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30% off Batteries, 40% off Penrite Oils, 50% off Tool Sets, 60% off Globes and Wipers @ Repco This Weekend

  • 30% off Batteries.
  • 40% off Penrite oils
  • 50% off Tool Sets.
  • 60% off Globes and Wipers

Saturday 3th & Sunday 4th December.

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    Do you know if it's the entire range of penrite oils ? Or just selected few?

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      Sounds like entire range.

      Just excludes trade purchases and only available for what is in store/stock.

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      Better off going to supercheap when on sale as repco is 10%+ more expensive

  • Any deals on Welders?

    • I remember looking at their offering when I was shopping for a welder, if you're after a really basic stick machine it will probably do. But for e.g. gas MIG, steer clear.

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    So what will be the price for a H4 headlight globe, halogen and LED?

    Edit: Should also note that discount applies to full retail price and cannot be used with any other offer or catalogue lines… so it looks like he cheapest globes will still be $9: https://d3i63g6yqk8ui8.cloudfront.net/imageicon/rep/prod/j00...

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      They only have basic halogen and overpriced narva products. SCA on the other hand have Philips LED globes too!

      • powerbulbs.com have good everyday prices if you are not in a rush

    • Well in the end I bought a H4 globe for $5.90. Thanks OP. I needed it urgently.

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    And they're still overpriced. The first few times I needed things I compared them to SCA but they're never competitive. Followed closely by Autobarn.

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    Just checked out their site looking for a battery and found nothing.
    They have a headline section on their home page where it states
    "Repco Mourns The Loss Of Its Iconic Brand Patron - Sir Jack Brabham"
    Sir Jack passed away in May 2014. The boys at Repco have a crap website.

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      They're still in mourning I guess, hard to blame them for not updating the website if that's the case :(

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        The web site has always been like this! Their management doesn't seem to appreciate the value that a functional web site and a visible and transparent pricing is going to add to their business. They're merely surviving due to their already vast franchise network in regional areas.

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    The local repco store is much closer than my SCA or Autobarn stores but I choose to go to SCA purely on the fact I can see if they have what I want and what price it is before leaving my house.

    Repco wake up!!!!!!!!

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    They have no prices on their website.

  • If repco don't improve its a bit, I'm scared it will be the next master or pumpkin patch.

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      Yup :( SCA website - flawless. Autobarns online inventory is haphazard at times but functional. For most things Repco don't even come up on my radar. No online catalogue, and the blokes on the phone on my local store are very rude so I don't bother.

      I wish companies would stop overlooking this. There is very little other reason than their dominant web presence for Supercheap to be market leader. Autobarn/Repco are often very close to SCA on price, and are nearly always better if you're looking for an actual custom order part. Of the 3, Supercheap is actually the furthest away from me by quite a margin too. But I (and I'd hazard a guess, many others) drive the distance because you get a chance to shop around on their price first, or at the very least, know what you need is going to be there.

      TL;DR: Bugger 'em

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    Thanks for posting!
    Picked up;

    Penrite 10w40 ten tenths for $47 / 5l red premix coolant for $24

    Bosch aerotwin wipers 2xfront and 1xrear for $50

    2 x H4 globes for $16

    • Repco sell,Bosch aero twin wipers now?

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    Went in today, they are overall a few dollars more than supercrap but that's no secret, it's less significant with the 40%… still a good deal if you need one of penrite's more niche products like the new enviro+ range for DPF diesels or their racing oils or a not commonly used grade of oil which are never on sale….

    Also with coolants, penrite's range is less often on sale than nulon so if you wanted to, they are well priced with the 40%

    you can get HPR5 5W40 for $8/L for both 5 and 6L bottles
    multi vehicle Full Synthetic ATF for $40/ 4L

    contrary to what is said above, i doubt repco will go anywhere…. they have a much better range of parts in stock for radiators and filters than super cheap who operate more like a department store…..

    they are also backed up by mechs which use their trade ordering system.

    we have a store which is even more old fashioned here called Sprint auto parts, they have a really old website too and never have any worthwile oil sales but are still getting by fine because of their big parts department

    maybe one day they all have websites though with ordering systems haha

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      It just take someone smart enough to market auto parts online to public, and be competitive and that's end of repco.. That's pretty much their only lifeline tbh..

      • i'm doubtful, it'll take lots of work to get a full parts catalogue, stock inventory, pricing and compatibility with X car online….

        Supercheap are trying but they aren't competitive parts wise in that area and the people in the store have no idea about fitting or compatibility… I've looked at parts on the supercheap parts finder but too paranoid if there will be issues or it not fitting because I didn't exactly buy it from the store, shipping it back would be a pain

    • You mean contrary to what I said?

      Now, I live in metropolitan Brisbane - not at all the sticks. Supercheap are open all weekend. As are the two Autobarn stores near me. Repco? Saturday 8am-12pm, Sunday closed. Sums it up.

      Anyone looking for a specialty part isn't going to SCA, Autobarn OR Repco. They'll go to somewhere like Bursons or a car parts store suited to their car (euro's). Don't get me wrong, Repco have nearly as many stores as SCA and Autobarn combined so I can't see them disappearing overnight - but as larger slices of the pie start to dwindle, how long can they reasonably last?

      Have you ever been to an Autobarn with a proper parts desk? Slacks Creek pops to mind in my local area. Here are some recent price comparisons I've personally made - just going off some diary scribbles from the last few months - but hey what would I know?

      Genuine Hyundai Ignition Coil Pack - Not available at SCA, $95 Autobarn, $144 Repco (Tridon, not even Hyundai) - Ordered from Autobarn

      Bosch Ignition Leads - $64 Supercheap (Sale), $82 Autobarn (reg), $113 Repco (again not Bosch.. some sort of eagle brand id never heard of) - Ordered Genuine part directly from local Hyundai dealer in the end, ~$100

      Hyundai Radiator - $149 Supercheap (had to be ordered), $141 Autobarn (again order), Repco $410! - Part ordered from Bursons, $120 Delivered. Never underestimate free delivery when you need any spare part, particularly though, a radiator.

      Hyundai Linkpin bushes - $6.50ea SCA, $6.50ea Autobarn, $11.99ea Repco (had to be ordered) - in the end walked into a mechanic and asked for a couple, paid $3 each and they're Nolathane! Nice guy.

  • I prefer repco when I need proper auto tools. Only brand of tools from sca I would buy is the Stanley offering.

    Actually going to pop in today as their current catalogue shows 25% off repco loose tools. Hoping for a long 1/2" breaker bar

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