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Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 - $259.99 USD / $342.50 AUD + Chuwi Hi10 Plus $169.44 USD / $224 AUD @ AliExpress


Aliexpress appear to have a sale starting today on two of the Chuwi devices.

Chuwi Lapbook 14.1, 1920x1080p IPS Full HD, Windows 10, 4GB Ram - Found a review here

Chuwi Hi10 Plus 2-in-1, 10.8inch 1920 x 1280 IPS Full HD Display, 64-bit Quad Core, Windows 10 + Android 5.1, 4GB Ram + 64GB Storage - Found a review here

Seems to be 500 units of each available at the time of writing this.

You will see a coupon section listed on the page which provided a USD $10 discount (included in my title prices).

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  • Very interested in this product. However when I click on the coupon section it states "Sorry, we currently do not have any Discount products"

    Then when I click on the preview now (Which states the AUD is $361.04 reduced from $445.72) it brings me to Aliexpress stating AUD 445.72 i.e. not the promoted reduced price.

    Is there something I'm missing? A code?

  • Lapbook 14.1 - Seems a decent price for FHD & basic games. Also liking the 14.1 screen size too. Tempted. Toshiba Chromsebook 2 is also on my radar - Looks great & sleek but both lack on the HD front, which I would like a little more space.

  • https://techtablets.com/2017/01/chuwi-lapbook-14-1-review/

    Really good reviews for the lapbook, has a empty SSD slot that you can upgrade quite easily.

    Issue is that it's prone to overheating under heavy load, theres a video that shows you how to replace the heat sink though.

  • Will this still kick a goal if you step on it?

  • Is the Windows 10 a Chinese version? i.e., it isn't English / multi language?

  • Is a 40 second start up (seen here https://youtu.be/wgCCKD5eSV4?t=2m30s) usual for this type of unit? Seems slower than I expected.

    • Normal as the 64GB is eMMC and not an SSD. You could put an M2 SSD in and use that instead.

      • Thanks! Debating as to whether a locally bought 'known brand' for a 14.1 is better. I guess newest chip and screen quality plus ability to take an SSD are the main selling points for this unit (?)

        • Main selling point is the price as the new Apollo Lake SoC offers the same performance as the Intel Core M3-6Y30 with a lower price tag. Laptops locally with the Core M3-6Y30 are usually $800+.

          Downside is that the build quality will be less in comparison to Lenovo/HP/Dell etc. and no Australian warranty.

  • Chuwi, never again…

    • care to elaborate…

      • Terrible quality. I got a Chuwi Hi8 tablet, thought it was a deal. The thing constantly crashes. The touchscreen is useless.

        Never again.

    • I have the Hi12 - very happy with it except wi-fi is a bit weak. The add-on keyboard isn't very good though, but over all good value.
      You can always be 'unlucky' with (cheap) Chinese stuff though.

  • Interested in the Hi10 tablet… can anyone comment on the quality and reliability? I've never bought from aliexpress so will this thing break on me in a couple of months or the brand more reliable than that? Is it worth the wait/risk or are the dollars better spent towards something else in this category? Cheers

    • I have the Hi8. Never use it. When I do, it blue screens/crashes. Touch screen near useless. Avoid. You'll end up with a paperweight.

      • Thanks for that. It is however puzzling it got semi-decent reviews from the links posted, truthful or not.

    • I bought Hi10 Pro tablet and used 2 months now, good build quality, touch screen very sensitive, not a problem at all either using Win10 or boot to Android.
      good tablets with many ports, battery life ~4 hours ish, good for travel and browsing.
      I've got 2 ipad air, air2, 2 Zenbook, a HP ultrabook and a few desktops with upgraded CPUs & RAM at home and 2 ThinkPad at work, so I know what I'm talking about.

      • Sounds pretty good to me. Now to google how to get Linux on it. Thanks for your input.

  • The last china tablet (Telcast) I got came in a damaged box with a smashed screen and digitser. Thank goodness it was ebay paypal and they refunded. I wouldnt spend real money on this stuff. its just like throwing money away.

    There just too many buts with the these china tablets. "Oh its really good but it runs hot, and you have to open it up and add a heatsink.", and "the wifi is good once you put some aluminium foil on the antenna after poping the back off". I mean it gets to the point you may well just use a pen and paper with all the hangups.

    • you can still buy it with paypal and get your protection, not many ppl received damaged goods like that and that's NOT the seller's fault anyway

  • I've had a vi8 for about 2 years, never given any trouble at all.

  • Wrong link for the tablet review mate. You posted the link to the review of the Hi10, but what's on sale is the Hi10 PLUS. The review you want is this one

  • I hv a 10" Telcast that is also working, my son uses it to watch plex. it occasionally drops wifi, which can be annoying; i have to turn off/on wifi to get it going again. problem with these brands for me are no Android upgrades but for $200, it works ok, touch feature not as responsive as ipad/branded android.