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Nike Sunglasses (6 to Choose from) $39.60 (Was $186.98) Delivered @ Sports Direct Via APP


Credit to tedibaba with the FREE Shipping post - I've trawled through and lots of decent offerings inc. these sunglasses.

The Nike Mercurial 8.0 Sunglasses Mens are very cheap for example $147aud here

NIKE Range:

Nike Mercurial Sunglasses

Nike Mercurial 8.0 Sunglasses Mens

Nike Exhale Sunglasses

Nike Road Machine E Sunglasses Mens

Nike Exhale Sunglasses Unisex Adult (Black)

Nike Exhale Sunglasses Unisex Adult (Black/Pink)

PS: The Reebok Sunglasses range (10 items @ $13.20) also offer some very cheap deals starting from $13.20aud
and found some Vans sunnies for $16.50 that look okay

PPS: Shoutout to all the Size 13 Basketballers in Australia - You can score these And1s for $22 delivered

Minimum spend GBP10/AUD$22 Via APP for FREE delivery


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  • +2 votes

    If I did triathlons I would be all over these sunnies


      Yeah, they'd totally improve performance because of the high technology used here.


        I'm sure they would be far more suitable for sports than regular sunglasses. Ie they are designed for sport, are durable and lightweight plus won't come flying off.
        Makes sense.

        • -1 vote

          Yeah they look amazingly different, I can see that. Not polarised as well apparently so the designers were thinking about everything!

        • +2 votes

          Well if you've ever tried to play a vigorous sport in, for example, Raybans, you will soon see the difference - they will come flying off in seconds whereas lightweight sports sunnies with headgripping arms will generally stay stuck to your face. The non polarized thing; that is no good. Actually, I am quite surprised that they are not.

        • +1 vote

          Expanding on the durable bit, most sports sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses. That is what is used in safety specs which is important in sports too, arguably more so than polarised lenses. It is possible to have both (see Oakley sunglasses).

          Not sure if these are polycarb though.


      know you all excited about free ship.
      not my business but to save anyone here from disappointment.

      Don't expect the quality as paying $186 sunnies from Rebel/Oakley,
      More like $15 from Haymarket with a logo, or $30 sunnies from Paul's warehouse.

      • Best scenario could be goods from original brand sold for developing countries, No tech.
  • +4 votes

    Prices seem good, but none of these are polarised. For me, that's a showstopper.

  • +3 votes

    Prices appear more expensive via the app.


    Glasses look sick 😳


    How do you get these prices in the app?


      I got higher prices using the app

      • +2 votes

        Yes, the prices in the APP are about 2GBP more expensive. But….

        In the app go to settings and use GBP as the price.
        The black Nike Mercurial Sunglasses are 19.99GBP which is $34.23AUD. Pay in PayPal with a 28degress Mastercard and its even cheaper than the price mentioned by the OP.
        If you pay in AUD on the APP the same sunglasses work out as $43.00 according to their conversion.

        don't forget to use NY2017 after you chose postage (not express) and before you pay. The delivery cost is either 4.99GBP or $10AUD otherwise.

        • +1 vote

          Nike Road Machine's are $94.58 in APP.



          I didn't check all of them.


          Nike Exhale Sunglasses Unisex Adult (Black) came up as £44 using the app. :/

  • +7 votes

    These are some very ugly, tacky looking sunglasses. No wonder why they're discounted.

  • -1 vote

    The only thing more bogan than these is a pair of Oakleys.


      If only croc made sunglasses alas Oakley's win

    • +2 votes

      So what is a non-bogan pair of sunnies for an adult guy these days?

      Ever since there was more choice than Wayfarers I've been clueless :(


        Anything non-sports looking is less bogan. Flatter fronts (like Wayfarers) is a safe bet too.


    For when you absolutely need to deliver speed while it's still light outside.

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  • +1 vote

    I've bought several pairs of these Nike Sunnies from Sportsdirect over the past year and I like them all. None are polarised but I prefer them that way - no funny patterns on windscreens etc. Very good for active adults and older kids.

    As far as eye protection and health goes the relevant factor is UV blocking which they all have.


    The prices in app for reebok turn out to be $26.40 with free shipping , or $13.20 in mobile web plus $35.18 shipping as NY2017 not applicable in mobile web . It's still ok price BUT Not really a great bargain as originally promoted :(


    Bought 15 items for $100 bucks - pants, bags, tops and a Nike skipping rope. Free express delivery saved around 35 pounds. Delivery to OZ is usually the issue with this site as you'd expect. Great deal thanks.


    is it me or do all of the RRP on their website seem ridiculously inflated?

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    discount code expired