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Windscribe VPN $12 USD (~ $16 AUD) for 12 Months - 87% off


Received email from Windscribe which I have been using for a while and have to say that this is a fairly good price and have had no problems with them so far.

Original email message:

Hey Stranger,
Give yourself the gift of online privacy this holiday season, especially if you plan on buying that totally-a-joke-but-not-really kind of gift and don't want "targeted advertisements" to follow you around for the rest of the year.

Get 12 Months of Windscribe Pro, for $12. That's 87% Off

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Both referrer and referee get extra 1GB/month. Referrer gets Pro upgrade after referee upgrades.

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    How's speeds? Good for p2p?


      they have a 10gb per month free account that I firstly tried. found that my speeds were the same as without using VPN and found that this has no logging or monitoring kept.


        Nice. For the price will be sure to give it a try!

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    If you can make do with 50GB a month for life then sign up for a free 10GB account and use the voucher 50GBFREE

    Working as of this post.

    From techradar:

    The 10GB free account requires email verification.

    Same as this deal but still seems to work.

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    I've found them to be really good. I got a lifetime subscription for like $50. I've preferred them to PIA and Cyberghost


      was the lifetime subscription a limited time or did I miss this somewhere?


        It's on Stacksocial for $50 USD at the moment. I purchased it in their 10 percent off halloween sale so it ended up being $50AUD. Still a good buy


    Why do people use VPNs anyway?


      some vpns allow you to change your IP address. Makes it less likely you get pinged for signing up for 1-per-person free stuff


      Remember metadata? All you browsing ip addresses are kept by law, and potentially accessed by numerous non govt organisations.


        Is that bad if we're not doing anything wrong?


          So youd be ok with a security camera in your bathroom as long as you werent doing anything wrong?
          The potential for abuse is ripe with so much personal information kept for a mandatory 2 year period.
          Especially if youre a journalist or a whistle blower.
          "The list released under Freedom of Information laws showed agencies that have sought to access telecommunications data without a warrant.
          As well as numerous federal departments, requests were also made by the Bankstown City Council, the National Measurement Institute and Greyhound Racing Victoria"

          Call me tinfoil hat but I think privacy is very important, especially in the era of mass surveillance.

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          Well if you're doing nothing wrong then what do you have to hide?


          @SeriouslyJk: seriouslyjk - if youre not sure why its NOT ok for government agencies to spy on you "because you're not doing anything wrong" then you're nuts. Metadata is just the beginning, big bro is gonna start watching everything especially in OZ where we have the shittiest internet in the civilized world and some of the most oppressive internet watchdogs. If i send you a letter through the post is it ok for some govt employee to read it before it reaches you? well thats whats happening with email and browsing and downloads. VPN is not 100% perfect but it certainly helps. Run a TOR server on your main machine and you're a good deal safer than you were.

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          @JokerOZ: Safer from who? The government? They're there for your safety in the first place, people who do nothing wrong aren't the people that they are gonna do anything to.They're preventing terrorists and crime keep society safer as a whole and you're against this because you're scared they know what you're watching on a Friday night? Insane.

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          @SeriouslyJk: personally I don't understand what you don't get. NO ONE should be privy to your private conversations. And no I don't trust the government while we're at it. Really you trust Turnbull et al with recorded conversations etc? Do you even know what the word privacy means?


    I can't get netflix to work with the free version. Does the paid version work with netflix?


      No the paid version doesn't get Netflix US unfortunately.


    This is good!! 50GB offer was great for me but was not using it since I mainly need an Aussie server, cause I dont really use anything USA or other countries, just wanna hide myself. so this 1 year offer allows me to hide myself but also lets me use Australia and India even lol. India is good for free cricket