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Ecozone Ecoballs 240 Laundry Detergent Alternative. $19.75 Inc Del. @ Cooks Clearance Co eBay


We've currently got our Ecozone Ecoballs on sale at $19.75 including postage.

What are Ecoballs? Ecoballs are a fresh, natural alternative to usual laundry detergents and significant cost savings per wash, so they’re kind to the planet and your pocket – and because they’re unfragranced and residue-free, they’re kind to your skin too.

Ecoballs soften clothes even in hard water and their scientifically formulated ingredients work hard to wash dirt clean away. Don’t worry, they’re really gentle. They won’t fade colours or damage fabrics. What’s more, they’re soap free so cut the rinse cycle to save on water and electricity.

You get 240 washes out of this kit, making it .09c per wash.

Some of our competitors are selling these for $25 plus post.

Check the reviews on U.K. Amazon

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  • What are Ecoballs?

    Balls that are economical?

    • They also protect the environment by removing dangerous chemicals such as hydroxyl acid and dihydrogen monoxide from your washing water so that your clothes come out cleaner than if you didn't wash them.

      • +1 vote

        Yes evil stuff. I'd hope to never have my children come in contact with dihydrogen monoxide or hydroxyl acid even if it does claim to clean them.

        I heard the Feds are trying to secretly to add it to our drinking water!!!

        • Don't worry, I work for the Feds and it's already in your water. We're just trying to avoid telling anyone.

    • Not as economical as the ones you are born with

  • Chem free

    Wow so you're selling a sealed vacuum that can clean soiled clothing?

    • +3 votes

      well the placebo effect doesn't actually require atoms, so can be considered "chemical free"

      just like active ingredients in supplements

  • What does 'chem free' refer to?

  • I've looked these up before. They're a hoax/placebo.

    People who use these use less detergent, which is what actually makes their clothes feel cleaner (from less detergent residue).

    For the same effect, reduce detergent, add tumbleballs, wash on lower temperature, and/or add a scoop of washing soda (found in laundry section of Coles/woolies) to the drum.

    Washing soda actually softens water. Although in general, Australian water isn't that hard anyway.

    • … and use a small amount of vinegar instead of fabric softener.

      • Yep. If using baking soda or washing soda as well, vinegar goes in the rinse cycle, not the main wash cycle. Otherwise the soda (alkaline) and vinegar (acid) end up neutralizing each other.

      • Vinegar in dishwashers erode the gaskets and rubber I would think the same for washing machines no? Also using it as a descaler for coffee machines isnt recommended. But you did say a small amount. Probably would dilute it and use it sparingly. Ill rather have stiff clothes than foot the bill for another dishwasher in hopes of saving a few cents

        • "Vinegar is safe for natural rubber seals and parts constructed from ethylene-propylene, silicone, fluorocarbon, virgin Teflon and butyl synthetic rubber seals."

          If you do use vinegar as a rinse aid, it's best not to leave the appliance unused for a long time.

        • I use vinegar in My dishwasher every day, doesn't hurt it at all, even the rubber seals and Pipes are great, yes I have taken a good look at it all.

        • @Wolfy: what quantifies "a long time"? All of the rinse aid isn't used in one wash. Probably will take 2 weeks to empty it depending on use and the settings. From what I've read the cap has eroded due to the vinegar. The left over residue from the dispenser would've stayed on the capping. I don't know about you but I don't rinse and wipe down my rinse aid cap

  • +6 votes

    This is effectively a price increase because last week's price was $17.56

  • These or the Gwyneth Paltrow egg ones…

  • Don't think it's worth trying. Approximately 20% of the Amazon reviews are 1 star and many of them (possibly all, I got bored after about 20 all saying the same thing) were because they split after a short period of time and spread pellets through people's machines.