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Panasonic KX-TG6821ALB Cordless Phone $27 (was $48), Panasonic KX-TGC223ALS Triple Pack $45 @ The Good Guys


Some great prices for some great phones. They seem to be the cheapest I've ever seen, the single phone was $29 during the last sale and the triple was $49. As Seen in this expired post

The single phone is the URL provided and the Triple Pack can be found here.

Edit: You can also Buy it on eBay to trigger 1.25% cashback :)

Tech Specs:

Panasonic KX-TG6821ALB Cordless Phone

Type Single Handset
Answering Machine Yes
Speakerphone: Yes
Talk Time: 15 Hours
Phonebook Entries: 100
Caller ID: Yes
Standby Time: 170 Hours
Ringtones: Polyphonic
Additional Features: Works in a blackout
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year
Power Failure Backup: Yes

Panasonic KX-TGC223ALS Triple Pack

Type Cordless
Answering Machine Yes
Speakerphone: Yes
Talk Time: 160 Hour
Caller ID: Yes
Standby Time: 200 Hours
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year

Thanks to Chipmus you can get the Triple Pack C&C at Officeworks for $40.50 by entering the coupon (CAU10) at checkout. (Plus Cashrewards possibly as well.)

Edit @ 5/1 : Officeworks eBay deal sold out.

Happy buying!

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  • Great price for a cordless phone with answering machine !

  • Awesome, phone just crapped it and I have a $20 store voucher to use up….pa-ching $25 for new phone set

  • Bought a two-handset version 7 years ago and still in excellent condition. It can be used for another decade.

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  • Anyone using this through a VOIP system? Trying to put together last piece of the puzzle to get my parents over to NBN but they've got 3 phone points spread out around the house and insist on keeping a "landline" type of system…

    • I set up one for my parents, use a triple handset with Linksys SPA-3102, out going through VOIP and still keep land line for in coming.

    • If it's FttP they've got you can get a cabler to patch from the Uni-V port to their internal wiring. Or from a VOIP adapter. It's the choice of adapter that would be more important than the choice of analogue phone as far as connectivity is concerned.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered the three phone pack from Officeworks for pick-up - longer store hours so more convenient to collect from.

  • Thanks OP
    Frequency 1.9 GHz. So no (or less) interference with 2.4 GHz wifi ??

  • Was looking at this for my parents, Goodguys was $47 down from $74, then noticed Officeworks $45, was gonna get it from OW.

  • Good Guys and Bing Lee have the Panasonic KX-TGB110ALB for $19 (was $32). Similar to the single handset in this deal but without answering machine. Check out https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/panasonic-cordless-phone-kx-t...

  • Got this phone for my parents. Very useful and highly recommended

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    Thanks OP,

    Here's the link for the triple pack from Officeworks on eBay, it's $45 if you do click and collect.

    Don't forget to use the eBay code CAU10 to get another 10% off (min. spend $30). The code still works but I don't know when it expires (according to the last OzB deal it was suppose to end on 10 DEC 16).

    Triple Pack: $45.00
    CAU10 code: - $4.50

    Final Price: $40.50 (not including additional 1.25% cashback from CashRewards)

    • +1

      Wow great find!!

      Thank you, I will update the post to accomodate for this price difference!

      • No worries,

        Thanks for sharing the deal :)

    • Good stuff, thanks!

    • Thanks OP and Chimpus,ordered a triple pack c&c officeworks.. ETA 5th Jan

  • What frequencies do they run on these days? 1.8 Ghz? Are they good to hook up to VOIP ATA or routers?

    • Covered in posts above. But since you havent been able to read those.

      q1 1.9 (1.88-1.9)
      q2 no, see answer above
      q3 yes

  • Got one! Thanks doweyy… :)

  • @Bottletop - I bought this model (Panasonic KX-TGB110ALB for $19) last month from JB but then had to return it as it does not have speakerphone.

  • Just a reminder (in reference to the blackout functionality) for those that have voice services either through Optus Cable, or NBN based (voice port or VOIP adapter), in the event of a blackout, unless you have a battery in your NBN (FTTP) or a UPS for your cable modem/router/etc, you will loose phone line services until power is restored.

    For the majority, I believe this would not really be an issue if you own a mobile, but for those with no mobiles and intermittent power, as land line services are migrated across to NBN this will need to be considered.

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    Found this deal for Uniden 8155+2+extender. With CAU10, it comes to $90 and I think is a much better device.

    • Nice price but note it's a manufacturer refurbished product - not new.

    • Nah, not at all a deal.I would stay well away from this not-deal

      I am replacing the Uniden 8155+2+extender piece of crap that this mob sold me. The call quality is so poor that a conversation cannot be held, really the last thing one needs when trying to deal with a terminally ill relative on the phone. The phone just scraped out of the three month warranty….stay away….you can have my Uniden 8155+2+extender for $25 plus p&p, it is in original "re-furbed" condition.

      • +1

        Given your inspiring comments on how good your Crapiden works, we will all be lining up to buy your phone for $25….not!

      • Actually can I take you up on that. The spares might come in handy. My email is [email protected]. drop me a line

  • Thanks OP, scored a 3 handset version for $25 (with $20 NYE coupon sent to mobile)

    • +1

      What is the coupon code for $20 Off?

      • Got one sent via SMS for NYE from TGG..

  • Thanks OP!! and everyone who mentioned the NYE coupon! I just thought I give it a try now even though it has expired yesterday and it worked! SCHWEET!!!

    • How did you get that coupon?

      • It was texted to me from tgg…possibly because of recent purchases.

    • I was surprised it was working on 2nd Jan as it said expires on 1st Jan

  • The delivery was quick, bought 2 yesterday, received them this morning! Love Officeworks..

  • SOLD OUT on OW eBay !!!

    • Thanks for the update!

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