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Xbox One Wireless Controller (new) $69 @ Target


Cheapest price within Australia. It's also available on Target EBay, so you can get 1.25% cashrewards,
Don't forget you can always price match from EB, JB (if you have purchased West field gift cards) or HN (if you want to utilize the Amex offer)

Ebay link to the black colour controller,

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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      doesn't work

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    Friends, to connect such a controller to a computer would you require a wireless adaptor or can it connect over the wifi / cables?

    Thank you

    • I connect mine using the USB charging cable

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      I believe these are the new bluetooth enabled controllers which work with Win10 via bluetooth or wired with win7-win8

    • It's an xbox one s controller. So you can use bluetooth. Just need a Bluetooth adapter on your pc which can be bought for about, $5. Otherwise your standard usb to usb c cable will do.

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        micro usb, not usb c

        • yes sorry

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      People who dont have staff discount?

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          You actually think people are jealous that you work at Target?

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    Got JB to price match this Target price and THEN I got the Microsoft JB 10% off deal stacked! Worth a shot to all you out there!

    • Sounds great. What's the JB Microsoft deal? A quick search and I couldn't find it. Cheers.

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        JB have an in-store promotion with 10% off Microsoft branded gaming accessories. Depending on the sales / checkout staff, they may or may not allow you to stack the discount with the price-match (awesome price if they do).

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      Yes, I bought one yesterday at JB, got them to price match Target price, and when I went to pay at counter they took another 10% off so it cost $62.10. I then used my Ultimate Kids giftcards (which I bought in December from Coles at 10% off) to pay for it so in the end it cost $55.90

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      Went jbhifi today. Did a price match but they wouldn't give me the 10% discount. They said they don't do discount on price match items. :(

    • Thanks TrailerTrash! Worked for me - $62.10. Had same experience as you and Prod28. This is why I love OzB!

    • i did the price match and the girl also gave me the 10% aswell

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    How is this better than EB Games deal? Controller with Charge kit for $47 - in store only

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      I believe this is the original controller without Bluetooth or the 3.5mm jack. The target one is the new version, which is confusing because the box is identical.

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        You can tell the difference from the product image.

        • Old: the Xbox button (circular X in the middle) is in-line with the bumper part of the controller.
        • New: the Xbox button is part of the front face of the controller.
  • Just confirming these will also work Windows 10 latest upgrade via bluetooth, so I don't need a separate controller for pc? Have I understood correctly?

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      Correct. You will need a Bluetooth receiver though.

  • I have an old wireless controller with the xbox dongle running windows 7. Anyone know if it will connect to my existing dongle?

    • New MS controllers still use the proprietary wifi to connect to the Xbox One. Bluetooth is just for connecting to other devices like laptops or Steam links. So yes, the controller should work with your dongle.

      • Thanks for the info! Appreciate it

  • Anyone know if this the same controller that the new Xbox One S comes with?

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  • hey i got the win 10 adapter for pc if u i get this and plug my headphones into it will i beable to use them (for late night gaming ) or wont it work ?

    • According to the Microsoft docs, it should work if you're running Windows 10. The support matrix shows support for "Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Stereo Headset" if you're using a USB cable or the Xbox Wireless Adapter.

      • forgot i commented here borrowing the roommates spare it is the older one witth the adapter for headset plug in with the volume controlls and it works so hopefully this will work will get it next week

  • Just bought one, thanks

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