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Free Samsung Gear Fit 2 - When You Purchase a Galaxy S7/S7 Edge


Hey Ozbargain,

So Samsung is hosting a promotion to provide a Samsung GearFit 2 (RRP $289) to any customer that buys a Samsung Galaxy s7 or s7 Edge.
Link will be active when the promotional period begins

Updated Leaflet : link

This includes new plans and phones outright.

Dates to remember

Promotional period: 9am 12 January to 11:59pm 27 March 2017.
Registration period: 9am 12 January to 11:59pm 17 April 2017.

  1. Customer purchases a Samsung GS7/GS7 edge from a participating Samsung retailer during the promotional period.

  2. Customer visits during the registration period, and follows the prompts to the online claim form.

  3. Customer will need to provide their contact details in addition to:
    *Photo evidence of the IMEI number of the GS7/GS7 edge that can be found by entering *#06# into the dialer on the phone.
    *Proof of purchase in the form of a tax invoice or phone contract / lease.

  4. Samsung and its appointed agent will validate the claim.

  5. Bonus Gear Fit 2 will be sent to the customer within 30 days from the date the claim is deemed valid.

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    • You didn't have to wait long, because JB just put them on sale: S7 for $849, S7 Edge for $949. They mention the bonus Gear Fit2.

  • A quick question? can I get the IMEI number without starting the phone or opening the box?

    • It's probably on the outside of the box. It won't help if you want it for the claim process because you need to submit a screenshot captured while the phone is displaying the IMEI.

      • ahh ok, I thought you just needed the IMEI and the invoice.

        EDIT: So I read the terms and conditions and I dont see anywhere it says the IMEI has to be displayed on screen.

        • I guess their T&Cs are just missing it, because it was required when I did my claim - IMEI number typed in as well as a screenshot.

  • I bought an S7 edge around the 30th December on Woolies plan - so I'm out, but got my wife an S7 on the same deal but hers was held up by a credit check (possible blessing in disguise). It was only approved just before the deal start date but it hasn't arrived or been activated on woolies network. I think it's worth trying to claim but do you think she will be eligible?

    • +2

      call them and ask. I called and they got all info from me i.e imei, purchase date and said they will send email to headquarter and email me whether its approved. I bought galaxy s7 on 10th January.

      • Yep will see how i go when phone arrives and I get the IMEI

      • the same day as mine

  • Kogan & Dick Smith listed, but grey imports not applicable? Nil Officeworks or Mobileciti, but there is an 'Other' category where you can manually add!

  • If I'm after the SGS7, would the best price be at officeworks - price matching JB Hi Fi's $849 price?

    $849 less 5% = $806.55

    • +1

      Try price matching Mobileciti branded S7 at $793 as did @pluto

  • I was putting off getting a new phone for a long time. But this got the wheels rolling. Submitted the claim. Now gotta wait for a month :S

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    They're now accepting purchases from 1/1/17 onward

    • +1

      Cmon baby - 16th of Dec for me….

    • Hi @Fck, how did you find out that information? Has anyone had any luck with claim from a purchase date in late December?

      • I purchased on the 11th of January and the Samsung display had a sticker promoting the deal. I messaged Samsung telling them I expected to receive the deal as it was being advertised at the point of purchase.

        A day later they replied and said I am now able to make the claim as my purchase date is now being accepted for the promotion. I then went to the promotion page and it was accepting orders from 1/1/17 onwards. Prior to messaging them the promotion page only accepted applications from 12/1/17.

  • Good News: I got email from Samsung that I can lodge claim with my purchase date of 10 Jan 2017.

  • Where did you contact? Any tips to ensure it's not refused as I am in same boat?

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    I just contacted them via the online chat and it seems that I am eligible for the bonus despite having purchased the phone outside the promo period (5th January 2017).

  • Can we use this deal with some of the plans offering a gear fit already (and essentially claim another great fit)?

    • They're offering it to with this deal, not on top of it

  • Purchased on the 11th of Jan.
    Got this response from online chat.

    As per advise from our HQ the promotion starts at Jan. 12, 2017.

    I questioned this and said others have been approved with earlier purchases and was advised -

    I see.
    For more details you can also contact our promo team at: : 1800 900 730

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    Hi, my wife bought an S7 a week before the 12th
    Called samsung and was told she can still claim, however the website validation date was set to 12/1 as the earliest date
    Overnight on the 13th the webiste form allowed for earlier dates to be entered.

    Have now put in the claim, but they said it will take a while to confirm if valid.

    • Cheers. Might just try to lodge and see how I go then.

  • Can't seem to find how we can track our claim and did people receive a email once the claim has been submitted? I didn't pay attention after it but did take note of the claim number

  • +5

    Has anyone got successful claim who bought it at end of December?

    • Or success from bodging up a receipt???

      I'm guessing they rely on confirmation from seller and IMEI activation on the network???

    • I am also curious as well. But the form does not allow December dates.

  • +1

    Had my January 7th purchase approved today. If I hadn't read through these comments I never would have even registered.

  • Yay.

    "Congratulations! Your claim for a Samsung Gear Fit2 (model number SM-R3600DAAXSA) as part of the ‘Samsung Gear Fit2 Promotion’ has been approved.

    Your Gift should be delivered by Australia Post to your registered delivery address within thirty (30) days of the date of this email.

    Once your Gift has been dispatched, you will receive a ‘Gift Dispatched’ email to your registered email address which will contain a tracking number to allow you to track its delivery."

    • PlasticSpaceman how long did it take from when you put in your claim to get it approved? Thank you

      • +2

        12/1 - Bought mobile from Virgin online just after 9am
        13/1 - Mobile attempted delivery at 8:45am (I was home, swear they didn't knock or ring bell - just left card)
        13/1 - Picked up the handset at lunchtime from the local post office
        13/1 - Submitted 1:40pm
        18/1 - Got email from them at 12:56pm today. So about 3 business days.

        • Love the detailed report ;) I submitted mine on Monday night. Hopefully I get an email soon

        • @foogle: So if it takes the same amount of time, maybe Friday for you….

  • 10th jan purchase got approved. yay

  • Week since I made the claim. Nothing yet…. Anybody else still waiting for a status update?

    • Looks like my wife got rejected, purchased via Virgin on Jan 4th :(
      Did not receive any notification, only found out by logging in and checking the status online.

      • I would say call Samsung promotions as their website is accepting claims for purchases from 01/01/17 onwards. Did they give any specific reason for the rejection?

    • Mine took over a week, think it was because it started to get backlogged. Took 11 days for mine

  • claim approved today. i registered on the 13th. actually bought the phone on the 9th. Just put the purchase day as the 13th when registering. all approved, no issues.

  • Yay! Got the approved messaged now just waiting on the dispatch email, i wonder how long that will be now

    • @Dezeption when did you buy yours?

      • 15 Jan, still waiting for postage tho

  • Am I still eligible if i buy the phone from an 3rd party online store?

  • Just received my shipping confirmation and tracking number!

  • Got my approval today. Bought from MobileCiti

    • When did you submit the claim? Thanks

      • 27th of jan

        • I logged mine on the 2nd Feb, and the status is still "Registered".
          Sent them an email to find out what the go is. :(

        • @meeser:

          I think bigger retailers get priority. smaller seem to take up to 20 days. I also got frustrated with how long it took.

  • Is Vaya consired as an "other store"?

  • My Gear fit was just shipped. A month after the application was sent in

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