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Boost Indy $19 (Save $30), Boost Quatro $49, Lebara $10 Plan $2, $29.90 Plan $5, NBN Ready Modem $49 (Save $50) @ Auspost


Few Auspost deals starting Today, more offers in link

Emtec C410 32GB USB 2.0 Drive $9.99 (Save $15)
SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Card $29.99 (Save $29.99)
Emtec Click 64GB USB 3.0 Drive $24.99 (Save $24.99)
iPrimus NBN-Ready Modem $49 (Save $50)
Boost Alcatel Quatro $49 (Save $50)
Boost Indy $19 (Save $30)
Lebara $10 Plan $2 (Save $8)
Lebara $29.90 Plan $5 (Save $24.90)
Optus 4G Alcatel Pop 5 $69 (Save $60)
SanDisk SDHC Or MicroSDHC 16GB Memory Cards $7.99 (Save $7)
Highlander 9" Portable DVD Player $75 (Save $25)
Prepaid TravelSIM $24.95 ($5 included credit + Bonus $20 credit & worldfi pass valued @ $24.95)

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  • Alcatel pop 5 was $10 cheaper last AP deal. Good phone for the price if you can manage with 1gb ram.

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    Can those Lebara plans used as recharge vouchers, or they're SIMs that have to be activated with new numbers?

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      Would like to know too. When I bought one last time the sim comes with a voucher which could be used to recharge existing lebara number.

      • Dont know if its the same for Lebara, but with the similar optus/telstra sim packs with credit, you can get them to transfer the credit as well as your number to the new sim.

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    How long those Lebara plan last? 30 days?

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    I get really confused as to why places refer to NBN Modems? You don't need a modem if you have NBN (I have FTTP) - you just plug in a router.

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      I think it refers to an actual high throughput, regardless of network type, N, AC, gigabit etc.

      • Oh that makes sense. It's just a pet peeve of mine when people talk about needing a modem when it's a router but yeah i guess this thing does both.

        • It's communication and marketing, the majority of internet connected people understand what a modem does regardless if they know what technology they are using.

          Easy way for marketers to get there point across.

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      NBN (sadly) no longer means FttP.

      What about the other 60% (probably more) who aren't getting FttP (or Satellite or Fixed Wireless)?
      They need a modem.
      If you're getting HFC NBN, then you'll need a cable Modem, if you're getting FttN or FttB, you'll need a VDSL modem, which is what this deal is for.

      • +7

        good point. duly noted! And indeed a very sad state of affairs :(

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      Probably because of the rest of us plebs can only get FTTN and thus require a VDSL modem.

      Why couldn't the government just leave it alone and give us all FTTP.

      edit: i see scubacoles beat me already.

      • The problem is that 84% (and rising) are choosing 25Mbps or slower. When 84% of voters aren't willing to spend more money for faster speeds then you have a problem. If FTTP had been rolled out without speed tiers then FTTN & HFC wouldn't have been an option.

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          I hate it when people complain that NBN just isn't much faster when they've Cleary just signed on for the default which is often 12/1

        • @blandest: The biggest reason the NBN is not faster is unlimited data plans causing congestion.

        • @mathew42: you sound like you
          Know more about the nbn than me so I can't comment on that but I'm talking about people in my community complaining about nbn speed not being much faster than their previous adsl connection because they're on a 12/1 plan. I'm on a 100/40 unlimited plan and never have issues- constantly good speeds. Peak times of course it's not quite AS fast but still awesome particularly upload wise

      • Hey, us plebs dont even get to see nbn of what ever flavour. Live in a too high dense area which is bs but rocking my im back in 2005

    • Does anyone know the exact model of this modem? Is this lock with iprimus? Can it be used with other ISP? Is the there VoIP?


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        iPrimus use the Huawei HG659 and the picture looks like one.

        Looks like the modem is locked.
        Some users have reported unlocking with this procedure.

        • too bad its locked… I wanted to try it out…
          I'll check out that thread.

          In the end I only need a modem functionailty and bridge it with my existing pfsense and ATA
          My current is dying on me.


        • @mheloy:
          Already? Surely it's still under warranty?
          or is it an old Fritzbox or something that you've had for a few years before NBN?

        • @scubacoles:
          Sorry… its a very old modem like 10 years old.
          I'm still on ADSL2+ but NBN will be coming soon so wanted a modem for ADSL and VDSL

      • Your probably living in a safe labour seat, try moving to a marginal seat like Reid, we got NBN about 3 months before the last election.

  • +1

    The iPhone 6s is both pre-owned and new!

    • The apple website has a brand new iPhone 6s 32gb for $929. So what's in the aus post catalogue just seems odd.

      • It's a terrible deal when Dick Smith (Kogan) have iPhone 7s 128gb for $999. Unless someone knows something I don't.

  • Guys don't forget that this works out cheaper in the long run if you're planning on getting the $29.90 Lebara plan: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/285799

    • So the second month is totally free? It says you need to purchase a Sim kit online.

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    @ Auspost

    Any good deals on stamps ?

    • +1


      Yes if you have a concession card…

      • Touché

  • Boost Indy is also $19 at On The Run. But I can't find it anywhere online.

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    Boost Indy $19 (Save $30), Do Not Buy this piece Junk, I bought two for the kids use as spare from Coles last time , have them unlocked, one phone started boot loop just after 3 weeks, another just die in the following week, took them back to Coles and Coles did not want to know about the issue and suggested to deal with Boost/ZTE direct, horrible after sale experience with ZTE(no phone contact, no email support, only a support forum, when I post my issue asked for help, I was accused by the forum admin that I have "Rooted" the phone that caused the boot loop, after I pointed out there are users in the same forum had experiencing the same issue, the forum admin accused me for "RANT"… very bad support , no customer service.

    The boost Indy is a piece cheap and nasty junk, with 100% failure rate… you have been warned.

    • +1

      Coles should deal with this under Australian Consumer Law.

      • -1

        Yeah, I'm not buying this story.

        Also they are guaranteeing a 100% failure rate, when they have only dealt with two phones.

  • Is this a good price for MicroSD Cards?

    SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Card $29.99 (Save $29.99)

    I haven't seen MicroSD Cards pop up on Ozbargain for a while now, and need some in the next fortnight. Seems to be $28 at MSY

  • Are there any limits on # sims you can buy? I went into a cbd store only to be told 1 per person.

    • No stock Oakleigh

    • +1

      No there isn't, although if you have more than 10 sim cards registered in your name the ID check the telcos have to do for AMTA is apparently more intrusive.

      (Also believe all 10 or more have to be active but cannot confirm cos I don't have 10 active sim cards)

      • Correct - but there is no limit on how many you can buy. You can easily port in/out using this with another telco or if they are nice, they may merge the credit from the sim cards to your service.

    • Any limit to use the lebara sims as in have to use within 30 days of purchase like optus?

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    $5 for 30 day plan. Cheaaaaap.

  • lebara $29.90 starter pack is a standard/micro sim size only

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    Any limit to use the lebara sims as in have to use within 30 days of purchase like optus?

    • +1

      I want to know too…..not sure if I should buy in bulks for future use.

  • Anyone know where to get an unlock for these? Also hard to find any specs online or exact model?

  • +1

    Good luck finding a Lebara $29.90 Plan for $5.
    Seems most stores had little stock to begin with and sold out quickly (at least that's what my local could tell me).

    • +2

      Same here. Melbourne Collins Street store said the most any store had was 5. About 3 stores in Melbourne had any.

      • LPO outlets will most likely not have any either. Quite disappointing that a catalogue item has little or no stock across the network.

        • And don't trust their computer stock levels either. A few POs have stock on system but nothing in store.

  • Merged from Boost Indy Mobile B816 $19 at Australia Post

    Just thought Id let you know that this works well with Aldi Mobile no need to unlock just buy and it requires a standard sim size, it's not 4g but if you just want it for calls it's not a bad phone for $19.

    • Says micro sim on the site

      • Definetly a normal sim card for this one I've opened it and put it in.

    • Good luck finding it (in southside Brisbane, at least) - I've tried at least five post offices with no luck.

      • Robina has stock and Q Centre Mermaid waters

  • Anyone who bought Boost Indy, can you check what was the expiry date (of the sim card, should be printed on the sticker) please ?

  • Has anybody bought the Quatro for $49? The catalogue says it comes unlocked - can anybody verify whether this is in fact the case, please?

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