Super Bright white Christmas Fairy Lights

Im after Super Bright Daylight White fairy lights.

I know best time to look about for them is post xmas sales, but from my experience I've only scored Kmart / Target lights which are not super bright, a little dull. (non-solar) Kmart had I think close to 50% on boxing day but you have to buy before 12pm normally. Target last year had progressive discounts like starting off at 20% off, then 30% then 40% after 1 or 2 weeks. Quality seems to be dull all around, even for connected power lights.

I've heard Bunnings lights are suppose to be good, but seems expensive at the moment and from last years post it looks like they dont do discounts on lights and ship back to supplier? reference -

Thinking of trying out Big-w lights, they currently have $12 for 200 lights.

Whats the best place for Super Bright Daylight White fairy lights so I can start monitoring the price now.



    Have a think about RGB LED lights if they aren't much more expensive :) They are great fun, any colour to match your mood.

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      I do have 20 metres of multi coloured fairy lights. From either Kmart or Target.. they are pretty weak for powered lights and neighbors lights would be at least 3 times brighter.

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