Daniel Wellington Watch. Is It Worth It?


I really like Daniel Wellington watch style, and I would like to purchase one. However, the price from the official website is a bit too high, and I don't know if I should purchase one from Ebay(http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Daniel-Wellington-0207DW-Classic-...). I also don't know if they're selling authentic watch or not, and I don't really care as long as all the material and the form factor are all the same. Do you think I should buy it? The most important thing I like about this watch is the thickness which is only 6 mm.(If someone can give me feedback about the seller would be great!!)

I know this watch have a rubbish movement and I know I would've get more value if I buy watch from seiko, citizen, orient, or,etc. I believe that this kind of watch have a different target market, they focus more on the design rather than what's inside.

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Daniel Wellington
Daniel Wellington


  • Get this instead :P


    on a serious note, why do you want a DW ?

  • These watches are pretty bad quality anyways, so im not sure how much of a business it would be to make replicas, or fakes… The replicas would probably even be made in the same factory!

    • Can you define bad quality? Do they have like low quality leather strap or something?

      • I have a genuine DW and the quality isn't great. The leather on the bands is very paper like in feel, and the watch face is actually just paper (a friend smashed their one).

        It's an alright watch, but no way would I have bought one at full price. I prefer my TW Steel instead

        • how are tw steels?

          i was very keen on one for 129 from COTD but wasnt sure if it was worth the coin.

        • @imtahir7:

          I actually bought mine from COTD as well. It did have to have the battery replaced about a month after receiving it, but TW Steel were faultless regarding their customer service.

          The model I have is a TW1306 which is stainless steel with a black face and silver coverings. I would highly recommend it.
          I've had it for about six months, and because the glass is sapphire glass (unlike my DW), the face has remained blemish free. The stainless steel still looks as good as new.

          It's been a very durable watch and I always receive positive comments about it. The quality is exceptional for the price point (I paid $159 I think).

          I would say the DW's are overpriced by comparison, albeit still a nice looking watch.

        • I might be wrong, but maybe they do that in order to make the watch thin and keep the price low. Cause I've seen comparison video on fake DW from AlieExpress and genuine DW, the fake one always have a little bit of thickness compare to the genuine one.

        • @planetandre: Mine is a genuine one from an authorised seller, so I can understand them keeping it thin, However, I feel like they keep it thin to save on manufacturing costs, rather than to keep the price low as they are an expensive watch!

  • http://www.theiconic.com.au/classic-st-mawes-silver-40mm-152... $230.30 using Black Friday code? It's a $90 premium but atleast delivery is blazing fast (metro) and you know its real.

    • Indeed, it is a great deal. Now, I'm confuse deciding whether I should go with DW or this http://www.theiconic.com.au/the-porter-leather-412268.html

      • Go for the Nixon. At least it has American roots. Besides, reversed "D" letter? Really? You want to pay $200 for a watch knowing it has rubbish movement, quartz, and non-sapphire crystal? You know that essentially you have caved in with all the marketing hype the company invested heavily on. Also FYI "Daniel Wellington" is not a renowned watchmaker with est. 18xx. Heck, there may not have ever been such a person lol. So what you actually like, is not the look of the watch, but a very expensive thin 6mm wristband that happens to have a clock on it. You will look cool among your peers yes, but feeling proud of the watch on your wrist? None.

  • skmei has a few similar designs.

    1181 http://www.gearbest.com/men-s-watches/pp_386877.html

    I bought this one http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/162184390164.

    Its similar in design. I bought one skmei digital for a $5 and its just perfect. Ive got one more digital and the one above on the way.

  • Ok, not sure why my comment got deleted as there wasn't any affiliate or referral links, but anyway..

    I like Skagen. They are apparently owned by Fossil. Very thin and light

    With a quick look, cheapest would be purchasing with ASOS, with the 20% off code (Full price is cheaper than Iconic or DJs already, prior to discount code)


    • Thanks for the suggestion, I have looked at that model, I don't really like the lug. Although, indeed most of skagen watches are really thin.

  • If you like the look of it, just buy it. Sure the brand's got no history but only watch snobs really care about that!

    They have:

    • quartz movements - good because it'll be accurate and you don't need to bloody re-adjust it (or buy a watch-winder) if you don't wear it for a week.

    • mineral glass - not as good as sapphire and will become scratched unless you're super careful.

    • standard lug/strap width - you can easily change the band if you feel bored with it.

  • I have owned two, first one fell out of my motorcycle jacket on the highway…..

    Second one, like yourself I didnt want to hemerage my life away, I bought a cheap one off ebay and it was fake, like really horribly bad fake. So I asked for a refund and I got one. Ended up getting the one I currently have off Amazon US for fairly cheap, they even delivered to Australia without going through a forwarder which was great.

    • Is the one from amazon exactly the same like the original one?

      • They were different colours but it was definitely genuine. Fairly sure it was still like $90usd plus postage so it wasn't a whole lot cheaperid definately buy it from Amazon if I did have to buy one. Really good watch though, definitely overpriced for what it is but there's nothing else like it so I would buy another one from them.


    i got one off aliexpress - stainless steel band - US$3.85 delivered. quality is good.

    just buy a similar looking watch for less than $5 off aliexpress.

  • i'm cringing just looking at the back to front D. geez it would piss me off looking at the each day

  • if you like it, get it.

    Palmera also posted here recently, they have very similar watches and were around $60.

  • Hi mate,

    I'd love to weigh in on this. I was in a very similar situation to you last year boxing day sales.

    I found my way to this website. http://www.discountwatchstore.com/

    I purchased the DW 36mm Classy Bristol on 26th Dec 2015 for $107.61 USD (Incl Shipping) which was $150.48 AUD which currently has an RRP of $279 AUD so I secured a huge bargain! (I saved $130!) I wear it everyday since, currently wearing it now and can recommend it. Not a dodgy store. It's legit stuff, I know that because the quality is marvellous - I still use it today.

    There's cyber monday sales on today aswell, I plan to pick up another one tongiht for the mrs….about $120 AUD delievered for the one she wants, opposed to ~$275 from teh AUD Store

    I recommend the watch, the store, and can vouch for both.

  • This is similar to the DW:
    Harris @ GWC

    £26.00 with free shipping. 10% iscount code TGDEC (from Top Gear magazine ad) should also work.

  • I bought this DW watch a few weeks ago…seems authentic and I'm very happy with it!

  • I find them too expensive for what they are, got my girlfriend the small one (think its 36mm). Over the weekend I was looking at these sites, not sure if any interest you, but they all seem pretty similar to DW. Some of them had some deals too. I have never bought any of these but I see them all the time on facebook ads.

    MVMT have 20% off still across all watches (checked). Watches range from 90-150 : https://www.mvmtwatches.com

    Kaville have 30% off with code BLACKFRIDAY (it still works, checked before I posted). Watches range from 75-100: https://kavillewatches.com

    Meller had €30 off but I've lost the code (didn't get screenshotting it). You might see it on facebook after visiting the site. Watches range from 55-110: https://mellerbrand.com

    Hope that helps. Oh and if anyone has any other brands worth sharing, please do as I'm kind of on the lookout for a new watch!

  • Hair in a bun?
    Thick beard?
    Ultra tight pants?
    Chequered shirt?
    No socks look?
    Fake eyeglasses?

    Get the DW watch.

  • i like DW too n ive got one from designerwatch something, an online watch store, here is the line, https://www.ozbargain.com.au. the price is much cheaper than anywhere i could find and the watch i got is ok by now. the seller promise all the watches they sell are authentic and have guarantees.

  • Would you think about something with a smaller face? That whole giant watch face trend is already about 6 months overdue.

    • Yeah, you're right, but I like the watch anyway. I like how simple and thin they are. I bought DW watch from danielwellington.com during blackfriday sale. I got it for $190 down from $320, which is quite good I think. What watch do you recommend anyway?