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Sony MDR-ZX750BN Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $139 Shipped @ The Bargain Lab


We are having a sale on the Sony MDR-ZX750BN wireless noise cancelling headphones.
Only 20 available at this price. The cheapest on ebay at $159.90 are actually from our ebay store.
$139.00 with free shipping.
We are only a small business starting out so go easy :)
Any issues with ordering please let me know.

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The Bargain Lab

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    Negging because Associated OP cannot fail to know "We are only a small business starting out so go easy" is entirely untrue.

    The Store Rep (now DisabledUser76593) joined OzBargain in 2012 and posted this in July 2013:-

    Therein he inquired "Is everyone on this site other than me a complete knob?"
    Like it would have killed him to explain what he sells.

    Until today, I am the only member to plus-vote a The Bargain Lab post:-

    Nevertheless the Store Rep declared "Well I'm not going to bother with this site anymore."

    If Associated OP intends to take OzBargain seriously, there is a need to be honest here.

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      fair enough. I expected that.
      at the end of the day its about posting bargains. I tired to make a fresh start. Seems its not possible.
      Im a one man show doing this as means to make a small income on the side. The website had not been updated in over a year because i was focusing on ebay hence the out dated home page. I have no reason to be dishonest. I am turning my attention to my website which is mu business. Its still in its very early stages. How honest would you like me to be? I reacted the way i did because i was targeted by the same user every time because he was subscribed to me. One person saw his posts and the others followed hence my frustration

      Edit: I just realised that person was you. Incredible.

      atleast another member saw where i was coming from.. @PJC "you attacked him over something pointless then attacked him again claiming his too expensive because you got headphones at a dick smiths clearance. Now your holding a grudge against him…"


        I am mistaken. Though I am the very first member to plus-vote a The Bargain Lab post, another member plus-voted your unexpected comeback:-

        Your description today claims your eBay store charges $159.90 but actually it charges $149.90.

        On eBay, if performing an All Categories search for Sony MDR-ZX750BN, yours appears under "More items related to Sony MDR-ZX750BN", whether Item Location is set to Default or Australia Only or Worldwide. I suggest you discuss that with eBay.

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          yes i lowered the price after posting this. I honesty dont know why every time i post you feel the need to attack me in every single way possible.
          At the end of the day a negative from you is pretty much standard procedure on my posts so is basically irrelevant. I have posted an offer a few people have now taken up. It seems i have done more for fellow Oz Bargain users than your negative aggressive comments have with regards to this post. Keep negging, ill keep posting deals.


          @Danmuges1: As you know, at this price level people get really specific about which model headphones they seek. For some reason, eBay searches make it difficult to find your listing even if selecting Australia Only. I doubt that is satisfactory for you.


          @Danmuges1: Do you not feel the need to be honest on OzBargain?
          "We are only a small business starting out" is untrue because you posted here with a different account in 2013 wherein you inquired "Is everyone on this site other than me a complete knob?"

        • -4 votes

          You couldn't work out that adding the "-" in the heading would make it visible in search results? I thought you were smarter than this.

          Are you done yet? I'm getting tired

        • -2 votes

          And you posted that again why?


          @Danmuges1: "I thought you were smarter than this."
          Just more of my "semi understandable mumbo jumbo".

          Why does your description still say you are starting out after admitting that is untrue?

      • -1 vote

        "… make a fresh start. Seems its not possible."

        That's because this is a re-start. Your profile now says you have been a member since 29/09/2016 even though you posted years ago as a Store Rep.

        Accuracy in Profile Details
        Please ensure your profile information is accurate, up to date, …

        Did you really think it would not be noticed?

        • -1 vote

          Thankyou for pointing that out captain obvious.


          @Danmuges1: You didn't want it to be obvious. You carefully misinformed your fellow OzBargain members, and now your deception is negged, you are the aggrieved party.

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    Yeah.. negging because of OP's previous statements.

      • +1 vote

        Nothing has obviously changed.

  • +2 votes

    Stay clear. No deal.

  • -2 votes

    for those worried about my attitude and possible poor customer service id just like to say when it comes to my store my servce is second to none. Obviously those negging wont have to worry about it because they seem to enjoy firing people up for self pleasure. To all the people who made orders, Thankyou. They were shipped same day.

    I'm actually a top rated power seller on ebay and here is a direct quote from ebay on my store:

    Top-rated seller

    100% Positive feedback

    Get fast postage and excellent service from eBay Top-rated sellers.

    Consistently receives highest buyers' ratings
    Posts items quickly
    Has earned a track record of excellent service

    Ill probably continue to post deals from my store when i think they qualify (i thought this one was reasonable but obviously not). PJC i know you will just jump on my back and quote the same posts on each of my deals in an attempt to give my business a bad name. I ask that you dont but at the end of the day if you cant let something go thats your choice.


    Your eBay status is additional proof you are not starting out as per the careful misinformation in your description above. Requesting honesty from an Associated OP should be unnecessary on OzBargain.

    You opened a new account and demonstrated the same old attitude …

    "Ill probably continue to post deals from my store…"
    … which apparently will continue.

    We come here for bargains. We don't come here to be misled by vendors who complain about being negged for it.

    2 pairs X $139.00 = $278.00
    Buy 1, get 1 at 30% off = $149.90 + $104.93 = $254.83

    Consequently it is cheaper to purchase 2 pairs from you on eBay than from your above post. Have I got that right?


      Yes but initial post is for a single pair. The promotion I'm running began today through until Christmas.


    So you choose not to amend your description and inform your fellow OzBargain members it is cheaper to buy 2 pairs from you on eBay? Have I got that right?