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Dunlopillo Therapillo Gel Cloud Pillow $39.95 (Was: $169.95) In-Store Tomorrow - 1st 2hrs Only @ Harris Scarfe


In-store Tomorrow - 2hr Early Bird Savings

DUNLOPILLO Therapillo Micro Cloud Gel Medium Proflie Memory Foam Pillow

Relax and feel revived with the therapeutic comfort of Gel Infused Memory Foam pillow.

Memory foam conforms to the head and neck relieving pressure points and encouraging optimal spinal alignment.

The Gel Infused pillow is filled with premium micro pieces of memory foam that provide flexibility to your sleeping position, supporting you where you need it most.

Featuring a gel infused memory foam layer for a refreshing night's sleep, this pillow combines the therapeutic benefits of memory foam with the cool and comfortable properties of gel.

Ideal for those who tend to be warmer sleepers.

Filled to a medium height to suit the sleeping preferences of most sleepers.

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    Bought one of these full price a few years ago… Highly recommend at this price


    $50 delivered to WA… DONE


    Reviews on this pillow seem mixed ! Was going to but not sure after these reads..

    Thanks OP for posting I'm sure there are other good deals too!


      I've never seen anything on Product Review with good feedback.

      • +1 vote

        I don't know, why would you post review on Product Review? Honest question here. Top Reviewers on Amazon I've heard get free stuff, so I can understand, there is an incentive to review.

        I am guessing that the only people who'd review those are are either enjoying it so much that they have to tell the world about it or had a bad experience with it and they want the company to pay. Even then, how good the experience have to be for it to compel you to spend time to type reviews?

        Even good products can have bad batches, so, it's likely to be flooded with people complaining.


          I gave a bad review with others on oo.com.au for a memory card. The card got pulled by mysteriously but later the card came back on oo.com.au with only the good reviews.


    bought this 6 or so months ago at myers half price sale, at first it was great and really helped with head support and neck pain but sadly after a while i noticed it slightly start to sag and not have the firmness it originally had, if you wont a good pillow go to a chiropractor and most sell them in store


      Mylogan mason latex pincore pillow is pretty good a year on.

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    Also 5.60% back at Cashrewards.

    nvm, pillow sold out online.


    Dunno about this pillow but about a year ago I bought these odyssey living clustered memory foam pillows from costco @ $30 for a 2 pack. Best pillow I've ever used. They've held their form and are so good I bought some as gifts.