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PS4 Slim 500GB Console $278.10 (SOLD OUT) | PS4 1TB IW Console $350.10 (SOLD OUT) | Nintendo 3DS XL for $215.10 @ Target eBay


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  • Can they post to Parcel Lockers address?

    • "Home Delivery orders for standard parcels can be sent to street addresses or post office boxes. We do not deliver internationally, although orders placed from overseas can be delivered within Australia."

    • If it can't it will just go to the post office instead. I had a package delivered by Startrack, went to the parcel distribution centre, then to the Parcel Locker, as Startrack don't deliver to Parcel lockers directly

  • This is the paradise of game lovers these days. Big stores' price wars = game consumers' win.

    • yeah a win-win with both stores and consumers. They move more stock and we get lower prices :)

      • Absolutely!

        • It's a shame Big W doesn't put their items on eBay anymore tho, would make these sales even more competitive.

        • @ShamelessBargains: I gave up on Big W deals long time for that exact same reason. And the closest Big W store for me is almost 30-minute drive away. Can't be bothered with them really. Thanks to JB HI-FI and Target for these kinds of deals, as they post stuff both on their websites, as well as on their eBay stores (particularly Target). And also they seem to have more stores in many suburbs, compared to Big W.

        • @AussieDaddy: Yeah thats true. I am fortunate enough to have most stores nearby so can shop around. EB must just be loving this heated competition especially around xmas time…

        • @ShamelessBargains: I hate to say it but I think I was the reason they pulled everything off of eBay. They messed up their scanning system so an item I ordered never showed up as 'ready to collect'. After weeks of calls, emails and too many talks going in circles i went in to big w and asked the staff member there to look in their holding bay. Turns out it was there but the barcode wouldnt scan so I wouldn't have been able to get the alert to pick up. I sent a pretty scathing email and the next day everything dissappered off of their eBay store 😑

        • @lyle88: If they can't figure that out as a retailer then they are better off not being there at all.

        • @StiffHindQuarters: the thing that triggered me was that all of the staff in store were adamant that big w do not have an eBay store, they only receive orders from other stores, also one staff member lost the plot at me over the phone when I had been calm and clear in explaining the situation. It was probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

  • PSVR too, not sure if its good price though. Havent been following it

  • great 3DS XL price!

    • Yeah I thought so too, not enough deals on them lately.

      • Oh wow I haven't seen an Orange one before, is that new? Really need to pick up my 3DS again :( :(

        • yeah its a limited edition colour, I reckon it looks great in orange. Won't be able to tell you have spilt margarita pizza on it whilst doing some plumbing work ;)

        • It was only released this month :) Shame Australia didn't get full white version like Europe and Japan.

        • @Frugal Rock: Our console is the same as the EU one though, so if you want the white one, just get it from a European retailer like Ozgameshop.

          Unfortunately, while I say this, there's a hefty premium added on to it….Ozgameshop is charging $330 for it, which is ridiculous.

  • Hmm I know they've done 20% off coupons in the past and I'm hunting for a New Nintendo 3DS XL. They've dropped to $180 last year so not sure if I should hold out until Christmas approaches..

    • I don't think they hold the 20% discounts during the December Christmas rush? Target also didn't seem to participate this year in the 20% sales.

  • I need to stop login on ozbargain. Wallet not very happy…..

    • i know what you mean, the 10% off deal made me purchase 30x 100pc KMC Perfect Size Sleeves for $145 and 15x 80pc Hyper Matte Sleeves for $162

      I haven't played any magic the gathering for over a year lol

  • Just bought it at 299 at JBHiFi

  • Do Target Ebay allow you to pick up in store? I have a Target near me and don't really want to wait 6 days just to get my item..

  • Is the 1TB Package the PS4 Slim? The description implies the slim console, but it never states PS4 Slim anywhere.

  • Almost purchased PS4 thinking it was the legacy COD bundle. that was close.

  • PS4 Slim out of stock :(

  • This is so damn cheap for the PS4's.

  • Please help an old guy! If I buy this for Just dance (for my daughters) will I need to buy the PS camera as well?

  • Playstation VR for $494.1

  • +1 vote

    Got the PS4 slim for 278. Having a sick day has paid off already :D

  • Does Target usually allocate more stock to eBay throughout the day? Would love to grab at $278

  • That ps4 slim is so cheap.

  • Is COD a physical copy or digital? Was going to buy the $389 bundle in store this morning, will buy this at that price cheers

  • Got the last 3ds xl orange, thx bro

  • I paid $699 for the Sega Mega CD attachment back whenever. Adjusted for inflation that must be $2000+. I don't care if millenials never own their own home as their gaming is so cheap :p I think $299 was the going rate for SNES and Mega Drive bundles back in the day.

  • Out of stock for the 1tb too

  • Sold out for 3ds as well damn

  • Hopefully they restock? I doubt it though, missed the 3ds as well

  • Where's Broden shouldn't he be here to snag all these PS4?

    • Have a look at the Amazon black friday US$99 3ds reviews for a tale of broden :) People who signed up for alerts couldn't even beat the scalpers who now have 150 on the marketplace. The reviews are now 75% one star of angry customers who missed out.

  • Hi OzBarganers,

    I accidentally ordered without entering in my discount code: C10YAY because it made me switch to PayPal before I was able to enter the code, then after entering my details it ordered straight away without allowing me to enter the code.

    Is there anything I can do, anyone I can contact to add this code to my order after payment has gone through? If not I will have to cancel the order because I wouldn't have bought it at the original price, it's not much cheaper than all local stores anyway.

    I feel stupid already, so please try not to be too harsh.

    • Edited to add: I have contacted Target through the eBay message system explaining the situation - if I hear back I will post a follow-up here. I'm still open to any suggestions.


    • Your only hope is a quick cancellation and hoping it will be restocked to buy again )without others gettng it). Target stock levels usually come in waves after the cancellations etc. Do be grateful if it's cancelled though as your bargain chasing is costing them time and money in staff costs.

      • Of course I won't be nasty about it, if they are happy to cancel the order and nothing else happens then I'd be able to live with that. It would be a shame if they forced me to pay full price while others were paying the discounted price, though.

        Thanks for your comment.

        • Just return it to the store without opening. Best is call them.. they have a small window for cancellation.

        • It might not actually involve Target. It's an ebay sitewide promotion. The seller, Target in this case, sees basically the same amount while ebay discounts and pays the difference in the middle to generate sales. For 10% sales it's the equivalent of ebay waiving fees. The 20% sales with certain stores are split between ebay and the sellers. ebay convinces large stores to discount and ebay also chips in.

    • +1 vote

      Chat with eBay customer support and they should refund you the difference.

      • I contacted both eBay and Target. Target stated exactly what was explained here by other OzBargainers (thanks!)

        eBay replied saying that I could cancel the order, then re-order it with the code - which I didn't really want to do, or they have offered to provide credit to the PayPal account which I used. Apart from getting the discount originally (which was entirely my fault), this is a great example of customer support when the fault lied with the customer. Let this be a note to all managers, retail workers and the general public - The customer is not always right - but it doesn't mean you should either bow down to their every demand or treat them like crap. The customer is always human may be a more apt saying.

        Thanks all for your help.

  • $259 for 3DS XL and Pokemon Moon pretty good deal, anyone think it will get cheaper than this in the next month or so?

  • No PS4 Pro bargains, or even bundles? Appears BigW and Target don't even stock it? Seems like an odd launch from Sony, only a couple of companies selling it, and selling the slim at the same time at half the price with almost no fanfare for their flagship product.

  • Just picked up a black Nintendo 3DS XL. Was looking to pick one up for a little while this is the sale I needed. Thanks! :)

  • Blady hell….I missed it….Any chance of the deal repeating?

    JB HiFi has it for $299.

    • I bit the bullet at $299, I don't see this restocking.

      • Same - $299 is still an absolute bargain, plus you're giving business to JB who actually price match, not like Target.

        • There's a whole economic theory behind price matching being bad for the consumer in the long run, but I won't bore you with it. Doesn't matter, I don't like how Target's made all their stuff crap quality anyway.

  • I found an interesting spreadsheet here

    Click the link at the top to go to the thread.

    I'm assuming most of the things are in-store. If you can find them online, there'll obviously be some shipping.

    Not really worth posting as a bargain as it's more for residents of the united states.

  • Cheers OP, I received my Cod ps4 today. It came with a physical copy of infinite warfare too not a code for download.

    • Pretty sure it doesn't come with the actual disk. Just a bunch of codes for the digital copies of those games inside the case. Can you confirm if this is true?

      • I'm giving it as a present so can't unwrap it but when I shake it it rattles like it has a disk inside and the package states Blu-ray disc region 4.