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[Android] Nova Launcher Prime $0.99 @ Google Play Store


Deal is back again! With 307 upvotes on the last deal:

Also, they are announcing a big update tomorrow!

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  • If I am running CM14.1 with the pixel launcher, what does this offer me?

    • double tap to sleep is one of my fav bits I missed going to CM (now on 14.1 too) and Nova offers this…
      Like most that use Nova, you find yourself going back to it, it just works well….

      • I've purchased Nova and Action Launcher. I used Nova Launcher for years. But Pixel Launcher is just so nice. Nova is dead to me.

        • Yeah since installing the Pixel Launcher on my Nexus 6P, I've stopped using Nova Launcher. However now that you can use Nova to customise your launcher to look and behave like the Pixel Launcher and make it do so much more (along with allowing customised icons), I might just go back to using it.

        • Can you resize the icon grid? I've got a pixel but went straight to Nova without really using pixel launcher

        • Does Pixel launcher have unread badges?

          Can't get my teslaUnread Bagdges working on NovaPrime / Xiami RedmiNote3Pro SE….

        • @blehgg:

          I've never got this. The only reason iPhones have those stupid badges is because they don't have status bar icons.

          Why would you want ugly badges on your icons, when all notifications are clearly displayed at the top of the screen?

        • @PainToad:

          force of habit ~ coming from an iPhone…

        • @PainToad:

          btw what is pixel launcher called in the Playstore? can't find it.

        • @blehgg:

          You have to side-load the apk if you don't have a Pixel phone.

          Make sure the APK is still signed by Google (APK Mirror is always a good source).

          If you want slide left for Google Now, you'll need to make it a system app.

        • @Trishool: Thanks for pointing this out ! I already had Nova Prime and tried out Pixel Launcher, but after reading your post I went and revamped my Nova to look like Pixel. Fantastic !

        • @ebosh: On Nova you can resize the icon grid, on the pixel launcher you can't customise much.

        • @blehgg: Pixel launcher doesn't have unread badges.

        • @PainToad: I actually prefer the unread badges as a discreet/soft reminder on how many notifications I've dismissed that I still need to read and respond to.

      • holy crap, i can use the double tap to turn off my 6p screen and then turn it on with fingerprint reader…AND IT DOESNT ASK FOR MY PIN. (just need to give the phone admin permission or something - which means it probably works with the screen off app i used to use before i got the 6p. well at least iv cracked this nut finally)

  • The sale ends on 1 Jan 2017 (US time) / 2 Jan 2017 (AU time):

    @OP, their "big update tomorrow" is actually a "big announcement tomorrow" (as per the post you linked). I've got a feeling the announcement is this sale, as per the post I've linked, which is 13 hours later than yours. I guess we'll be sure given another 24 hours.

    • Dev said it's only part of the announcement.

      Cliff Wade
      +Derek Leung This is the first part. There's going to be something else later this afternoon that will benefit existing users as well. :)

  • The BIG announcement, I wonder if they are doing something for tablets - like a tweaked interface that makes Android tablets more useful. Just a guess, but seeing as they emphasised "Big" I was just thinking.

  • Best 99c I've ever spent. Love it.

  • Definitely my favourite launcher. Among many features, gestures are very handy

  • Bought it when it was on the weekly deal for 20c, best launcher ever!

  • +1 vote

    Next best thing after hardware keyboards.

  • Best launcher for non-rooted phones.

  • purchased!Thanks ops!

  • I'm in the "penalty box" as I'm in Malaysia at the moment so cant PM you @18, clicked on the play store to check out this deal and its on sale for 1MYR or $0.31AUD. Would be worth a quick geo change for 69c

  • +3 votes

    Use Action Launcher 3.

    It's better imo.

    • I recently switched to Action Launcher 3 - love it (although Nova is great too)!

      Developed by a guy from Melbourne AFAIK.

    • I think they're on par with each other.

      I'm using AL3 at the moment since they introduced quick cuts & the rest of the Pixel UI stuff but if AL3 wasn't around I would have no issues using Nova.

  • I wish they had a page explaining what each tweak does

  • Whats so good about it cant find any explaination of what it is

    • This app basically replaces your "home screen" and "app drawer". It allows you to have gesture input (like swipe down to open expand notification, double tap to put the phone to sleep etc), change the app icons (you can change every single one with one icon pack or you can change one by one with what you want them to be), and more. Nova Launcher basically allow you to customise your home screen and app drawer.

      The best part I think is, it's fairly light as well.

      I suck at writing so here is someone else talking about what it is.

      • it's fairly light

        So is this mainly for high-end phones?

        I'm using a Moto G2 (Android 6.0), and can't even update my (few) apps without having to clear the cache first every time…

        • They do have a free version so you'd be able to test it. Or you can even install the Prime version to try it out (you can get it refunded for first 2 hours? Not sure about the time, but it'd probably be long enough for you to test it out)

          That said, the launcher probably would be fine, when I said fairly light, I meant fairly light for most devices.

  • Wow. Was life even worth living before this app? Thanks OP

  • Sorry for the idiotic question, why would I need this? What does it do? I have a galaxy s7

    • Launcher/Home screen replacement. If you don't know what it's for, you probably don't need it. Samsung users generally seem to like things simple, the Android equivalent of Apple people.

    • +1 vote

      I just bought it to see what all the fuss was about. I used google survey rewards, but wouldn't pay real money for it to be honest. But maybe I'm just not OCD enough to care about exactly what each icon looks like etc. And I'm someone who donated to Classic Shell for Windows because I like it that much.

      • Thanks for the replies. From what I read, there's nothing to be gained for s7 users.

        • Lol, there's plenty to be gained. The question is do you need these gains.

          The phone you own, has nothing to do with anything. Samsung people sure like thinking their devices are special.

        • @PainToad: Ummm, thanks? I have a Samsung phone. I wrote what the launcher is about 8 comments above this, probably in more details than you did. Just saying.

        • @PainToad: Wow, what's with the hate?

          Did I say my device is special?

          I know it's awesome for me but I don't measure myself by my phone nor do I consider myself a Samsung person.

          Go on then, what's to be gained?

        • @Oversimplified: read your comment. Thanks for the description. At least it was helpful.

          Don't think I need this.

        • @imurgod: Eh, it's just an app. Some people, myself included, install this app as soon as they get a new phone. It does offer a lot of customisation/features that are not offered in a lot of launchers and it's light. But as I said before, it's just an app.

    • I have it for my note 4. It gives more options for arranging your icons on your screen and app drawer eg. it allows you to resize widgets and icons so you can fit more on the page and they look more even & a search function for your app drawer. It also lets you add options such as double tap for camera or sleep and slide up for app drawer.
      That's about all I have used it for so far but I haven't really played with it that much.

  • Great launcher…… ive already been a long term user, but the latest flavors of Android are getting so good that prime launcher is getting less needed due to many features being adopted into newer version of Android… still a great launcher though :)

  • Yay! I was going to purchase this 3 days ago but my OzBargain sense tells me it'll be on sale soon… Glad I waited!

  • awesome app thanks

  • Bought it for my Samsung S5, but now I can't add Weather Widget which I really liked :( Is there anything remotely as good as AccuWeather Widget for S5 (dynamic pictures depending on weather etc.)?

    • Samsung's widget require Samsung's launcher, because like everything they do, it's not standard and shits over Android.

      Pocket Weather has nice-sh widgets and data is sourced from BOM.

  • For the love of god can some one show me how i can get a weather widget on the home screen with Nova launcher.

    • Press and hold blank section of wallpaper, select Widgets, press and drag widget where you want it? What's the tricky bit?

    • You can't use AccuWeather widget with nova, in case this is what you were trying.

  • I use this with MIUI. Very good.

  • Please forgive my ignorance. What is a launcher and how do they help?