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$10 off $50+ Spend @ First Choice eg. Johnnie Walker Black 700ml 2-for-$70, Taittinger / Coopers Sparkling 24pk / The Kraken $40

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First Choice Liquor
First Choice Liquor

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  • Nice. Happy that there will be another online code :)

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      DCE55M3Y - deal updated :)

      • Goodonya Cobber!

    • Anyone having issues with delivery?

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  • Combining with AMEX deal makes this even sweeter! Thanks tonester.

    • Getting tempted to get an AMEX card just for the deals being posted here. I'm assuming any card from AMEX is eligible for these deals right? Gonna be looking at 1 without an annual fee.

  • I can not find an online code, the link is not useful. I then registered and have not receive a voucher, I waited over an hour.

    Anyone else get an online voucher?

  • Do I need to register to get this voucher? I would like to buy a giftcard, just in case they ask where I got it from.

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      Voucher not valid for gift cards, i should add as in physically wont work.

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    thanks OP
    I just made 3 separate $60 dollar orders
    Used the $10 off code 3 times
    totalled $150, triggered $30 cashback

    • Did you get a notice from Amex stating offer triggered, Ive spent just under $200.00 and I haven't received anything.

    • I know all of your orders have been confirmed but may I ask if you have actually got the items you ordered? I'm having the issue that although my orders are all successful and ready for pickup, I then contacted the store before going there and they said they were not going to release the items as they were told by head office this promo code was used multiple times.

      • Yep picked all 3 up the next day
        Got Amex code immediately also after paying online

        • Did u create different account for each order?? Thanks.

        • @jnbluv2h:

          nope, same account for all 3

          From what you're saying, First choice must have caught on to people using the code multiple times

        • @Overtime2000:
          Yes I think so.
          But all my orders are successful and ready for pickup(text msg received). If code can't work multiple times, why my orders have successfully gone through and no one actually notifies me to cancel my orders until I contacted the store myself? Lucky I called the store right before I went to pick them up instead of driving a long way with hands empty. The store asked me to call customer service tomorrow. I'm not sure how to deal with them at this stage… I think by consumer law they have to honor the order?

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    Another deal of note is The Tanquerey No. Ten $76 at Dan Murphy's. Can be had for $50 with this voucher.

    • Is it THAT good?
      Everyone raves on about the Hendricks currently$65.00 (https://www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/Spirits/hendricks-gin-7...)

      • We much, much prefer Tanquerey to Hendricks (actually, prefer most other gins to Hendricks, but maybe that's just us)

        • Cheers, bought one. So, apart form the alcohol content is this much different to the cheaper Tanquerey $45.00 (https://www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/Spirits/tanqueray-gin-7...).

        • @ozf1: haven't ever tried them side by side, but subjectively T 10 very smooth and superior. Hubby's favorite gin. We have only had T10 at special occasions at friend's. Bit out of our price range…which reminds me, I should buy at his price too!

  • Cheers mate! Though it only took $6 off after i drove 28km to the nearest 1st choice for the Coopers :P

  • DARN YOU! Tonester… $200.00 down…. Cheers mate! hiccup!

  • The Dimple Golden selection or the 15 yearly dimple (both for $50.00). I welcome your recommendations.


    • I'm wondering the same thing… Couldn't find a direct comparison but one review of the Golden Selection pointed out that there's no age given and said he wished he could get his hands on the 15yo but couldn't. I take that to mean the 15 is better. Perhaps the Golden Selection is a blend of different ages, some 15 and some 12yo.

    • So I went in today, planning to buy the 15yo but when I looked at the price tags, although they were both $50, the 15yo said "save $14" but the Golden Selection said "save $19". Being the Ozbargainer I am, I had to go with the bigger saving and bought the Golden Selection.

      • Did the same!

  • anyone else having issues with the promo code "DCE55M3Y" online? says it's invalid? :(

    • Yes ,they expired it yesterday ?Too many people using it for multiple orders or at least that's what some of the comments say .Bugger i didn't get to use it yet. Hope someone posts a new online code.

      • is there a new code?

        • There was last night ,same thing happened too many people using it for multiple orders so they expired that code as well , didn't even last 24 hrs after being posted.