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[Android + iOS] Kairosoft Sale 75% off - Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story, Dungeon Village + More $1.19 - $1.79


Kairosoft are well known for creating tycoon style simulation games in particular their classic Game Dev Story (mobile port from PC Japanese game) and they seldom have a sale once a year.

If you enjoyed playing Theme Park, Roller Coaster Tycoon or Theme Hospital from your childhood or you're still annoyed that Disney removed Star Wars - Tiny Death Star from the play store, then hopefully these games will fill the void and allow you to relive your 90's game nostalgia.

Game Rating Price
Game Dev Story 4.6 $1.19
Hot Springs Story 4.5 $1.79
Dungeon Village 4.5 $1.79
Pocket Arcade Story 4.3 $1.79
The Manga Works 4.4 $1.79

Also available on IOS

Game Rating Price
Game Dev Story *thanks Jimmy007 4+ $1.49
Hot Springs Story 4+ $1.49
Dungeon Village 4+ $1.49

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