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Carte Noire DéCaféiné 100g Jars $2 @ The Reject Shop


At Castle PJC we stopped the butler sending liveried footmen for errands at Ye Olde Reject Shoppe in Cessnock because we enjoy interacting with the distinguished clientèle. Consequently, while discussing the store's forthcoming Royal Warrant with other intellectual cognoscenti I noticed this decaffeinated coffee (alleged) named Carte Noire Sélection Exclusive (honestly) Décaféiné. With all those accents it must be good, and Mondelez helpfully label it "VELVETY & RICH".

Apparently this has been $10.44 at Coles:-

Best Before end 01/2017, I saw 10 jars, https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/46870/44539/img_201612... so this post just might remain published, and may be available statewide or even national. I purchased none due to my simplistic belief one either likes coffee or not. I also don't want vegan cheese.

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    Reading that made my head hurt!


      Take a deep breath and sip some more Carte Noire Sélection Exclusive Décaféiné.


    Danmusges1 - Yes, even though I clarified I dislike the product, it received 10 plus-votes. That may be something to do with honesty. You could give that a try and amend the description in your latest post:-

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    Sorry I couldn't make anything from the post so I must have missedbtge honesty part.