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Logitech Z623 2.1 THX Certified Speakers $99 (Plus Shipping and CC Fee) @ Computer Alliance


These are a great set of speakers, I bought these as an upgrade to built in speakers on a cheap tv and they really do sound great for the price.
Not the cheapest they have ever been, but seems to be the best price currently. $149 officeworks, or $198 JB HiFi, $197 Harvey Norman.

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  • $119 C&C @ Bing Lee, for those with 1 nearby

  • Given what CA charge for postage that is probably a better deal for some.

    • to be fair the box and weight of this is substantial

    • $24 to Adelaide is a deal killer for me.

      • $60 to where I live in north west WA also a deal killer, I ended up buying these locally from harvey norman who matched the office works price, very happy with the speakers, they really pump out the sound for a fairly cheap price.

  • Awesome speakers. These speakers have 2-year warranty as well. I just a set replaced by Logitect which were 1.5 years old I purchased on sale from Dick Smith :)

  • I have these. They are good. Hope that helps

  • Still waiting on a special that brings these to sub $80 because I know as soon as I buy it the special will happen a week later.

    • Its ozbargain, buyers regret

    • Get a credit card with price drop protection, and use it purely for purchases where you think the price may drop. Coles no-annual-fee CC has price-drop protection, but you have to activate it, and it costs 1% of your closing balance. Can be free if you pay off your balance BEFORE the end of the statement period (so your closing balance will be zero).
      "Price protection - Pays the price difference to your account if an eligible item purchased with your Coles MasterCard reduces in price at the same store within 24 months of purchase. (Terms, conditions and some exclusions apply.)" https://financialservices.coles.com.au/credit-cards/about-ou...

      • That sounds awesome, does it cover every store and I'm assuming I'll have to keep an eye out for price drops myself, correct?

        • I don't have one, but this post may answer your questions: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/208332

          Yes, you do have to watch for the price drops yourself.

          Price drop protection is also available on 28 Degrees credit card - it may be a better option for you, due to the "no fees on overseas transactions" policy. Not sure if the Coles card has that.

  • Good speakers. I have them for my back room hooked to an echo dot. You can sometimes grab then for a bit less, but this is a good price.

  • I returned these in a day. They had too much bass and could not hear any dialogues or songs properly. Might be good for gaming.

    • You can turn the bass down using the knob on the speaker, have had no such problems if that helps

      • Yes, I did and still the sub was too punchy including the speakers. I played multiple videos or songs.
        I wanted to replace my old sony 3.1 speakers setup ( Was not using the Sony surround sound ones) and it wasn't good. Sony was using Optical output though.

  • These are great speakers. Their clarity and range are good for that price.
    We got ours from OW at low $80s (cant remember) about a year and a half ago so if u can, wait for a better price