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NSW: Prawns Aus Tiger Cooked Medium Fresh $12.99/KG and Extra Large Frozen $16.50/KG - Woolworths Granville


Woolworths Granville running clearance on Tiger Prawns
1. Cooked Medium Fresh $12.99/KG (Save $17) and
2. Extra Large Frozen $16.50/KG (Save $16.49)

Store person mentioned stock to be cleared before 01/01/2017

To check stock - Woolworths Granville 02-86332937

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  • Sounds fishy…

    • Struth… don't come the raw prawn with me.

  • +3

    I had a few Woolies prawns this year and they were pretty good.

  • If the frozen ones are raw then it's time to stock up…..

    dumb thing was watching people stand in-line at the South Melbourne Market for prawns to Christmas …. no lines and cheaper at the Coles and Woolies.

    Fresh prawns ….. I've see a few in Chinese restaurant tanks, all other prawns we get are frozen and then thawed …..

    Fresh Frozen ?

    • Cooked - Medium Fresh and Extra Large Frozen

    • "Freshly defrosted "

      You can get fresh Aussie prawns, (e.g crystal bay) however those supermarket prawns are definitely thawed out prawns

  • well its better than the $39.99 per k/g paid for Yamba prawns, but wonder about the taste?? The prawns at woolies often look smaller and not sure how fresh they are, given that most of their other seafood is frozen and imported.

    • +1

      Trick with frozen prawns is to thaw them out in a bowl of salty water for a coupla hours before use….sweet as.

    • most of the seafood is not imported going by the labels.
      the aust medium prawns at woolies and coles are good, and fresh not frozen - saw heaps of boxes with them packed in ice.

      • Packing in ice does not make it "fresh"
        Neither does thawing out green prawns then cooking it

        • where do you get fresh prawns in Australia? I've only seen fresh fish in tanks.
          Fresh meaning "live".

        • fresh cooked prawns are packed in crushed ice to keep fresh, even buying from trawlers is like this. I am meaning they are not frozen and thawed.

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    Great deal, can't get this price even wholesale

  • +1

    good bait

  • once these are thawed you cant refreeze them

  • Can't stand thawed-out prawns, they never peel the same.

  • +1

    Similar price at any other locations?

  • Medium ones are no longer $12.99, the large ones are still $16.5

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