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Panasonic 40" FHD LED TV $439, Huawei GR5 $229, Dyson Big Ball Origin $390/Small Ball $310 + More @ Bing Lee eBay

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  • Anyone recommend the huawei Gr5?

    • Not sure whether is duo sim and not sure whether the 2nd sim is 2G ?

    • Price wise it is very good. AU stock price is $100+ more on HN, JBHiFi etc. Reviews are good for screen, battery and camera except average performance. I am also in doubt.

      • I've been trying to decide between the gr5, ZTE Blade 7+ and the moto G4. The gr5 and ZTE is a lot cheaper than the moto G4 :/ is savings between the cheaper and the G4 is worth the lack of performance

        • I have used Moto G4 and it is excellent in performance and battery (camera is worth its price - not good not bad). I would prefer G4 for $300 because of its Android 6/7 but price in Australia is too high. Amazon.in sells G4 plus 32GB/3 GB Ram for $280 but not accessible.
          Huawei is good in battery but I hate its interface (used Y550)

  • TVs are in store pickup only. So NSW only.

  • Any opinions on the Dyson small ball? My cheapo Kmart upright vac died a few months ago so I've been borrowing my parents vac. Two bedroom townhouse, mostly carpet. Seems to get average reviews as opposed to the V6/V8 which are always 5 star. Don't really want a battery powered vac though.

  • If a TV is described as "HD" as opposed to "FHD" does that mean it is max 720p?

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