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SCA Motorcycle Roller Stand $32.99 (pickup) + $9.95 (delivery) - (was $63.97) exp 5/02/17


Looks to be a good price for those who don't have a centrestand. Not sure about effectiveness but looks like it would be useful to clean chain.

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    Free click and collect available too. Just need a paddock stand to keep bike stable.

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    If you're cleaning your chain using a stand like this, be prepared for the bike to tip over. Seriously, you want something really sturdy like the other stands that they have up on super-cheap auto video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuF3tVLCSWg). Bikes, especially the road ones, weigh over 200kg. You do not want to be spinning the rear wheel on something like this to clean the chain.

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      It's not a stand. It's just a roller for the rear wheel to be used in conjunction with a front wheel stand. I've got a road bike and the lifts can't be used on mine.

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        I agree with d1s34s3d on this one. I have used these plenty of times to oil chains, clean chains and clean front and rear wheels. I have front and rear race stands as well as one of these. Putting a bike on a race stand is much harder and dangerous as you have to hold the bike upright with one hand and slip the stand under with the other. As for hydraulic jack and lift types, these only work on bikes like dirt bikes and cruisers with under frames to sit on.

        These rollers just go on the floor, you push the bike up onto it, set it back on the side stand. Get off and you can roll what ever wheel you put on it. Much safer for single person use if all you want to do is clean/oil wheels/chain.

        As for that video, I don’t know WHAT that guy was doing using that roller stand like that. And why the hell he would use it on a dirt bike with knobbly tyres is a good demonstration of what NOT to use it on.

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          If you cant handle a race stand and think that they are oh so dangerous then you need some training , they are no hard to use , yes there is a technique to use but remember once upon a time you couldnt stand up and walk either

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          @J5: Are you trolling? I hope you're not actually serious, it yeah, sure, I'll take the troll bait…

          I've probably been riding, racing and repairing motorbikes longer than you've been alive. So, let's just say, I've put my fair share of bikes on race stands. I can assure you from my experience that putting a bike on a rear paddock stand has far more risk to it than one of the roller stands has if all you want to do is clean or oil the chain or wheel. Trying to balance a 150 to 200kg bike with one hand so you can slide a stand under the swing arm as you're bent over is no where near as safe as a roller stand, which proves my point.

          Race stands have a place in the workshop. I know that, I have about 6 different rear stands and 3 different front ones. But I always tell my guys that it's a two man job as I don't want them to risk dropping their bike, a customers bike or hurting themselves trying to do it on their own and trying to catch a falling bike.

          So, yes, race stands are great! But, no, in the hands of inexperienced idiots or "if you don't know how to use it, you dont deserve a bike." Cerebrally challenged individuals, they can be a hazard.

          Scale of 1 to 10, ease of use. 1, toddlers could do it, 10, astronauts would struggle…
          Roller stand 1-X—5——10
          Rear stand 1——5-X—10


    If you have been doing it that long then you prob should have worked it out by now ;)

    Sure yes there is a technique

    For me the roller stand is great for touring

    I find it far easier to clean and lube a chain on a race stand as there is no friction on the wheel

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