OzBargain 2016 Christmas Donations - $28,000 to Charities of Your Choice

Update 21 Dec 2016: Thanks for all who have voted! The top 7 charities chosen by the OzBargain community are:

  • beyondblue
  • Cancer Council
  • Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
  • Alzheimer's Australia
  • R U OK?
  • Kids With Cancer

They will each receive $4,000 donations from OzBargain (Delvu Media Pty Ltd) which I will get it organised this week.

Update 20 Dec 2016: We have reached 1,000 unique commenters. Thus for this Christmas OzBargain will donate $28,000 to the top 7 voted charities. Adding more comments won't increase the donation amount, however please continue to vote.

It's Christmas time and a good time to be reminded to be generous (yes, being frugal and being generous does not need to be mutually exclusive). For this year OzBargain will be donating $18,000 to 5 charities of your choices. Moreover, for every unique commenter in this thread, we will be donating an extra $10.

  • We'll take suggestions from commenters using this poll feature. There are some rules regarding to suggestions:

    • The poll will be pre-filled with top 10 charities from last year's poll. The list will be alphabetically sorted at first and result hidden until the poll finishes.
    • It would be great if you can provide a link to the charity in the comment.
    • It must be Australian or benefiting Australians (we are OzBargain after all).
    • It must be a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Therefore "Wikipedia Foundation" from last year's poll does not qualify.
    • All suggestions will be moderated before adding to the poll.

  • Donation amount will be $18,000 + $10 x number of unique commenters. So if 400 OzBargainers commented in this thread we will donate $22,000 to charities. Update: this will be capped at 1,000 commenters.

  • Top 5 voted charities will receive donations, and the donation will be evenly distributed. For example if $22,000 is the final donation amount, each charity will receive $4,400 in donation.

Poll, suggestion & commenting starts today (15 Dec 2016), and will close at 12PM on Thursday 22 December. I will take the comment count at that point in time to calculate the final amount to be given to the charities, and will try to do so before Christmas (25 Dec).

Check this page for charity donations from OzBargain in the past.

TL;DR Vote for a charity in the list or suggest another charity to vote for. Also $10 extra per comment.

Update 16 Dec 9:30AM: Suggestion feature has been removed as there are almost 50 charities in the poll already. Please just pick the charity of your choice from the list.

Poll Options expired


  • +16

    great job

    • +1

      Yes, great work. Two thumbs up.

    • +1

      good manners cost nothing

  • +2

    Well done again this year guys.
    Let's get as many comments as possible.

  • Excellent work, thanks!

  • Thanks!

  • +1

    Adding in $10.

  • +3

    This is my first Xmas at OzBargain so had no idea this would be happening. A nice surprise! :)

  • +7

    Thanks for doing this again, Scotty and everyone at OzB. I picked Doctors Without Borders this year because of the work they've been doing in wartorn areas

  • +6

    Thanks for doing this again Scotty and team!

    My vote goes towards the Cancer Council because
    • They do a wide range of things – support for cancer patients, research, advocacy, prevention/education.
    • They are non-denominational, and present in regional as well as urban areas, so they have the potential to impact a range of Australians.
    • They have won or been finalist in the PwC transparency awards a few times so they are upfront about how they spend their money – in the spirit of OzBargain! (unfortunately PwC don’t seem to do this anymore, a pity)

    I have posted pretty much the same comment in past years, they are my ongoing favourite charity, partly because I have experience with their services in the past. But I do enjoy a good discussion about how charities use money and I am interested to hear others' opinions on charities they are passionate about as I am sure there are many worthy causes out there.

  • Suggested The Redfern Foundation

    That's a BIG donation Scotty, well done! All the bargains this year must have paid off.

  • Great work…

  • +3

    Would have been nice to include the charlie teo organisation?


    • To suggest a charity: Just make a new comment (not a reply) and write the charity name in the Suggestion: field up the top. We'll approve it shortly after so users can vote for it.

      You can also add a little explanation about the charity for the benefit of others.


  • Don't know who to vote for… but i have to say, great work for doing this every year!

  • Thanks :)

  • +1

    Great initiative form OzB. give some money to a charity for either old or ill people…

  • Let's do this +1 for charity

  • Good stuff

  • It is a great thing to do. Many thanks.

  • Amazing, well done.

  • +1
    Suggested Vision Australia


    These guys help out people who are blind or who have visual impairments, from helping kids learn and grow, to helping adults live in the real world, assist with finding work etc.

  • +3

    Damn, wish I could give votes for more than one charities :)

  • +1

    Great work OzB team!

  • +2
    Suggested Guide Dogs Australia

    Sorry duplicate comment, wanted to suggest Guide dogs :)


    • +1

      Someone said dogs?

    • +1

      Doggos and puppers?

      • +1

        Woofers and sub-woofers

  • Suggested Make a Wish Australia

    This is fantastic Scotty, thank you. My choice is one for the kids… Make a Wish Australia

  • +2
    Suggested Dandelion Support Network

    Dandelion Support Network
    helps new mothers in need


  • everyone, when ever u post anywhere, please include the link to this post!

  • Nice one.

  • +1
    Suggested Variety Australia

    Good reminder that Christmas is about giving, and appreciation of what we have.

    Helping children/family with sickness and disability

  • +13

    I will always choose beyondblue. The last 2 years I've lost too many mates to suicide and knowing that many youth mental health organisations struggle to get funding… it's very important that someone as big and well known like Beyondblue get extra support.

    • -4

      Given the frankly atrocious results of Beyond Blue's programs don't you think it's time to reassess where your money is going?

      • I have never heard any problems with beyondblue.

      • +9

        Care to elaborate?

  • Wow thanks

  • :D

  • Nice job Ozbargain, hopefully many more pages of comments to come.

  • Well done to the ozbargain team for doing this every year.

  • -1
    Suggested Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

    MOD: Copied from previous comment —

    Would have been nice to include the charlie teo organisation?


  • +1

    Great work Scotty & all at OzB.

  • comment for charity

  • Thanks for doing this, and well done on the democratic approach!

  • 優れた仕事スコティ

    • That's where Google translate fails. I think you mean スコティは本当に偉い.
      Great work Scotty!

  • Thanks OzB!

  • Suggested The Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation

    The Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation?
    My partner works there as a nurse and hearing about all the things they do and cope with makes me appreciate them more.

  • +8
    Suggested Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia

    Prostate Cancer Foundation no longer gets gov funding unlike breast cancer foundation which does….

    Prostate cancer the biggest killer of men.


    +1 for them.

  • In all these years I never knew such a charitable act was going on here - good job!

  • +5

    As my husband has brain cancer, I have voted for cure brain cancer. Biggest killer of kids and so many under 40. My husband hasn't worked a day since diagnosed at 32.

    Such little money is spent on research and only 22% survive to 5 years.

      • +14

        Be less of a jerk.

      • +5

        What cause did you vote for? .Have some respect, she clearly stated the main reason for her donation.

      • +10

        Wow. Do you feel good about yourself?

        It's the type of disease that kills the most kids.

        Wrote that while dealing with my 4 kids I will inevitably be raising alone. Sorry for my miscommunication.

        Oh and FYI my 2.5 is rear facing in an A4 restraint, 5 year old and 7 year old twins harnessed in type Gs so if you want a road safety campaign I'm happy to do it.

      • +10

        And further, kindness costs nothing. Being rude can push someone already close to the edge that bit closer.
        I hope you aren't as nasty in real life, easy to be nasty over a keyboard.

        • +7

          Don't let him get to you. I hope you're able to stay strong and have support from family. hug

        • +3

          Agree with bluedufflecoat, don't let a troll get to you.
          I wish you and you family a very Merry Christmas.

        • +5

          My hat goes off to you. Stay strong, you seem to be a decent and hard working human. If only the world had more people like you. I have 3 young kids and I can't imagine life without my wife. I bet this gutless wonder wouldn't say this if they weren't behind a keyboard.

          As for Diji1, what a miserable, negative and pathetic life he/she must lead. Personal attack, sorry, but I'm brave enough to stand up to a person who is being total jerk who derives satisfaction from sarcasm and thinking they are somehow better than everyone, by using snide remarks.

          I might get in trouble, but he will still be a miserable sod and I'll still be a decent human being.
          Someone has to stand up.

          I love ozbargsin, hope I don't get banned. I had to say it otherwise I'd feel like I'd not done the right thing by staying silent.

    • +2

      I'm voting with you. We're going through similar. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas break.

      • +1

        I'm sorry you are dealing with similar. It sucks. There is a great support group on Facebook called 'Brain tumour support group Australia' if you don't already belong :)

        Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  • +2

    It must be Australian or benefiting Australians (we are OzBargain after all).

    I guess that rules out The Clinton Foundation :P

    • American Politics effect all western counties.

  • +4

    +1 for being frugal and being generous

  • Thanks Scotty & OzBargain - my favourite post of the year.

  • Voted didnt see this post last year Nice job.

    • I missed it last year too - won't next year. Good job ozb!

  • +1

    This is a marvellous initiative.

  • +1, especially for mental health organisations.

  • So many worthwhile causes

  • Great job, team

  • The Royal Flying Doctor Service does great work. https://www.flyingdoctor.org.au/
    It's service that not only benefits those who live and work in rural communities, but also travellers in these regions too.

  • Pretty damn cool

  • Great work

  • I'm here!

  • Great causes there, hard to choose one. Your philanthropy is fantastic Scotty

  • +1
    Suggested Les Twentyman Foundation

    would love to support the Les Twentyman Foundation who lost everything when their offices burnt down a couple of days ago in the Little Saigon Footscray fire, including 6000 textbooks which were due to go to kids in need for next year :(

    See here for the news article http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/books-presents-donated-to-…

    If you want more info on the organization or if you want to donate visit the official website here http://www.ltfoundation.com.au/

  • +1

    Sorry this comment cost you $10

    • +3

      Technically, around $7 after the tax deduction

  • Thanks Scotty, supporting the good cause.

  • Thanks to the whole OzB team & community :)

  • Give 'em $10 worth of eneloops from me.

  • Thank you ozbargain! Love your work

  • Great idea for the festive season.

    I'd like to suggest the The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia www.leukaemia.org.au.

  • Suggested Black Dog Institute


  • Thanks Ozb

  • Thanks Scotty and OzBargain team!

  • Yes!

  • Nice work! Cha ching.

  • Thank you OZB.My charity of choice is Beyond Blue.

  • +5
    Suggested R U OK?

    Obviously lots of great charities out there and if this wasn't OzBargain based I'd pick any organisation that can assist in Aleppo.

    As this is an online community, I think R U OK? is something OzBargain + other forums can get around as it encourages people to have real conversations asking about their wellbeing (and suicide prevention). We've had previous contact with the organisation in what online communities can contribute to their campaign and I think we can continue to improve this in the future.

    R U OK? website

      • +8

        Your understanding of that is incorrect. If the health professional determines that the risk is high and very likely that they will then they do. Suicide idelogy is very common and people with it often say they want to kill themselves. But it doesn't mean they actually will.

        Are you going to criticise everything related to mental health?

    • I changed my vote to the Doctors Without Borders


  • Hooray

  • Glad to see this again!

  • Kudos to Scotty & co.for coming out with this idea…

  • Great work Ozbargain!

  • Suggested Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

    This is my first Christmas with OzBargain as well and I couldn't be more honoured to take part of such a generous initiative.

    I'd like to suggest the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as a charity to donate to as it's very close to my heart :-)

    Merry Christmas, generous OzBargainers!

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