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Bose Headphones: SoundTrue around-Ear II $179.95, SoundSport $79.95, SoundTrue Ultra in-ear $134.95 Shipped @ Bose Store

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  • hmmm, good deal but can't order - keeps telling me that there should be no spaces in my credit card number when there already aren't. I guess I can try a different one .

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    I've tried about 5 headphones with 'attachments to keep them in your ear' for sport, etc, and each one of them didn't fit properly because of those attachments. Do I risk it a sixth time?

    • Kinda same here mate. I have some plantronics bluetooth wireless things right now and they are awful - the buds are weird sizes which is the first problem, and the bits that are supposed to hook into my ear hurt.

      I ditched those and started using my Audiofly AF78 when I upgraded my go-to earbuds and they were fine but now one ear has died - pro-tip: braided cords don't mix with sweat at all.

      So anyway, I'm trying the bose because i know any of the hook around are going to sound shit. If this fails I'm going Sennheiser.

      • Found the Klipsch X11i for $191 here:

        Know the brand, don't know much about the headphones themselves. Or how well they'll stay if you run around.

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          Don't know them either. My go-to now are RHA T10i - amazing headphones for build and sound for the price, but they are definitely not exercise friendly - heavy, with steel moulded casing and a really long tubular cable.

          I don't think I've ever used exercise phones that i've been truly satisfied with.

        • was thinking whether to get x11i or shure se425 from eglobal.. hmmmm. loved my klipsch R6. probably my longest lasting earpiece but lost them… leaning more towards shure due to the ability to change cables. most of my old earpieces broke due to cables.

        • @gabeee: The X11i seem like a really good price. I'm tempted…

          Every pair I've had which broke, it's always one of the sides that just stops working out of nowhere. :(

        • @cnut:

          Totally agree. One of the main reasons I went for RHA was that they have amazing - and I mean, ridiculously good, build and a 3yr warranty.

          I loved Audiofly but had my issues with build over the couple of models I owned.

    • Bose in-ear headphones have 3 different size silicone things that goes in the ear so I've never had them fall out unless someone yanked the cord.

      • it's a different kettle of fish if you're running though, I sweat a fair bit on the old treadmill.

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          I wore them on 12km runs and they didn't fall out - i did have issues with the small size but once i used the medium size it was fine. But I'm not a huge sweat-er :)

        • I had the wireless soundsport earphones and they were very comfortable

        • @noodlesfordaddy: These are more comfortable than most in that style that i have tried, but one of my ears hurts after ~1 hour or so of wearing.

          Sound is surprisingly good given that they are not buds which create a seal for bass - the bass is still nice.

          Overall I'm pretty happy, though because they don't isolate sound, i have to have them quite high to go over gym background music - something to consider if using at the gym - a hook around bud style earphone might be better for that.

  • Got it working, just had to go incognito and not use any auto-fill

  • Does anyone know if the difference between the SoundTrue around-ear headphones for Apple and Android is just the cord?

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