 32GB storage at a lower price point at this stage.

  • I went to check out, but the code didn't reduce the phone from $688. Do you need an account with them for the code to be activated? I noticed it says the coupon code is not valid.

    • +1

      Please try again as it is working now :)

      • +1

        Yep. I actually phoned them direct and it was fixed while on the phone. Got it and awaiting delivery. Thanks OP.

  • it says coupon code is not vaild :(

  • Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I'm getting the error "Coupon code "NEXUS6P628" is not valid.", anyone else had success?

    • +3

      Please try again as it is working now :)

  • In the product specs it says the warranty is only 3 months, is this correct?

    EDIT: Looks like they changed it lol, or I'm going crazy

  • If I upgrade from a Galaxy S6, is there anything I will miss from Samsung? I don't like Touchwiz, I'm using Nova Launcher to make it feel like stock anyway.

    • -2

      The Nexus 6p is not an upgrade from the S6.

      • Sorry should have been more specific. I hate the battery life on my S6 and I kinda want a larger screen.

        • -4

          Get An s7 Edge. Worth every cent. Currently, the best smartphone on the market.

      • +2

        LOL PLEASE. Don't make me laugh

    • +2

      I went from an S6 Edge to the 6P and it was a decent upgrade IMO. The interface is miles better, the battery life and stability is a major improvement, and the larger screen is great. And I'm running Android 7.1, which is unlikely to ever arrive on the S6.

  • +3

    Great to see that they have made the price drop due to numerous requests from the community and not because the model is getting old. They are so kind.

  • I just went from a Nexus 5 to a Pixel XL and I love it. Glad I waited and did not buy a 6P. That said, the 6P is still a fantastic phone - if not a little big.

  • +3

    After numerous requests from the community, Mobileciti have kindly made a nice price drop on a very popular phone here on OzBargain

    sure :)
    I send them numerous numerous requests to bring down the price of everything :)

  • +2

    Bought one, can't wait to have it.

  • Why all the hate on this phone, seems like a good price / specs. S7 is $100 + more for a grey import / Pixel etc is nearly double in cost. Any price matched this price anywhere?

  • Price match at HN and pay with AMEX.

    • Did yesterday based on $689 price - still a reasonable deal. I do not think HN offer price protections anyway. Only new 6P stock is in the country towns so difficult to find at Harvey's. Luck was on my side.

    • -1

      i tried to get hn to price match s7 .. they said they wouldnt match mobiciti .. retards.

    • I need to pricematch this, could you please send me your receipt?

  • This or the Mate 8?

    • This if you don't need 6.0" screen.

  • Can you do dicsount on the 128GB?

  • -1

    better wait for xiaomi mix?

  • This or Xiaomi 5S?

  • 6P or Htc 10?

    • I think HTC 10 is a better phone but it is almost $300 more.

  • This or Peanut Butter?

  • Smooth peanut butter or crunchy peanut butter?

  • GAH! Missed this deal! Nooooooooo!!!!

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