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Loft Rack for Garage $19-$39 down from $79 Bunnings Warehouse


Saw these loft racks at Bunnings Mascot NSW the other day for $39, picked one up as it was half price. May be useful for the right person who has a high ceiling in their garage.

In case you can't make it out or don't know what it is, it's a metal frame that you can hang from your ceiling to store stuff in. Dimensions are 1.22m x 1.22m x 0.75m (the last being the drop, which is adjustable if your ceiling isn't that high). Was told this item has been deleted so unfortunately couldn't find on the website, but may be available across the country.

Says it holds 200kg but probably don't Park your Ferrari under it if you plan on loading it up

edit: few people saying they get them for as low as $19, at that price they are a steal

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  • Your photo is of LED Globes, Dont think they will hold 200kg

  • I think you may have the wrong picture.

  • THey had this for $20 at Nerang Queensland like a month ago, probably worth asking as it was cheaper

  • I hate mascot bunnings but heaps of special lately because every one is using the Alexandria store.

    • Yeah there were 6 packs of wd40 for 20 bucks or so but there was only a few boxes, and I don't go through enough of it

  • excuse my ignorance, but is this some kind of shelf that you screw to the ceiling of your garage, or loft?

    looks like a recipe for disaster?

    • Yes, it's made out of the same galvanised stuff as some of the shelving that you can buy there. Judging by the number of people buying drills here, should be plenty of people perfectly capable of hanging one of these. It's probably also possible to hang it on a wall but couldn't say for sure.

      Considering the volume of space one of these things gives you, at this price it's well worth it, it's also apace that you won't be using otherwise so makes it pretty good value IMO

    • looks like a recipe for disaster?

      Only if you're the sort of person who takes three hours to fit a 3M stick on hook to the wall and the small painting still ends up on the floor.

      Like anything if fitted correctly there will be no problems.

  • Last the time I was at Campbelltown Bunnings they were $25

  • Got two today @ $19 each.

    Thanks OP

  • They had these for $19 at chullora a week ago. I was going to post it but forgot

  • $39 at Penrith and Rydalmere. Very tempted but unsure if it'll suit.
    Do they mount UP into the beam or does it require exposed beams to go sideways in?
    Also are ceiling joists all the same distance apart? The box doesn't suggest it allows any adjustment.

    • I haven't mounted it yet, will probably get to it next week. Looking at it I would say that it mounts straight up into the ceiling, not sideways, however I probably has the ability to do both. I have a concrete ceiling so I don't have to worry about joists, there would be a standard (in walls I believe it's 450 or 600) but I would check with a stud finder

      • Cheers for that. I bought one anyway. At that price I couldn't pass it up. Most similar racks are at least $300.
        If it doesn't work I'll sell it on Gumtree for $50 ;)

        • Wow 300, it is a lot of space for the money, some people just put off by the perceived difficulty in installation I would say

        • @Jackson: I bought two in the end. They mount either way up into the joist OR into the side if you had exposed beams.
          I spoke to a builder mate who reminded me that ceiling joists are there to hold up the ceiling not additional loads but should be ok for 100kgs spread out. I'll be mounting them at opposite ends of the garage so they're not both putting pressure on the same space. There's also no way I'll be game to put 200-400 kgs above my company car so I don't think I'll load too much in them.
          Seems all(?) ceiling joists are 600 apart hence this unit is a 1220mm square to suit that. The wife bought me a stud finder for Christmas so I'm set.
          If I can figure it out I'll put up a pic next week.

        • @TonyGee: update…
          Buy better bolts than they supply and or drill the pilot holes either deeper or broader than the directions suggest. I broke the top off two and need to get more before finishing.
          Also I'm baffled as to their suggestion of construction first then mount to ceiling… how exactly could you do that?
          Best to build the fiddly bits first get each end in with small screws to hold it still while you fix in the proper mounting bolts. And of course have a helping hand near by that enjoys holding their arms up in the air.

        • @TonyGee: mounting it after fully contracting it would be very convenient if you had a lift that could hold it up for you, but agreed that otherwise that would be a huge pain. Many people who are used to mounting this stuff just immediately chuck the provided bolts and use dynabolts