OzBargain 2016 Christmas Donations - $28,000 to Charities of Your Choice

Update 21 Dec 2016: Thanks for all who have voted! The top 7 charities chosen by the OzBargain community are:

  • beyondblue
  • Cancer Council
  • Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
  • Alzheimer's Australia
  • R U OK?
  • Kids With Cancer

They will each receive $4,000 donations from OzBargain (Delvu Media Pty Ltd) which I will get it organised this week.

Update 20 Dec 2016: We have reached 1,000 unique commenters. Thus for this Christmas OzBargain will donate $28,000 to the top 7 voted charities. Adding more comments won't increase the donation amount, however please continue to vote.

It's Christmas time and a good time to be reminded to be generous (yes, being frugal and being generous does not need to be mutually exclusive). For this year OzBargain will be donating $18,000 to 5 charities of your choices. Moreover, for every unique commenter in this thread, we will be donating an extra $10.

  • We'll take suggestions from commenters using this poll feature. There are some rules regarding to suggestions:

    • The poll will be pre-filled with top 10 charities from last year's poll. The list will be alphabetically sorted at first and result hidden until the poll finishes.
    • It would be great if you can provide a link to the charity in the comment.
    • It must be Australian or benefiting Australians (we are OzBargain after all).
    • It must be a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Therefore "Wikipedia Foundation" from last year's poll does not qualify.
    • All suggestions will be moderated before adding to the poll.

  • Donation amount will be $18,000 + $10 x number of unique commenters. So if 400 OzBargainers commented in this thread we will donate $22,000 to charities. Update: this will be capped at 1,000 commenters.

  • Top 5 voted charities will receive donations, and the donation will be evenly distributed. For example if $22,000 is the final donation amount, each charity will receive $4,400 in donation.

Poll, suggestion & commenting starts today (15 Dec 2016), and will close at 12PM on Thursday 22 December. I will take the comment count at that point in time to calculate the final amount to be given to the charities, and will try to do so before Christmas (25 Dec).

Check this page for charity donations from OzBargain in the past.

TL;DR Vote for a charity in the list or suggest another charity to vote for. Also $10 extra per comment.

Update 16 Dec 9:30AM: Suggestion feature has been removed as there are almost 50 charities in the poll already. Please just pick the charity of your choice from the list.

Poll Options expired