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PLE Early Boxing Day Special ~ Acer Predator X34 34" G-SYNC Curved Ultrawide IPS LED Gaming Monitor - $1299


The 34-inch curved 21:9 ultra-wide Predator X34 monitor (formally known as the XR341CKA) is a curved monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC, providing an immersive gaming experience with minimal stutters and screen tears. It features DTS sound, 2x7W speakers, a zero-frame design with a futuristic aluminum base and ambient lighting options create an exciting entertainment experience with style. The Predator X34's UltraWide QHD (3440 x 1440) IPS panel has a 178-degree viewing angle, and also features flicker-less technology to lessen eye fatigue for a more comfortable gaming or working experience.

Acer Predator X34
HDMI cable
DisplayPort cable
SuperSpeed USB cable

Anyone else smelling the X34P sooner than we expected?

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2016

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  • Also same price at PC Case Gear

  • Hmm I dunno. You can buy a 4K TV much bigger than this for less than this.

    • Sure, but it won't look near as good when you're sitting 2 feet away, or have the same effective refresh rate with Gsync etc. This is a luxury product for 'serious' gamers really.

      • Furthermore you're going to need some serious firepower to run this thing at full potential

      • 34" is already a bit big for a desk. At WQHD res it already doesn't look good at that size and distance if you ask me.

        Rather put the 60" TV in my living room and play it on that. At least I can also use it as a TV and have more inputs. Plus this screen has the gimmick of curved. I never liked curved even if you're the person right in front. To the person next to you, their view will be even worse.

        I don't care about 144hz refresh rates. I doubt you'd get 144 fps @ that resolution anyway.

        Sorry if that makes me not serious as a gamer.

        • Plus this screen has the gimmick of curved. I never liked curved even if you're the person right in front.

          You can like whatever you want but curvature for very wide monitors isn't a gimmick but more or less a practical necessity.

          Firstly, the curve reduces variation between closest and farthest points on screen thus reducing refocusing, and hence eye strain; and, secondly, it reduces viewing angle difference from orthogonal that cause colour shift on both IPS and TN screens.

          IMO, my 27" is pretty much maximum tolerable flat, beyond that, I need curved, my 34".

  • Alright deal but CES is like two weeks away, Acer and Asus are likely to show new lines.

    • This is my fear atm, what is CES going to show us. My hope is my back order won't come in until the first week of January. Then I will get 7 days to pick up from PLE and make up my mind

      • To be fair the stuff that CES shows takes months or longer to materialize on the market.

        They showed some OLED monitors a year ago, and as far as I know they're still MIA.

  • well worth it. i have the Asus pg34q and you cant do back to a normal screen again.

    • Just wishing I picked up a MSI GTX1080 in Nov for $780

      • i picked up 2 for 1040 each when ebay had the 20% sale, granted the prices were jacked up, still bet msy which was the cheapest around by a good 100$
        (Asus strix 1080 OC Edition)