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LG V20 64GB Black - $899 at JB Hi Fi


Not an amazing deal, but pretty sure this is the cheapest local stock has been on this relatively new phone. I'm interested in grabbing one of these for the apparently amazing audio playback quality. Replacable battery is nice too.

JB was selling this for $999 before the price drop, so of course the $1099 on the site is misleading.

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    first think i googled: LG V20 bootloop

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      LG manufacture warranty is only for 12 months, so I'd def get an additional warranty with JB. It's too early to tell if this phone will suffer from similar boot loop issues to other LG phones.

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        Actually I'm fairly sure it comes with 24 months warranty in Australia, though correct me if I'm wrong…


        From LG Australia website:

        Manufacturer’s Warranty Summary
        Period of Coverage
        Labour : 24 Months
        Parts : 24 Months
        Battery Warranty - First 12 Months Only

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          Australian Consumer Law would give you 24 months anyway, even if the manufacturer claimed less.

        • @Lukian:

          Australian Consumer Law SHOULD give you 24 months anyway, even if the manufacturer claimed less.

          Someone says this every time warranty comes up but it's not the foolproof surety you're making it out to be, it can be a real pain in the arse to try and get a refund/replacement in that situation.

        • Thanks for this! Pretty confusing because the JB site says manfacturers warranty 1 year (under the details tab).

          I trust the LG site over JB for this though, for sure.

        • They say that but when it comes to claiming warranty, they try to wriggle out of it. I had bootloop issue with both my G2 and G3 just after the 12 months mark.

          LG took 5 weeks of "discussing with Management" before they agreed to repair my G2. They took 7 weeks for my G3. This is because they state that the bootloop issue is caused by battery past it's used by date and battery is only covered under 12 months warranty. They tried to slug me $55 for replacement battery for the G3 but JB HiFi covered the cost for me.

          After this experience with LG support, I have sworn off LG even though the V20 looks tempting…

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    Damn, I got mine just before Xmas and had to haggle the price down to $905. So far it's been an amazing phone though - cameras and headphone output quality are standout features, as is the second screen which you may or may not find as useful as I do (for those times when you need the flash on your phone as a torch quickly or when you're waiting for a 2 factor authorisation code and the 2nd screen shows you the message summary with the code). No regrets, though I suppose time will tell regarding any QC issues with the build quality of the phone itself.

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    Avoid. Has bootloop issue.

    • +3

      got proof? Because I heard that it doesn't.

      • -2


        LG doesn't acknowledge boot loop issues - they blame everyone else or some other reason.

        • +1

          So I'll be fine as long as I don't use cheap USB, cheers

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          You asked for the evidence - I just provided a link to some of the issues that have come up.

          I am just trying to make people aware so then don't end up with an expensive brick like I did with the G4. Ultimately, it is totally up to each individual person to make up their own mind about what is best for them.

          I would keep a spare phone handy just in case though :)

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      Not Australian stock (grey import).

    • +1

      $60 less for considerably less warranty support. If you can claim TRS the AU stock would be cheaper.

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      Yes, but it is overseas stock.

      • Just checked this out, they offer local waranty support through Xtreme Communications. They actually have physical stores in NSW and QLD.
        Cant vouch for authenticity of this though.

        • Hang on, $29.99 for shipping.

          Extra 12 months warranty $35.

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    Just how true are the boot loop reports?

    G4s had severe boot loop issues, we all know this. It was horrible.

    But as far as G5's and V20's go is it really a problem?
    From what i can see there is only a miniscule amount of people actually reporting this of happening, i dare say no more than any other phone.
    Majority of reports of the newer models having issues seem to be from emotional G4 user's who've never had a G5 or V20.

  • +1

    Gone down $200 in a matter of two months….

  • Taiwan and Korea users already reported on bootloop issues

    G4 and V10 are having bootloop issues so common that if someone does not get it they have to call LG asking what is going on.

    • Replied on a G4 which had the bootloop fixed.
    • +3

      I do remember hearing that V20 bootloop happened in Korea happened because the user was using non-official USB-C cable (at least that was the explanation given by an "LG official").

      Not sure whether that's actually right or whether LG is using non-official USB C cable as a scapegoat, but that's what I've heard.


      • My G4 never bootlooped in 16 months. It appears not all bootloop, but it still pretty crap the number that do.

  • The price has fluctuated between $1000 and $1100, it did go back to $1100 this year after a drop.

    • Yeah, but it was $999 immediately before this particular drop on the JB site so seems a bit sneaky to me. Not a huge deal, just an observation!

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    happy g3, v10 user. Possible future v20 user, though so satisfied with current v10 I dont really see the need for upgrade. never had bootloop issue

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      +1, same boat. Great phone, less bloatware than Samsung and decent camera/build quality.

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    Have both G4 and G5 but no boot loop issues for me.

    People make it sound like 100% certainty to get boot loop issue if LG ?

    Get Apple or Samsung … they are flawless right ?

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      You'll only ever hear of the bad stories online.

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      I got the bootloop on my G4 at exactly 13 months. No joy from LG either. Shame because it was a good phone did everything I needed it to, and it did it well. But that calibre of gear should last AT LEAST 2 years.

      Using an old HTC for now, but need a newer phone. The V20 gets some great reviews, but at this early stage we don't really know if 'some' of them will develop the bootloop problem.

      Plus I don't feel like giving LG any more of my money! Looking at the ZTE Axon 7 instead.

    • +1
    • Im no Samsung fangirl but their support is a lot better than LG's. LG never even admitted there was a boot loop issue with the G4 despite how widespread it was.

  • Has there been any word on the glass surrounding the camera lens shattering for no real reason? Remember reading something about it a little while back. Really like the phone on paper but after having a G4 a bit cautious on quality control now

    • Never heard of that happening on the V20 and it definitely hasn't happened to mine.

      • Ah cool, found what I read a while back here and haven't followed up on it

        • Did a bit of looking myself and found it mainly happens to people who pull the plastic protector on the camera part off.

  • my g4 not working , battery always 0% even i charge 2 day. contact Lg for warranty but they want receipt of the phone :( . i lost it when moving home :(. apple never ask me for a receipt . never buy LG again.

    • never buy LG because they want proof of purchase? come on

      • People are stupid. Just because Apple did help doesn't mean they had any obligation to.

  • I've had my dual sim version for about 2 months. Absolutely no issues, no cracked camera lens (even after a decent drop), no bootloop

    Good deal for local stock

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    I really want this phone but wow there are so many reports of random failures with this phone.

  • +1

    So I realised I had enough Altitude rewards points for a $200 JB gift card. Stacked it with this deal, paid $699 for the phone. Now that's a price I can be happy with!

    I must say, if you are serious about your music on a portable device this blows any device I've ever owned out of the water with a high impedence set of headphones (Beyer DT250). That includes iPods, Cowon players, Sony players, HTC M8 phone etc. The sound capability is legit.

    • +1

      Great price for local stock. Paid $775 for grey import.

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