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Navman MOVE70LM $95.20, MY560LMT $117.20 and EZY350LMT $119.20, TomTom Start 42 $103.20 and VIA 280 5 $131.20 + More @ JB Hi-Fi


Been looking for a GPS since a while. Looks like JB-Hi-Fi has some RED HOT DEALS.

Navman MOVE70LM 5" GPS Unit - $95.20
TomTom Start 42 4.3" GPS Unit - $103.20
Navman MY560LMT 5" GPS Unit - $117.60
Navman EZY350LMT 5" GPS Unit with Bluetooth - $119.20
TomTom Via 280 5" GPS Unit - $131.20

There are many other deals available. Check the main link. Pick up in store to save on delivery charges.

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  • Have you tried Waze with a legal car dashboard smartphone mount? I'm genuinely interested in why anyone still buys these standalone GPSs.

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      I never understood either, but recent laws changed for provisional drivers and they're not allowed to use mobile phones for GPS, even if it's mounted. That's why I'm so glad this deal came up, so I can get one for my parter. Thanks OP.

      • Because of government stupid policy people needs to buy them again.

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      Not wasting phone battery. I can use the phone's screen for something else, e.g. music player (and album art!). And the phone gets super hot when used for navigation.

      But I use my phone to get live traffic. And in some places Google Maps is better than standalone GPS maps.

      • Exactly.

      • The Navman My560LMT come with lifetime map, live traffic, also Safety Alerts(cameras).

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      We bought one for a trip across the country earlier this year, was the best thing we did!

      Didn't have to worry about using our phones, especially in spots with no coverage.

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      Good when driving between Broome and Darwin and there's no mobile coverage :)

      • Yep, we did Melbourne to Darwin, no mobile coverage for most of the trip until you get close to small towns/roadhouses.

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      GPS, maps are pre-loaded, you don't need internet connection.
      Still way better navigation than some smart phone apps.
      If you are a P plater, still can't use dash mounted smartphone in NSW.

      things that I can think of.

      edit, if you looking for one, performance and response of Garmin way better than navman or tomtom.

      • You can also pre-load Google Maps but may need Internet connection.

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          Yes, but if you driving interstate, its pain.
          you can only pre-load surrounding areas.

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          @boomramada: If I had to use phone navigation without internet connection (for example when overseas) I use here maps. You can download the maps for free, by country or city/state (for larger countries). Works flawlessly.

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          Yeah HERE is another good option.

        • Do any of the apps give lane guidance?

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      • I am a heavy mobile user (when i am not driving)
      • been using Google maps and waze on my phone.
      • Charging phone's battery while using gps is painful because the charge either stays the same or reduces.
      • I use my phone for photos and videos
      • I don't want to keep charging my phone all the time on a long oad trip
      • many more
      • Charging phone's battery while using gps is painful because the charge either stays the same or reduces.

        Buy a phone with fast charge.

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          So you can destroy it's battery even quicker?

        • I have used iphone, samsung, LG but same fate. I dont want to buy a new phone when I have this deal :)

        • @cala90:

          It won't cause by fast charge but of course if you need to charge it a lot it will shorten the battery life like if you keep charging it all the time at home.

        • @cala90:

          a lot of work goes into charge management; a fast charger will not damage your phone battery. The phone limits the amount of charge current to a safe level

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      I'm genuinely interested in why anyone still buys these standalone GPSs.

      The reason is very simple, mobile phone GPS apps rely on radio towers, which are prone to signal drops and interference (or may not even exist in some areas).

      A standalone GPS uses satellites, more accurate and much more reliable.

      • Actually, the Tomtom app on iOS/Android uses the GPS module (satellites) on the phone but not the mobile netork (radio towers), and is more prone to signal drops. Apple and Google maps use both GPS and mobile network.

        Standalone GPS devices uses only the GPS module (satellites) and is as prone to signal drops like the Tomtom app on iOS/Android.

        I'd only get a standalone if I don't want to use my smartphone, or if I want a very accurate off road navigation device like a Hema HN7 or a dedicated Tomtom GPS device that has overseas maps.

        • actually the apps on ios/android uses BOTH GPS + mobile network together to achieve quicker lock-on times (ie. AGPS) whereas I dont know if the standalone GPS units can do this…

        • @homersyd:

          Depends on the app, like I said, Tomtom on smartphones don't, but Apple maps and Google maps, yes.

    • Waze will drain your phone battery quicker than your partner can drain your wallet on payday. I like the Police reporting on Waze but now TomTom's 520/620 can do the same. I bought the TomTom

      • Which model?
        Nvm found it - Go 520

  • Just be aware 'Lifetime Free AU/NZ Maps' is not forever, it is defined as "free maps for the life of the unit*"
    which is only for a couple of years or less if the model becomes obsolete.

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      Oh.. I thought its for the lifetime of the person who buys it :P

      • life time of the receipt ;)

        • May be life time of the company ….

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    All these arguments above, people just making life too complicated, it is just as simple as:
    If you're a heavy GPS users, get a dedicated GPS, it is much better than relied on your phone/connection/battery
    If you're occasional users, your phone will do.
    End of debate!

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      What about an occasional user who does long road trips?

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        Get one. You dont wanna get lost in the bush with Mick Taylor on your back.

  • which brand is generally considered better/best with these GPS units? TomTom?

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      To me, its Garmin > Tom Tom > Navman

      • I went with Garmin. Only issues I've had with it is the "destination is on your right/left" when it's on the other side.

        • hahah I would hate it tho if they cant even get that right…I've used Sygic on Android and it's pretty accurate!

        • My Garmin tells me to stay in the right lane, when I actually need to take the left lane, exit, then stay in the right lane (this road has been the same for years now). This happens in a number of places, and in at least one, I ended up paying a toll because it failed to advise the proper lane despite avoid tolls being selected. In other cases it takes me down side or parallel streets because it thinks it will be quicker, its not. And it does this no matter how its set up to route. Its regularly updated.

          Another of my pet hates now is it was good on speed zones, and cameras including the one near my house. Its a 90km/h stretch of raod, drops to 80, then 70 for an intersection with a speed camera, then back to 80 a couple hundred meters further down. But since an update, the zone now changes to 70 about 30 meters after the camera. It was correct before. At the time of the update that messed it up, it stopped giving me my lifetime alert updates.

          I doubt Ill get another Garmin ever. It was good before except for the above, but that kind of shenanigans is just frustrating.

  • Thank you cyber ninja, these prices are better than TGG with 20% off, generally…

    • Yes, I did check that. I also checked the prices for each of them on Staticice and these were still the cheapest by a considerable margin. For example, Navman EZY350LMT is for $175 at BingLee and $178 at HN

  • Never had a problem using Here maps on a Lumia 640 phone in the US.
    Thats without data connection. Only had to download US maps (7GB+).

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    Been using GPS on the mobile and that suits me fine. Parent on the other hand prefer to use a stand alone GPS. Would have got them one of there if I hadn't recently got them a TomTom GO with lifetime world maps and cameras on clearance at a good price. After there old recently discontinued TomTom stopped working.

    TomTom Recently discontinued alot of there old models some at least 10-11 years old. Which is a good run for a GPS ubit.

    TomTom Devices no longer supported from 15/11/2016:

    GO 300 (M1)
    GO 500 (M3)
    GO 510 / GO 710 (V5)
    GO 520 (M2/M4) Release Year 2007
    GO 530 (J1/J2)
    GO 540 (WT)
    GO 550 LIVE (W3)
    GO 715 (M7)
    GO 730 (J3)
    GO 750 (W8)
    ONE 1st Edition (G1/G2)
    ONE 2nd Edition (E1/Z1/Z2/Z3)
    ONE 3rd Edition (Y1/Y3/Y5/Y8)
    ONE XL (L2/L3/L4/L7/L9)
    ONE 125 (PA/PE/PH/PN/PV/PP)
    XL 30 Series (RH/RO/RQ)
    XL IQ Routes ² / XL Classic (GG)

    • Lifetime means the useful life of the device, i.e. the period of time TomTom supports your device with updates, services, content or accessories. A device will have reached the end of its life when none of these are available any more.

    • TomTom VIA uses your smartphone's data connection to provide you with real-time traffic, speed camera updates and MyDrive content. On average, TomTom Services use less than 10 MB of data per month.

  • I understand that LIFE TIME Maps mean the maps are pre-loaded and stay on the unit for its lifetime.
    BUT Can we update those ourselves? that too forever?

    Also, my previous Tom Tom - keeps on 'searching' for network most of the time these days.. Is Garmin / Navman any better ?

  • Just purchased the 660LMT from JB Hifi.

    This post deserves more love :(

  • it seems the they changed the price again, no longer seeing Start 42 for $103.20 and VIA 280 5 for $131.20


    have been looking for a while and just miss out this

    • Thanks for notifying. I'll expire the deal.