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Google Chromecast Audio $39 (Save $20) @ JB Hi-Fi


Good price for C Audio, price is for Audio version only & Starts Thursday
Chromecast Audio $39 (Save $20)

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  • That's a more suitable price, petty I already have one

  • Awesome price.


    So what's the difference between this and the regular Chromecast?

    • It's the Audio version

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        Is it just like a Bluetooth adapter that connects to home theater system for playing audio?

      • So it's basically an Airport Express?


          Yes, although the Airport Express also does USB printer, Internet router, WiFi base-station, client bridge, etc. The Airport Express is a proper WiFi router with Airplay (audio streaming) as a bonus feature.

        • kinda - but airplay sucks IMO.

          we used to prefer it but whenever you walk around the house and lose wifi it just stops. or if you browse through facebook and a video starts, your music airplay will stop.

          the great thing about chromecast is you kick it off and it does what it needs to independently from your phone

    • Main feature is audio output (stereo/optical), and you can stream to multiple or groups of audio's at once. So you could stream to say five at once and have them be in sync.

    • Regular Chromecast has HDMI output while the audio version has RCA, 3.5mm and optical. If you connect through RCA or 3.5mm connections it has its own DAC to convert to analog audio. The regular Chromecast does not have a DAC. Its very doubtful that a ~$50 device (Chromcast Audio) will have a better DAC than your A/V Receiver (i.e if you use the regular Chromecast to your A/V Receiver). In the end it depends on what you want to use it for.

  • I know this CA is far more capable than my setup, but I stream Spotify 97% of the time, so I just connect a spare mobile phone to my audio player and use my mobile as a remote through the Spotify app.

  • will this work in the car?

  • Chromecast audio - Is this going to be available online?

  • People wanting to stream audio to an HDMI receiver can simply plug in a Chromecast 1. Don't even have to switch on the tv.

  • I just bought it at the sale price today. Used the refund I got from My Memory in PayPal to buy a gift card then used the gc to buy the Chromecast audio. Didn't want to use cash.

  • Is this for Thursday only or few days

  • Just bought 3!!! cant wait for synced audio around the house :)

  • Ordered online on JB website, cheers!

  • There were only 2 left on the shelves in the Sydney CBD Strand arcade store…

  • Ordered a couple online for store pickup.
    Now I just need more audio systems to plant around my house…
    Thanks OP.

  • On sale for Thursday only

  • Stupid thing says I need to upload all my music to the cloud before I can cast them. 10,000 songs later mmmm

  • Bought. Now I just need some active speakers to plug it into. Any recommendations?

  • I have have hifi in each lounge and a jukebox in games room,as well as disco party speakers and a few smaller Bluetooth speakers.
    I have only purchased one of these and have two coming from overseas i had got cheaper.
    Should i buy another to make it 4 in total i not even tried the one i got from jb a few days back yet.
    As its $20 off its cheapest around and not sure if im going to need 4 in total lol

  • Not expired. Might be on for another week?

  • Has anyone been able to get price match from other store? Looks like my local sold out yesterday had some in morning and when going to order later that night gone.

  • What happens if your speakers have the one cable that goes into back of hifi where does this get plugged into hifi itself?

    • Gets plugged into an audio input. If you have active speakers (not requiring an amp to power them) it should just plug in. If you have passive speakers (requiring the amp) then you connect it to the amp.

      Think of it as connecting a computer.

  • I got a couple of these i have other two on way my main reason was to be able to use them with both my hifi's.
    Which are a good few years old now 6 yrs or maybe older.
    The speakers and sub have no inputs to plug into they just plug into hifi with tge built in speaker cables.
    All it has is antenna and something else at back to use.
    At front it has mic,headphone socket a usb and a audio input.
    I take as this is an older hifi then i need RCA Cable for Chromecast Audio?

    Which on hifi is white and red.

    Same goes for another hifi i have cant remember maybe similar sockets at back but with audio input or was it line in and headphone socket at front and usb.

    So am i right in saying the RCA Cable for Chromecast Audio is what i need which is a bit annoying as more expense.

    I did try plugging into the headphone socket as it fits but take this will not work it.

    I did try it out the other day on a portable speaker with built in disco light which had aux socket and connected up and was all good.
    I take as i have tried to plug this into wrong socket or due to not having right cable it will not find it?
    As my phone just comes up with previous device i had used the disco light speaker.

    I do have other devices as said i can use these for and one or two other things i not checked yet, but wanted to set up the main hifi's first.
    So i would be using two for them and other two maybe for portable speakers i may have other other devices yet to be checked.

    But my issue is on these older hifi's thanks.

  • Does it have to be the chromecast 3.5 to rca cable or any do?

    3.5mm-to-RCA cable - Not included with Chromecast Audio

    This cable is a commonly available retrofit cable that converts the stereo analog output from Chromecast Audio into a stereo RCA connection.
    RCA inputs are common on many people's favorite stereo setups they've owned for years, and sometimes decades, like AV receivers, mini/micro bookshelf systems, and studio monitor speakers.

    RCA Cable for Chromecast Audio - Chromecast's official RCA accessory cable ensures audio performance and compatibility and looks great. Purchase here.