This was posted 4 years 8 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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30% Tom Tom Go 6100 $259.30 Delivered Was ($399.00) @Tom Tom Online Store


Hey folks
This is my first post, found this crazy price on tom tom store for the go 6100.
I have been using the tom tom go gps’s for the last 3 years I could definitely say it on of the best navigation I have ever used it has all the features that everyone needs starting from the free world wide maps ending on live time traffic.
Tom tom advertised the device for $279.30, the voucher code Welcome15_au will bring down the price to $259.30 DELIVERED.

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    Here we go again, GPS unit vs Google Maps on phone! Aaaarrgghh…

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      and also… TomTom vs Garmin

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      Google Maps is not comparable to GPS units.
      Try driving in the city in the middle of traffic and see how you keep losing your location when using phone.
      To have google maps working u need your mobile signal(data), and if u loss ur signal guess what happens then.

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        A phone with a decent gps module will have the same reception as a tomtom etc. Gps signal is far more dependent on where you are in th world (how many satellites can you see) or if glonas is available for support, or even cell towers.

        Data is a non issue. If you're going somewhere without data, download offline maps. I've traveled through the high rise of Tokyo, the highways of Houston and the souks of morocco with my trusty Lumia 930 and Bing maps/navicomputer. Never missed a beat, wouldn't trade it for anything!!

        • I compared many phones with gps they will never meet the accuracy of gps unites.
          Downloading every single area that Iam going to visit seams to be unreasonable, waste of time and waste of phone memory.

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        actually you are incorrect, google maps is even more so accurate and faster as it also uses cell phone towers, wifi and Bluetooth locations.

        google has been collecting user wifi / bluetooth data mapping and therefore can locate your approximate area without GPS. now combine that information with GPS. upon using the google map the first time most user's check and allow the "Allow Google's location service to collect anonymous location data. Collection will occur even when no applications are running." without knowing what it does.

        there is little difference in GPS hardware between tomtom and mobile phone these days. it's all about the software and mathamatics.

    • I thought these were obsolete after the release of Google Maps?

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    Isn't go 6300 latest model?

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    Latest Go models are 6200 $449, 5200 $399, 520 $329. Released late October 2016

    TomTom Go 6100 is the previous model. Guess they still have stock left to clear. Still a good GPS.

  • is it true that P-platers arent allowed to use Phone as GPS nowadays??

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    Take care with these, their mount cannot hold the weight of the GPS under the Australian heat for long, so you'll find that when it reaches its 1 year mark or even earlier, the mount will fail and the GPS will end up facing your dashboard. It's a known problem, reported many times on their support forum but they keep insisting that it's not a problem and will try to shut you up by sending you another mount which will inevitably fail within a year again.

    • Yep - This has just happened to mine after about a year.
      Hopefully they will actually send a replacement, but as you say, that doesn't actually fix things if that one fails too…

      • I demanded a refund cause it's obviously a major design flaw. You are still covered under ACL. They might kick up a stink about it but you are definitely entitled to a refund.

        A replacement mount is not an appropriate fix, given the ongoing chance of its failure.

    • This exact same thing happened to my Go 50. The battery didn't even last 18 months. Had enough of the arrogance of the support as well. That's the death knell to TomTom in my household.

  • You've been using tom tom go gps's for the last 3 yrs? How high are their failure rate or or longevity prior to obsoleteness that you have to replace them / look for a replacement.

    It doesn't sound like you have used others in that time. As such I should hope that it is one of the best you have used since you have nothing else for comparison, especially if last comparison was over three years ago.

    Totally agree with incipient.

    It's not very convenient to carry a tom tom go around whilst touring a city by foot. Gets expensive too if you are required to purchase maps. Live traffic… Where does the tom tom go get that information from? This is from someone who has not subscribed to, or have any experience with these devices.

    :) its defn late/early

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      Gets expensive too if you are required to purchase maps

      Your other comments make a lot of sense, but how can "free world wide maps" be expensive ? ;-)

      • I had no idea that the world wide maps were free.
        As I said, I have no experience with these devices whatsoever.

        What about updates. Last I saw on a box (could have been a garmin) something about lifetime updates?
        What does that even mean

        • The OP mentioned that world maps were free in their post, hence my use of the "eyebrows" - If you are going to make comments about a post it's probably a good idea to read the post ;-)

          Additionally, if you took a second to click on the link the OP provided, you could have also answered your question about updates ;-)

          Lifetime World Maps
          Install and update maps from around the world at no extra cost, for the lifetime of your navigation device.

          Lifetime World Maps: Download 4 or more full updates of any installed map every year, for the life of your product. You need a PC with an Internet Connection and a MyTomTom account to download new maps and updates. For more information, visit

        • I stand by my original naive comment… "if you are required to purchase" =P
          I never said it was necessary.

          That being said, I should probably remove myself from making comments in the wee hours of the morning =)

  • It says it's battery is good for 2hrs. Do you find that to be right or do you get more life out of it?

    I've got a Garmin and I can barely squeeze an hour out of it.

  • These are the ultimate gps
    6inch screen,live traffic updates and speed camera locations all free for a few years ( lifetime of device) but if it saves you from one ticket, it's paid for itself
    I have the model before this with only one year of speed and red light camera alerts and no sim so pairing phone
    they also recommend you mount it to the dash if possible so it doesn't hang and eventually fall off the windscreen
    I want one

  • I switch phone with google map for over a year as I can't see clearly on Tomtom, very low resolution.

  • Sorry hijacking, does anyone know cheapest way to update maps for 4yrs old tomtom..they all seem expensive more than what I actually paid for device in 2013..

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      You will have to pay the full price because the map updates will never or very rarely have discount. Unfortunately that's the how the GPS companies make money.

  • Buy a new one unfortunately as your old ones about to break anyway
    Yes it does seem there has been some inflation since 2013
    It's general corporate strategy push prices up wages down
    Out with the old (soylent green) and in with the new
    As Midnight Oil sang
    ' short memories '

  • download free WAZE app - for mapping instead of google maps - real-time updates based on user submission of crash / traffic / speed camera reports.

    got sold to google for 1 billion $$

    can even publish the police whereabouts. and comments on roads and add new pathways.

    • Done… Thanks

    • yeah pretty cool app, fully customizable - change your car into F1 car / motorbike etc, speed display, add tone alert whilst speeding beyond limit. report police cars / accidents / cars on side of road as well as confirm / deny the report. display messages to other WAZErs and add photos.

      pretty sick app, been using it for years.

  • Aww you using a dedicated gps unit?! How cute!

    I mean that in a slightly patronising way… <3

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    Do people read reviews before purchasing or just buy blindly

    • I totally disagree with most of the bad reviews on the Tom Tom Go 6100, if you read the reviews u can notice that some people reviews doesn't make any sense,in instance people claiming maps are out of date:( this gps has free life time updates and when u buy the device the first thing to do is to hook it up to the computer and update maps. Other people comparing the older version interface with newer one, IMO the older version was a crap interface.
      I have the go 600 and go 6100 both of them are really good, fast, reliable, never faced any problem except one small problem on the gps mount charging dock and i got it replaced from tomtom.

      • some people reviews doesn't make any sense,in instance people claiming maps are out of date:( this gps has free life time updates and when u buy the device the first thing to do is to hook it up to the computer and update maps.

        The reviews DO make sense - you are misunderstanding the problem.

        Just because TomTom offers free map updates, doesn't mean the maps are actually up to date !!!

        I have identified over 60 mapping issues in my local area, and after reporting many of them to TomTom, none of them have actually been fixed.

        One particularly annoying example of an "out-of-date map" issue concerns the street I live on, and it results in trucks, and other large vehicles, then creating noise and disruption, at all hours of the day/night, as they attempt a u-turn in a street that isn't wide enough for them to do so.
        I have helped some of the drivers by guiding them out, and asked them, out of curiosity, why they came down the street in the first place - they almost universally point to their GPS and blame it…

        This is an issue because the street has been blocked for at least 20 years, that I am aware of, and I first reported it to TomTom over 10 years ago. Google Maps shows the street correctly, but the TomTom does NOT.

        Maps that are over 20 years out of date, are definitely "out of date" ;-)

        • "I have helped some of the drivers by guiding them out, and asked them, out of curiosity, why they came down the street in the first place - they almost universally point to their GPS and blame it…"
          would you please post your area I'm curious I want to check it on my gps.