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If you are into the DIY things and capable of doing such things, buy a good brand from Bunnings and install it INSIDE the ROOF not outside,...
02/06/2017 - 12:16
That's funny
08/03/2017 - 23:12
Such a pathetic company been without internet connection and i cant make any calls for 15 days, every signal time that I have called them...
05/03/2017 - 15:25
"I have helped some of the drivers by guiding them out, and asked them, out of curiosity, why they came down the street in the first place...
04/02/2017 - 22:00
I compared many phones with gps they will never meet the accuracy of gps unites. Downloading every single area that Iam going to visit...
04/02/2017 - 21:54
I totally disagree with most of the bad reviews on the Tom Tom Go 6100, if you read the reviews u can notice that some people reviews...
25/01/2017 - 21:18
Google Maps is not comparable to GPS units. Try driving in the city in the middle of traffic and see how you keep losing your location when...
25/01/2017 - 00:18
30% Tom Tom Go 6100 $259.30 Delivered Was ($399.00) @Tom Tom Online Store
Hey folks This is my first post, found this crazy price on tom tom store for the go 6100. I have been using the tom tom go gps’s for the...
24/01/2017 - 23:32
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