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Free Samsung Gear Fit 2 - When You Purchase a Galaxy S7/S7 Edge


Hey Ozbargain,

So Samsung is hosting a promotion to provide a Samsung GearFit 2 (RRP $289) to any customer that buys a Samsung Galaxy s7 or s7 Edge.
Link will be active when the promotional period begins

Updated Leaflet : link

This includes new plans and phones outright.

Dates to remember

Promotional period: 9am 12 January to 11:59pm 27 March 2017.
Registration period: 9am 12 January to 11:59pm 17 April 2017.

  1. Customer purchases a Samsung GS7/GS7 edge from a participating Samsung retailer during the promotional period.

  2. Customer visits www.samsung.com/au/gearfit2 during the registration period, and follows the prompts to the online claim form.

  3. Customer will need to provide their contact details in addition to:
    *Photo evidence of the IMEI number of the GS7/GS7 edge that can be found by entering *#06# into the dialer on the phone.
    *Proof of purchase in the form of a tax invoice or phone contract / lease.

  4. Samsung and its appointed agent will validate the claim.

  5. Bonus Gear Fit 2 will be sent to the customer within 30 days from the date the claim is deemed valid.

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  • +1

    a participating Samsung retailer

    Have a list?

    • +2

      Currently i do not have a list, however if you do purchase it on a plan from any service provider then it is valid. Will update as more information becomes available.

      • +2

        have you got one yet?

  • +5

    The S8 is being announced soon, so from this promo, it must be getting announced on March 28th

    • According to reports, s8 is meant to be announced and release late April and not at the Mobile World Congress this year.

    • Yeah I was thinking that too haha

    • clever deduction!

  • +1

    Damn just bought a S7 for my mum about 2 weeks back.

    • +3

      chuck us your receipt and 40$ and ill fix it up :)

      • Is this work when purchase from anywhere? include ebay?

      • +3

        $40 for some Photoshop, seems a bit steep :)

        • +1

          I can photoshop it myself just wondering if samsung will fact check it with the place I bought it, and if so isn't it like fraud or something?

    • +3

      Send Samsung an email, last promotion they backtracked a month before the promotion official start date (S7 VR Headset promotion).

      • Have anyone tried it for this promotion?

        • I have, Samsung support said to contact Samsung Promotions and I got an Automated email from Samsung Promotions saying that the email address is no longer monitored. No luck so far.

        • @MattBuzzy: Thank you !! let us know how you go… :)

        • @dpassionate:

          No luck unfortunately, contacted live support and received this response:

          "I apologise but we cannot do that. The device must be purchase within the started time frame which is today, January 12 9:00 AM AEDT."

          Maybe if enough people contact them they will change their stance on this, really unfair for people who just purchased the device.

          Channels I tried were:


          Email: [email protected]
          Phone: 1800 818 957


          [email protected] (Samsung's logistics company, linked to me from Samsung Promotions support, not much point contacting them as they referred me back to Samsung)

        • @MattBuzzy: I have sent them the email via contact us form- > https://www.samsung.com.au/gear-fit2-offer/ContactUs.aspx . Will let you know if I hear anything back.

        • @dpassionate:

          Awesome, good luck. :) As Hypie said, they backtracked last time, we can only hope they do the same.

        • So..

          I've tried live chat, email and calling them.

          No luck at all.

          Got this via email at 1201 am.

          "Dear ***,

          Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics Australia.

          I understand that you would like to know how we can assist about our upcoming Gear Fit2 promotion.

          Upon checking on my resources, if you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 edge between 9:00 am (AEDT) on 12 January 2017 and 11:59 pm (AEDT) on 27 March 2017, you will be eligible to receive a bonus Samsung Gear Fit2. Thus, your purchase of Galaxy S7 Edge will not be included as it was purchased outside the said dates.

          We also recommend downloading the new MySamsung App for useful tips and tricks as well as fast access to help and services, available now on Google Play Store. For more information, you may click the link below:


          Please do not reply to this email. This email address is not monitored. If you would like to send us a reply, please use our Email Product Support page at http://www.samsung.com/au/support/erms1. Please quote your customer reference number 8210484737 in the body of your message.

          I hope I provided enough information to resolve your query. If you require further assistance, you can also contact us through these channels:

          Live Chat
          Monday to Sunday: 24 Hours

          Samsung Customer Care
          Phone: 1300 362 603
          Monday to Sunday: 24 Hours"

          The best response I got was to go in in person and ask nicely (this was from the phone support guy) but he said no guarantees.

          I even tried the "I bought 2 recently and I'm loyal to the brand" line.

          Good luck everyone.

        • @mthucs: "go in person" ??

        • @dpassionate:

          Yeah. To a Samsung store.

        • @mthucs: ok great .. Goof luck with it..

        • @dpassionate: did you heard back anything?

        • @mthucs: I went in person to the Parramatta store and they told me to call customer service. Haha

        • @pluto: nope.. still waiting. initial response send turaround time is 3 business days.

        • @dpassionate: Have you had any updates regarding your claim?

        • @jkw1990: got an email suggesting not eligible as it is outside the promotion window.

        • @dpassionate: When did you purchase yours?

        • @Bargain321: end of december.

        • +1

          @dpassionate: How did you submit your claim? as the submit form calendar won't allow December dates. Did you call them to submit? It appears that they will approve claims from January onwards, so not fair for those bought in end of December!

        • +1

          I contacted them through chat and they confirmed to me that it will be honoured as long as the device is purchased in the new year and it is Australian stock.

        • @Sivaf5:

          Oh my God,


          Awesome. Thanks mate. I'll give it a try.

    • I'm the same - grabbed one just before Christmas!

  • +5

    I got my s7 last week, if i ask really nicely will they give me one?

    • +2

      me too. bought yesterday. can anyone share the contact details to contact them regarding this.

  • +9

    I purchased my S7 Edge 1 day after it came out. DO I get one too?


    • are you gonna buy the s8 on day 1?

      • +4

        nah, he'll buy it on day 2, he's impulsive but not THAT impulsive.

      • -4

        OF COURSE!

        Doesn't cost me anything.

        Salary sacrifice, buy Samsung Galaxy at a discount through business and use for 12 months, sell phone.

        Rinse and repeat.

        • +1

          Salary sacrifice, buy Samsung Galaxy at a discount through business and use for 12 months, sell phone. Rinse and repeat.

          Well, looking at what our ministers are doing - I think you are doing just fine. BTW, who is your role model - Bronwyn Bishop, Sussan Ley or Craig Thompson? Please don't tell me all three?

        • -2

          Samsungs don't retain their value second hand after 12 months so you wouldn't be breaking even each time .

        • +1


          Samsungs don't retain their value second hand after 12 months so you wouldn't be breaking even each time

          Who on earth are you to tell me otherwise?

          I don't spend a single cent. Samsung's flagships do retain a lot of their value after 12 months, especially if I don't pay full retail for the phone in the first place.

          I'm making a profit here this year. hahaha

          Blame these guys for teaching me


        • @RockMeLoOn:

          I hate paying tax

        • @RockMeLoOn:

          Craig thompson was good. He was the only politician who could find a root in a brothel.

  • +1
    • Hmm big sales plans, might finally offer something to really jump at (it's been a few years since a leap in specs)

    • Yep, I'm day one if the most recent leaks and specs are true.

  • Grrr.. Just bought an s7 3 days ago :-(

  • I just purchased a s7 edge from a grey importer. It hasn't been shipped yet. Is this promo from delivery date per chance? Should I cancel and pre order?

    • +3

      I would be almost certain that the offer is not valid from a grey importer :/ it would have to be Australian stock.

      • +2

        What's the cheapest Australian stocker? I got the edge for $750. If it's 1k from Australian seller, not much of a deal really. At least for me.

  • +2

    Bought Galaxy s7 Edge last month. Anyway I can get GearFit through this promotion as well please?

  • +1

    Most likely this only includes retailers charging RRP which would mean you're still paying for the freebie in full.
    They've been doing this for a while with different 'free' things.
    Get a grey import and you can buy the freebie and still save money.

    • +1

      This does not only include retailers chargering RRP. If you get a new contract/upgrade at a telco such as Vodafone, Optus or Telstra you are still entitled to receive it.

  • +1

    Is mobileciti a valid retailer?

    • Yeah it should be, but like i stated in a previous comment, I will update when i receive more information.

  • @dealbuster14 Is this only for phones on a plan?

    • +1

      No it includes buying the phone outright and plans. if you get a plan you will need a proof of purchase or contract papers stating you signed up after the 12th

  • +2

    Waiting for Mobileciti to give a good deal :) Hopefully they have S7 Edge deal this time.

  • +3

    Almost bought an S7 today! Will wait a couple of days…. Thanks for the head's up.

    • +1

      …and done. $55 for the S7 on Virgin mobile. 4GB data with monthly rollover, unlimited oz calls/text, $100 credit for signing up, $50 credit via cash rewards….

      So $55*24 = $1,320.
      Less $150 = $1,170
      Assuming the gear fit is worth around $200 then
      Less $200 = $970

      So effectively looking at around $40/month for the phone + unlimited plan on Optus 4G (Virgin). Assuming the plan alone is worth $30 per month then the mobile is costing me $240 all up. I actually was on the $40 Boost PAYG so this is now a pretty similar cost for me but I get the mobile thrown in. Yay.

      FWIW I contacted Virgin the other day, and the cost of the mobile is nominally $1032 so each month $43 would be paid off that. You pay $5, and Virgin credit $38. What that means is that if you decide to end the contract after (say) 12 months you just need to pay back $4312 = $516. Of course you'd be insane to do so unless you were leaving the country, as you would only 'save' $144 (4312-55*12).

      • Do you get $50 credit from cashrewards because it says "Get the Galaxy S7 with Virgin Mobile for $60/month. Minimum total cost over 24 months $1,440" and the $55 doesn't come under that?

        • I guess I'll find out in a week or so, but my understanding was that the $50 cashback was for any plan from Virgin Mobile. The Special Terms are just: "Cashback is paid on Post-Paid contracts only and is available and redeemed from Cashrewards "

  • Well bugger. just got the s7 edge a week and a half ago after finally upgrading my s3. would have loved to replace my gearfit since half the screen is shot.

  • +4

    (profanity) me, just bought s7 edge yesterday.

  • ooh, i was about to buy Huawei P9 after finding no great deals like the ones on digitals stores on physical stores but will wait till this promo begins and see what are the prices. P9 will be available to buy until 21st January at Harvey Norman, so this deal is worth waiting hopefully

  • This offer wouldn't be applicable to any dual sim variant would it ?

    • +1

      None of the Australian retailer sells Dual sim variant I think

  • Will this be valid for interest free purchases eg. Harvey Norman 50 months?

    • -1

      The promo flyer says "-Proof of purchase in the form of a tax invoice or phone contract / lease." so I'm hoping this would work, but it would be good to have an authoritative answer.

    • +2

      Yeah of course - you still bought it, or at least the leasing company did and then gave you the product in return for repaying your debt!

  • Oh No. I just purchased S7 from Office works yesterday by price matching mobileciti. Can i still get this??

    • Hi Pluto, do you mind tell how much you price match from Officeworks and which store?

      • I paid $753.35 at chadstone officeworks.

        • Thanks for letting me know.

        • Just out of interest, did Officeworks price match a Vodafone/Optus branded phone? The unbranded version of the S7 is listed on Mobileciti as $849!

        • @beefabear77: I price matched with $793 price on mobileciti

        • @pluto: Nicely done!

  • -1

    Guys, gear fit 2 is rubbish

    • But it's free lol

  • +1

    brb, doctoring receipt date.

    • +1

      Genuinely asking, do you think this will work? Can anybody weigh in? They require IMEI so would they know when the phone was turned on etc?

      • I assume all devices register with Samsung automatically when they first go online and that this information alone would be enough to knock back your claim. They will be expecting us.

  • -2

    What an explosive deal

  • +2

    Assuming you can onsell the gear fit for 200 bucks, this deal combined with this deal:
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/281740 (which now expires 31/1, not 11/1), means you effectively get an s7 for $250 total.

    Breakdown is this:
    *Virgin deal of 4g data + calls equal about $30/month of value
    *Paying $55/month means the s7 is costing you $25 x 24= $600
    * Minus $100 bonus credit = $500
    * Minus $50 cashback through cash rewards (must use desktop, not mobile for tracking apparently) = $450
    * Minus $200 after selling gear fit = $250

  • So if I have receipt from second hand purchase from last week, would Samsung still honour the deal or it has to be purchased after 12/1

    • Their T&C exclude second-hand phones.

      I'm trying to register right now but their Catcha-button doesn't work :(

      • problem with the website, tried it on 3 different ISP.

        • And the annoying thing is that their contact/support form uses the same Catcha button to send off a support ticket :(

        • @Kontiki: site is back up now.

  • +1

    is mobileciti a valid retailer? i couldn't find it in the link

    • Also wondering if mobiliciti* is a participating samsung retailer?

      • Found this in the terms:

        d) "Participating Retailer" means a retail store, operator or an online retailer in Australia that sells the Participating Product, and is authorised by Samsung for the purposes of the Promotion, and excludes online bidding or auction websites (including www.ebay.com.au), any unauthorised retailer/operator, or a second hand store. The Promoter recommends that prior to purchasing a Participating Product, the customer verify that the retailer is a Participating Retailer authorised to participate in this Promotion, and that the product is a Participating Product;

        Source: https://www.samsung.com.au/gear-fit2-offer/Terms.aspx

  • Patiently waiting for:
    1) A list of participating retailers
    2) One of those retailers to put the S7 on sale

    • There is a list if you start the claim process. It's a drop down store list.

    • I guess buying from the list "mobilciti" will be under "other stores"

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