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Castrol Magnatec Stop Start Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5L 5w-30 $28.59 @ Supercheap Auto 28/12


Castrol Magnatec Stop Start Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5L 5W-30 $28.59 @ Supercheap Auto.

  • Starts 28/12
  • Limit 2 per person, per day.
  • API SN
  • ACEA A3/B4

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  • Sorry my OCD is hurting. How can this be front page and so many positive votes yet no comments? Ahh much better.

  • How's Magnatec 5W-30 compared to Castrol's own Edge 5W-30? Any comment? Thanks!

    • Also want to know this thanks.

      • I have a friend who likes to say that he believes in two things: Jesus and Magnatec. He is a car mechanic and works for Reno. Of course he drives a Reno and he told me many stories about how reliable the Reno cars are.
        I've considered him a bit obsessed by all things related to the cars and I have never changed my mind about the cars in general and about the engine oils. I'd rather followed a different "wisdom" - "all cars are the same and all oils are the same" and you just buy the one you can.
        So my second car (second hand Daihatsu) was always filled with an oil from Coles - $15 for 4 liters and always fitted with the cheapest possible oil filters.
        Last year around this time the engine was pronounced dead(250000Km)and I had to find a refurbished one to be fitted in. A few mechanics along the way suggested that if am to use a Fully Synthetic Oil I may have a better run for the engine this time. I've always believed that Synthetic Oils are for the more sophisticated cars.
        This is where I have decided to give a Magnatec a try ( after the brake in period of course)and I can really sense the difference in the way the engine works. I was lucky that Castrol Magnatec Stop Start Fully Synthetic came on the market at that time and this is what I am using now.
        This is a link to the Magnatec technology in general: http://www.castrol.com/en_au/australia/car-engine-oil/engine...
        This is the link to the Castrol Magnatec Fully Synthetic: http://www.castrol.com/en_au/australia/car-engine-oil/engine...
        The Fully Synthetic Oils Technology can be Googled to find out more.
        So this product is the best from the two worlds - Magnatec Oils and Fully Synthetic Oils.
        Thanks to OzBargain we can stock up on a lower price.

        • key to a good oil change is to use a good quality oil and do it regularly. I wouldn't focus too much on magnatec marketing, I would pick a good branded SL or SN oil. Semi-Syn or Fully-Syn. Becareful with oils at 5w-xx or lower. A few car manuals will state it needs to conform to A3/B4 standard (euro engine protection standard). You can get magnatec 5w-30 in API SN, ILSAC GF-5 (without A3/B4) but this would focus on fuel economy, at the expense of engine wear. Best forum for studying topic -https://www.bobistheoilguy.com

  • and if you dont need stop start - https://www.autobarn.com.au/castrol-magnatec-10w40-5l-engine... $19.99

    I cbf finding the oz post

  • When did Magntatec become synthetic? used to use it for my civic all the time, it wasnt synthetic back then?

    • You can still buy the 5W-30 ordinary Magnatec (Stop-Start). This one (Fully Synthetic) came on the market a year ago.
      The ordinary Magnatec is a mixture of a mineral oil and synthetic one (the "Intelligent" molecules that cling to your engine are something that is a product of a chemical synthesis).