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Los Angeles Return from Brisbane $756/Sydney $765/Melbourne $822 with Fiji Airways


Travel Dates: February-March 2017
Stop in Nadi.
Brisbane and Sydney travel times are about 17 hours each way. Melbourne is 30 hours so might not be worth it.




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  • these fares are fantastic. We paid more to fly Brisbane to Queenstown, BUT got an email from Fiji Airways saying $979. Think someone might have forgotten to include taxes, which are about $200.

    Wonder if they honor the error ?

  • For anyone curious, this will rake in about 3,750QPTS and 90QSCs

    • I think your Status Credit calc is wrong, the Fiji Airways earn is terrible and this is a discount economy flight. Should be about 40SCs return…

      • Going by https://www.qantas.com/fflyer/do/dyns/initialPointsEarned
        it looks like 90SCs are calculated as follows for a discount economy flight:
        SYD-NAN 10
        NAN-LAX 35
        LAX-NAN 35
        NAN-SYD 10
        Total: 90SCs
        The charm of Qantas earning is how status credits and qantas points are done in zoning brackets. It seems that a Fiji to USA is well valued under zoning. But I get where you're coming from, Qantas generally gives you really crap earn rates when you fly competing (but allied) airlines.

        Just to note, flying Qantas or American Airlines direct would net you the same amount of status credits, just different qantas points (3,750 on American and 9,000 on Qantas).

  • any good prices for early january?

  • Fiji Airways? DC 3's? Kon Tiki raft?

    • Brand new A330 from NAN-LAX and either the A330 or B787 from Oz to Fiji.

      • no Fiji Air does not have any 787's. They ordered them, but when they were delayed 3-4 years, they ordered new A330's instead.

  • Virgin fares Bri-Lax (direct, about 13 hours each way, Boeing 777 comfort, best option on route by far) have been hovering around this level for early next year for some time. Try Skyscanner.com.au to test the entire market .. :-0 .. !!

  • My Fiji friends don't fly Fiji airways

    • So who do they fly with ?

      From Fiji, you can only fly to USA nonstop on Fiji Air (codeshared with Qantas, American Airlines, Air New Zealand). To OZ you can only fly nonstop on Fiji Air, Virgin or Jetstar. Qantas doesn't fly to Fiji with own aircraft. Air NZ does from NZ.

      Fiji Air has brand new A330's.

  • I've done the Brisbane > LA via Nadi leg with Fiji Airways before and wouldn't do it again.

    I'm a small person and still found there to be not much leg room.

    The stopover at Nadi airport for around 5 hours is horrible as the airport is tiny, food options are limited and the air conditioning didn't work.

    Pay a bit extra and get a direct flight is my recommendation.

    • How much is a little bit extra? 1K?

      • I travel to LA every year and believe $1K to be a fair price. Occasionally it will be cheaper but wouldn't pay any more.

        • I pay $1200 for direct flights as a fair price. $1k is a bargain!

        • Just noticed there are Qantas deals direct for 999 at the moment

        • @Wampus: there are continuous deals from late January onwards with Qantas, Virgin, Delta, Fiji Air, Air NZ to U.s. west coast from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & sometimes gold Coast for under $1,000, but not in peak season. Peak season is for departures mid December to mid January in line with school holidays, but many school are already on holidays.

          Virtually impossible to depart mid January on low season fares & be back in time for school, unless you go for only 5 days & that's hardly worth it, when on holidays, or school starts back in February.

    • from Sydney to USA west coast, you only have about 2 hours to kill at Nadi airport, which is being upgraded. Not enough time to leave airport.

      If doing from Brisbane, you do have enough time to leave airport.

      If you go across the road to Raffles, they'll give you towels etc. so you can have a swim or get a taxi the short 15 min ride about $20 to Denaru & spend a few hours around any of the 5 star resorts. They'll welcome you, as you'll probably spend a few dollars on drinks, food etc.