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GearBest OzBargain10 Deals - US$10 (~AU$13.63) - Mi Band 2 / Raspberry Pi 3B / Nitecore MT2A / Xiaomi Earphones + More


Happy 10th birthday to Ozbargain ! We Gearbest are very proud to have chance to be a part of that and working hard to win trust with this community.

Hence,we especially prepare these super $10 deals for the community,and more deals will be added to this post during OzB10,for further information or question,pls just comment below this post,I will check here and reply you.

I know there may still some ozbargainers that have unhappy experience with us and afraid of trusting us again,I am here not only dedicated in providing ozbargainers best deals,but offer ozbargainers better service.Pls feel free to pm Gearbest store rep on ozbargain or email [email protected]
for priority support.

Since there is one post for the whole event, you may want to use the reminder feature on OzBargain, this can be found just below the table, and you can set this to remind you each day.
To make sure OzBargainers have the best chance to ge these deals, we will only revealing the coupon codes each day. During our 11/11 event, most coupons were used by Russian and some other customers, so we need do this to avoid that.

Steps to ensure you only get the item at the promotional price (Credit to prxy):

Step 1) Add Item to your cart
Step 2) Apply the coupon code
Step 3) If coupon successfully applies discount ONLY click on the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button
Step 4) On the next page CHOOSE YOUR SHIPPING OPTIONS and click the PLACE YOUR ORDER button
Step 5) If Paypal is your payment method you will be taken to a Paypal Login.

Step 6) After Login, MAKE SURE the DISCOUNT is STILL APPLIED!!!

Step 7) If the discount is not still applied YOU have missed out DO NOT PROCEED further with the transaction!
Step 8) If the discount still applies, then place your order (BE WARY BEFORE YOU PRESS THE FINAL SUBMIT ORDER BUTTON)
Step 9) Go Back into your Gearbest login Account Click on your orders Tab
Step 10) You will see an order waiting for payment either cancel it now or it will auto cancel after 24 hours.

Codes day 2
Day 1 - 21/11/16

AEDT Time Item Quantity Price Coupon
21/11 12pm Raspberry Pi Model 3B - Chinese Version 20 US$10.00 sold out
21/11 12pm Megir M2011 Male Quartz Watch - Grey 100 US$10.00 sold out
21/11 12pm SQ8 Mini DV Camera 1080P Full HD Car DVR 50 US$10.00 sold out
21/11 12pm Nitecore MT2A - LED Flashlight 20 US$10.00 sold out
21/11 12pm Scishion V88 TV Box 20 US$10.00 sold out
21/11 12pm Elephone P9000 4G Phablet 1 US$10.00 sold out
21/11 4pm Asus Zenfone2 Deluxe 1 US$10.00 sold out
21/11 4pm Xiaomi In-ear Hybrid Earphones Pro 30 US$10.00 sold out
21/11 8pm Vernee Apollo Lite 4G+ Phablet - Black 2 US$10.00 sold out
21/11 8pm Samsung UHS-1 64GB Micro SDXC Memory Card 50 US$10.00 sold out
21/11 10pm Blackview R7 4G Phablet 2 US$10.00 sold out
21/11 10pm Zanflare F1 LED Flashlight - 6000-6500K 10 US$10.00 sold out

Day 2 - 22/11/16

AEDT Time Item Quantity Price Coupon
22/11 10am Alfawise A6 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 2 US$10.00 sold out
22/11 10am Mr Bean Teddy Bear Stuffed Doll 100 US$1.00 sold out
22/11 10am Cube iwork1x 2 in 1 Tablet PC 2 US$10.00 sold out
22/11 10am Mifree MIP3 Smartwatch Phone - GUN METAL 5 US$10.00 sold out
22/11 12pm NeeCoo Bluetooth V4.0 Dual SIM Card Adapter 10 US$10.00 sold out
22/11 12pm JXD 509G Quadcopter 5 US$10.00 sold out
22/11 4pm Oukitel U15 Pro 3 US$10.00 sold out
22/11 4pm Christmas LED String Light 50 US$10.00 OZBString (40 left)
22/11 4pm Jumper Ezbook 2 Ultrabook Laptop 2 US$10.00 sold out
22/11 4pm Mifree MIP4 Smartwatch Phone 5 US$10.00 sold out
22/11 4pm 5pcs POFAN 8 Pin Micro USB Data Sync Charging Cable 500 US$10.00 OZBPOFAN (478 left)
22/11 9pm JJRC JJ - 1000 RC QuadcopterNo battery or remote included 50 US$9.99 BJJ1000 (30 left)
22/11 9pm Water Stream Faucet Tap for Bathroom Kitchen 100 US$0.99 F04A (65 left)
22/11 9pm Liitokala Lii - 500 LCD Battery Charger 100 US$18.99 Loka
22/11 9pm Practical Stainless Steel Fruit Pineapple Slicer Peeler Creative Kitchen Tool 500 US$1.99 Pract
22/11 10pm Elephone S7 1 US$10.00 sold out
22/11 10pm Xiaomi Mi Band 2 30 US$10.00 sold out

Day 3 - 23/11/16

AEDT Time Item Quantity Price Coupon
23/11 10am Asus ZenFone 2 1 US$10.00 sold Out
23/11 10am Alfawise S92 TV Box 5 US$10.00 sold Out

25/11/16 and 26/11/16

AEDT Time Item Quantity Price Coupon
25/11 Xiaomi Mi5s 4G Smartphone 10 US$285.99 sold out
26/11 1am Xiaomi Redmi 4 4G Smartphone 10 US$129.99 Redmi4GB
26/11 2am XiaoMi Mi5 International Edition 4G Smartphone 10 US$229.99 MI5NA
26/11 1.5am OnePlus 3 4G Smartphone 10 US$299.99 PlusGB
26/11 0.5am Umi Max 4G Phablet 10 US$119.99 MaxGB
26/11 2.5am Xiaomi Redmi Pro MIUI 8 4G Phablet 10 US$199.99 PROGB
26/11 Sunlu SL - 400 Smart 3D Printing Pen 100 US$9.99 GBDSWD
26/11 MAIKOU T18 USB 2.0 Micro SD Card Reader 50 US$0.11 MaikouF

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  • +7

    wow, it's real!
    also +:"Pls feel free to pm Gearbest store rep on ozbargain or email [email protected] for priority support."

    • +2

      Yes! These deals are only shared here,so you ozbargainers have more chance to get them!

      • +50

        These aren't deals if the quantity is so low.

        Posting up literally one item is against OzB policy.

        • Neil has already replied to various comments but I'll reply to yours here as it appears at the beginning of the thread. Deal Posting Guidelines: Insufficient Quantity:

          If your deal has limited quantity, please mention it in the description. If the quantity is too small then your deal may be removed. As a guideline, less than 10 quantity of items is not enough for a deal unless the item has a high price.

          In this case, all the items mentioned in the titles have sufficient quantity — USD $10 for Mi Band 2, RasPy 3 or Nitecore. There are certain heavily discounted products with very limited quantity, but it's no different from a catalogue sale from a shop where some products only have limited stock.

        • +19

          @scotty: mods please don't sell off this community by endorsing such deals and letting them work around posting rules, this is clearly a bait sale and goes against the ethos of why Ozb was created in first place. Community sentiment is against such posts.

        • +33


          • You have no idea why OzB was created in the first place.
          • It would only be a bait sale if GearBest/EverBuying is not a familiar merchant on OzBargain
          • This is part of OzBargain10 special celebration event where some merchants decide to sell some limited-quantity items at almost-giveaway price amongst hundreds of other reduced items. You'll see more of that in the next few days.
          • Community sentiment? Community is actually divided in this case. Many are happy for merchants to offer specials to celebrate OzBargain's 10th birthday.

          Many negged for "insufficient quantity" so will they be completely fine if GearBest removes the one or two stock phones & TV box? Those aren't even advertised in the title of this offer.

        • +10

          Yes, I would not have negged this if didn't focus on the low quantity stuff in the title. But it was the rep that posted this. They chose the title.

        • +7


          Perhaps you can enlighten us why OZB was created then just saying i don't have any idea does not help the argument. We are greatful to you for putting OZB community together but please dont make it a commercial advertising platform, we love it the way it is. bending rules and favoring and endorsing "selected" companies makes us sad, especially this company with tainted history with lot of community members. if you really want to know community sentiment, call a vote, lot of people don't neg since the deal is endorsed and promoted by mods. Hope you see the point.

        • +10


          Perhaps you can enlighten us why OZB was created then just saying i don't have any idea does not help the argument.

          Not answering for Scott, but it is obviously a business venture - Is Ozbargain profitable enough for you to make a living?.
          Seems Scott has found a niche market segment and has developed a business plan to exploit it.

        • +3


          bending rules and favoring and endorsing "selected" companies makes us sad,

          Except this isn't Hotukdeals where sellers have to pay a bribe to post deals. Reps can post at OzB for free.

        • @Martijn: So now that the op has removed the low stock items from the title will you retract your neg?

        • +3

          @cmyk: I dont agree with you but like your take on trump…have an upvote!

        • +2


          Unfortunately it wasn't the rep that fixed the title, it's been power users/mods that have

        • @Spackbace: the OP listed "$10 cellphones" and there are 11 in the description, so doesn't this sort of meet the guidelines?

        • +6


          We're going to build a firewall and make spammers pay for it.

        • +3

          Wow! Someone is getting really petty & precious. My 1st ever neg (after >5yrs) was revoked. So to meet the technical requirement, I'm saying this feels like a clickbait. They Can take our vote, but they will never take our freedom. LET'S MAKE OZBARGAIN GREAT AGAIN!

        • @cxeq:

          This is honestly a bit of both.

          If Myer was selling say limited quantity TV's for $1 each I am sure noone would really give a shit about it being posted even if it was extremely limited quantity. I am sure they are making a loss on most of the items which is promotional. Sure it is a bit of a competition to get the items but that is purely because of how much of a bargain they are.

          I am fine with it.

        • @kasp:

          I am fine with it.

          yeah, rules are meant to be broken when it suits. Oh, wait…

        • +2

          @cmyk: good comeback :) .. no one can take the freedom away. I agree Lets make OzBargain Great AGAIN !

        • -2


          How is it breaking a rule?

          Is it a deal? Yes

          There is nothing luck based about it, just the prices are so cheap you will have to be really quick to snag some of the bargains.

          The competition is really between the bargain hunters trying to grab a deal. If you are going to define it like that then the black Friday sales in America are just one big competition.

        • @Scrooge McDuck:

          We should make the Mexicans pay for it!

      • +16

        Price is conditional on who wins a scheduled race to complete a purchase. How is a race not a competition?

        Competitions are not deals, so please do not post … anything that only a small number who have registered might win.

        • +14

          Yeah OP has admitted below it's a competition.

        • +3

          @scotty: not really… it would depend on how limited the stock is…

        • +5


          If the original title didn't have the 10 dollar phones, I doubt the post would have gotten so much traction. Then the fact that the 10 dollar phones only have quantities of 1 or 2 meant a key part of the title was promoting a competition.

          People don't mind limited stock as long as there is a actual chance of buying the product. 5% (just pulling the number out of thin air) chance of grabbing one if you show up on time. Then it will be fine. But when its way way way way less than 1%? Then it shouldn't be.

        • +9


          Understand where you're coming from Scotty, but when the Rep/OP says we're competing, it's pretty straightforward.

        • @scotty: I don't mean to speak for everyone here, but I assume my views are quite similar to most…

          I believe the Tiger $9/10 sales are around the borderline of bait sales. There is just enough stock that you may actually come out with a bargain, though more than likely it'll be on a different date or not the original bargain price (extra fees, etc). This sale you're more than likely going to end up with nothing more than an ~AU$13 watch you don't need that is usually around AU$25. Furthermore, the watch is probably only worth <AU$10 elsewhere.

          Note I understand this is a once off for OzBargain's 10 year anniversary and GearBest went out of their way to basically give some goodies away to celebrate - I respect that, which is why I didn't neg… Though it is still more of a competition.

        • +6

          For everyone only just opening this thread:


        • @CH:

          Every deal with limited quantities is a competition then.

          This one is just more so as because of the extremely cheap prices so more people will be competing.

  • Thnx

  • Most likely gonna snag that Mr Bean Bear, my childhood series

    • +22

      Username checks out 🐻

      • +3

        This ain't reddit!

      • +1


  • +17

    I will find more super deals for ozbargainers!

    • +1

      do you need to have a new Gearbest account to use the coupon?

      • Hi Scrimshaw,

        these codes are especially for ozbargainers,so no limitation for new or old account,just use it as normal.


        • give us more deals at decent prices with lots of stock (e.g. big discounts not just $10, so you can afford to sell more units at that price)

        • @furythree: we have that yota phone for 119.99 and xiao yi camera for 205.99 with code,will you be happy with them? Or send me products link with suggestion price let me try to apply?

        • Or send me products link with suggestion price let me try to apply?

          @gearbest: Can we have code for http://www.gearbest.com/memory-cards/pp_337822.html ?? I remember I purchased these for $16 AUD in my W1603231509462263 order number earlier this year.

    • +1

      The time is EST?

    • any chance you can find more AUD$227 Chuwi Hi10 Pro deals like these

    • +1

      How about a more clearer message that lets us know that the coupons are used up? Instead of the highly misleading - Coupon can only be used from 2016-11-21 to 2016-12-18
      And also, how about keeping the coupons valid for shipping addresses only to Australia? This can prevent Russian abuse.

  • Well done GB. Hope I can grab at least a couple of bargains out of these.

    • +5

      Wish you luck! Okay,I need go home now,nice weekend to you guys :)

    • +3

      Quantity on some of those items is 1 haha good luck because you'll definitely need it.

  • +40

    Is this not more of a competition with the low stock amounts?

    • Looks like it.

      • +11

        May the best Greasemonkey script win.

      • Walks like it.

    • +2

      They are not stock amounts, they are prize quantities for scheduled races. After the prize is won, stock becomes available at normal price.

  • +1

    Good price on the Megir M2011 watch, more info from my post here for anyone keen on buying one.

    • +1

      Ah, I had assumed the sub-dials didn't work. In this case, that is a great price for a v nice watch!

  • 13 dollars 61 cents!!! Party on!

    • +2


      Is it OzBargain's 10th or 13.63rd anniversary?


      • +1

        Scotty was just a young chap in 1363.

  • I like the $10 phones…

    • +26

      Bit of a joke when they're only offering one of each at the price though..

  • +54

    Do keep in mind, if you do not manage to get the item that you're in the process of checking out for at the discounted price. You may end up getting charged the full amount.

    • +7

      That seems very deceptive and shouldn't be allowed to be promoted as part of the deals if that's the case.

    • +3

      Probably similar to my comment below. You can make the purchase without proceeding to payment. Would probably recommend doing this just in case something like that does happen. So place the order as normal, choose Paypal, then check your email before paying, you should receive an order confirmation and an unpaid order in your account.

    • +2

      I know right.
      We dont need anymore Click-Baiter like CatchOfTheday.

      **It's literally in their logo, a man with with fishing pole (Catch Of The Day) get a fish (you guys) from the bait ** except they set up whole bunch of bait

  • Good

  • +4

    Looking at the limited quantity of some items, this is like Click Frenzy all over again…lol

  • For these coupons, can I apply then leave in cart and purchase later or is it the first few that buy it with the code

    • From past purchases the order is placed and then payment made separately. So you could add to cart, apply coupon, and then purchase without then making payment straight away. Think the coupon is deducted after the initial purchase is made, rather than when applied to the cart or payment being made.

  • +50

    Sorry, but some of those quantities don't exactly make the posting guidelines.

    • -5

      Can you be specific which items you are negging?

      • +98

        Sure, anything less than 10.
        The have more in stock, but are only willing to discount this many. So… it's baiting, not a deal.

        • Very well said

        • +45

          @d-hunterz: I'm sure my neg will get revoked by the community… and if we're happy being baited like this, maybe it's time to change the site to OzBait.
          I know GB have had some decent deals… but this is baiting, nothing more. And it would sadden me that OzB see this as a decent present for the 10th birthday of a bargain site.

        • +2

          Agree, things like mobile phones where less than 10 are available should not be mentioned in the main title, but otherwise I appreciate the contribution made here by the rep.

        • +2

          Thanks for clarifying ✅

        • -5

          Bait pricing is luring customers on a false or misleading promise they can purchase the goods at that price.

          Where is the false or misleading promise given they've clearly stated the number of goods they'll sell at that price?

          Negging it because they have limited numbers of items for sale, which they clearly state, is inappropriate.

        • +4

          @Rutger: see shaw's comments.
          You may be left to think you got the product at that price, but then are charged extra at checkout.

          Deal posting guidelines say you must have sufficient quantity. Neg is appropriate, imho.

        • @Martijn: Then you don't pay for it and cancel the order.

          As for quantity that's a moderators decision and not something you can use a negative vote for, as per the guidelines.

        • +7


          Yeah, i'm with Martijn - this is sort of silly with these quantities.

          Its nearly like winning a competition to actually get some of these items.

        • @Oxxy: It's marketing not charity…

          People are very free to not like it and not try to get something, though I'm sure some will, as well as tell others it sucks or give the rep feedback. That's "working as intended" and is a very good thing regardless of whether or not we think those people right.

          But to whine about not following the loose guidelines on quantity then not follow the much more defined guidelines that are more like rules than guidelines on negative votes is [insert your own adjective or two here].

          Also claiming it's inappropriate bait advertising when it clearly isn't is also [insert your own adjective here].

        • I know right. Just Like CatchOfTheDay Bose QC 35 for $339 that only last for 30 seconds.
          But they only got neg-ed by only 4 people

        • +3

          @rodinthink: that was wrong and so is this. It will be inappropriate to keep promoting such competition rat races.

        • +1


          I would rather they discount a Xiaomi phone a little more than usual, maybe even 50c cheaper than the lowest or something for the OzBargain anniversary sale but at least have enough stock for a decent amount of people.

          This might as well be titled "free copy of disappointment simulator 2017".

    • -1

      Agreed. Would much rather less discount price and more quantity

    • +24

      Yep. Quanity of ONE for some items? Its a joke. Even the 10-20 is very marginal. This post should have been just the watch and Mr Bean teddy bear, and thats it. Everything else is just bait.

      • And the hybrid earphones too. Or just have a xiaomi sale.

    • Mods have already confirm they meet posting guidelines so you are wrong.

  • I won't care if it's low stock but if the website lags like Caro, that's gonna ruin my experience… Let's get ready to partah

  • +2

    So can you just clarify how this works? These are coupon codes that have to be applied at payment time, is that correct? At what time each day will the coupons be revealed? Thanks.

  • +9

    This is like COTD all over again, please don't go down that road.

    • Sorry, to further add to your comment that I agree with. COTD targeted general audience on the internet as per their marketing tactics "bait sale, competition rat races" Here GB has listed this exclusively for OzB community and if such similar schemes are used, Mods should not bend any rules for merchants.
      Given it's an event (10 year anniversary) and merchant posting low stock levels to get rid of their stock.. is quite petty IMO.

      Also what is this listing prices in USD? Are we trying to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?


  • Me too, it will be very slow during the peak hours

  • Pretty sure they will pull the Elephone S7 guys, so yeah, don't even bother checking that one.

  • +1

    According to the list the Elephone doesn't ship to Australia

    Also what happens if while its processing my transaction somebody else buys it, will the payment just fail?

  • Think how bad mwave and COTD were. This is going to be like that or worse.

  • Gearbest do you have to go through PayPal checkout like last time?

    • +1

      Hi Savas,

      These codes are normal codes with specially price for ozbargainers,
      pls just apply it as you normally do.no limitation for payment or account.


      • That is great! Also to clarify, are there more deals comming?

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