This was posted 5 years 3 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Phantom 4 + Extra Battery + Hardshell Backpack $1649.99 @Costco Crossroads NSW (Possibly Nationwide) [Membership Required]


Saw this at costco the other day.

Pretty good deal IMO.

Considering the battery is another $280 and backpack is another $280 and also Australian stock

Had plenty of stock.

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    Tempting…but I absolutely must have the Mavic Pro.

    • Got one on Ted's sale. Still waiting…

      • Preorder? What did you go for?

        • Mavic Pro Fly More combo $1,913.96.
          Fly overseas in early March so if it doesn't arrive before then I'll cancel.
          Never flown a drone so should be interesting

        • @cyrax83:

          Good idea, getting TRS is the only way to make this viable.

        • @cyrax83: I got mine delivered yesterday from Teds. You should get it soon…

        • @g33kydood:

          Awesome! Can't wait

        • @g33kydood: hey mate did you purchase when Ted had the sale on 2/3 weeks ago?

        • @Airborne99: Yeah purchased it on Thursday night as part of Friday the 13th sale.

        • @g33kydood:

          mine arrives tomorrow from apple :)

        • I got mine delivered to Ted's CBD store. No word yet on whether it's arrived

  • I'm reading rumours that the mavic pro is being held back because of battery problems and losing connection.

    • That's the GoPro Karma brother. These haven't even caught up to inventory yet.

      • I know about the karma being recalled. Just that I read a couple things on the dji forum about it and aswell as a camera focusing issue. Even Apple store is showing April delivery and they were first to receive the Phantom 4 release so I'm sure they'd be kept in the loop more than little retailers. I'm a little suss. That's all.

    • Sure it's not just overwhelming demand? I literally just watched a video of a bloke who purchased one from a store in NYC, he mentions that there is still a huge backlog of orders. Obviously that's just a personal opinion, but I haven't noticed any chatter about widespread issues, though they are pumping out firmware updates…

      • When i was in NYC end of last year the turn around for them was 1 week to two weeks. For some reason the NYC flagship store gets them alot faster.

        • +2

          It's US, so they get priority over the rest of the world.
          We here in Australia belong to the "arse end" of the world (according to former PM Paul Keating) so we tend to get them last :(

  • DWI have promotion at $1,299, make this not a deal.

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      Dwi is grey importer vs costco local b&m , add gst to the dwi as it will probably get pulled up

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      With battery and backpack? This is also AU warranty, includes GST and Costco change of mind policy. An extra $350 doesn't seem so bad.

  • Temping!
    I was going to post this also.

    As off 230PM yesterday Crossroads had 9 in stock.

    Don't let lots of boxes at Costco fool you, they don't reflect actual stock.

  • Still available at Costco Ringwood (VIC) as of 21/2

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