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Teclast H30 OLED Fitness Band w/ Heart Rate Monitor $17.99 US, ThundeRobot K70C Mechanical Keyboard $73.99 US @ GeekBuying


Tonight I have negotiated 2 deals with GeekBuying. First up is a a fitness band from Teclast with features including a heart rate monitor, phone notifications and fitness tracking.

Next up is a mechanical keyboard from Haier's new gaming range, ThundeRobot. This mechanical keyboard features 104 backlit keys and it's using the TTC Blue Switches. You can checkout a quick review from GeekBuying here

  • Get the Teclast H30 for $17.99 US (~$23.56 AU) with coupon H30TECLAST
  • Get the ThundeRobot K70C for $73.99 US (~$96.89 AU) with coupon THUNDEK70C

Please note: AU$ based on exchange rate at time of posting. Free shipping is included with express options available.

Teclast H30 Features

  • 0.86 inch 96 x 32 OLED display: To display notifications, heart rate, steps, time and more
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Uses an AGC intelligent heart rate monitor to calculate your heart beat with low power consumption
  • Pedometer, Sleep monitor, Sedentary reminder
  • Push app notifications including SMS and calls to your Android/iOS device
  • Fitness band vibrates when SMS or call is received
  • Use the H30 to find your phone or your phone to find the H30
  • Dial is detachable for charging
  • Water resistant
  • Gesture wake: Lift your wrist up to wake the screen
  • Battery standby time over 30 days
  • Rechargable via micro USB

ThundeRobot K70C Features

  • 104 Backlit Keys
  • Red/Blue Backlight Colour
  • TTC Blue Switch
  • Fn Key Combinations
  • Floating Keycaps
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Made from Aluminum Alloy
  • 1.8M USB Cable
  • 435mm x 120mm x 30mm / 1.2KG

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  • You will be lucky if you purchase from geekBuying will be ACTUALLY delivered.Paid for my order 3 months ago. No item ,no money, no refund.

    AssociatedClear on 26/01/2017 - 23:14
    I have provided to you that both the shopping cart and the checkout advertise an estimate of up to 40 business days for free unregistered shipping before the order is confirmed. GeekBuying's own shipping page says that shipping times are an estimate. I emphasise that this is an estimate as there are a lot of factors into why a package can be delayed. Build up from Singles' Day, lead up to Christmas, clearing customs and Auspost's slow delivery are a few examples.

    After GeekBuying staff return on the 3rd of February a refund can be issued if the package has not arrived.

    Still waiting for refund……

  • Cheaper here for another 3hr 40mins @ $21.54 AUD:


  • Off topic i know but Mr.Bean Teddy came today yay!just in time for valentines next week .Thanks Op

  • I'd also strongly recommend against shopping with Geekbuying. Here's my recent bad experience:

    Short version: placed my order, order is delayed twice due to errors on their behalf, then abruptly informed that due to Chinese New Year my order wouldn't finish being processed and shipped until Feb 3rd, over 2 weeks from when I placed it, likely would have been shipped before that if not for those earlier delays that were a result of their negligence. Requested several times that they cancel it and refund me fully, they intentionally ignore me, keep the money, and ship it anyway. My complaints about their terrible service and extensive inconvenience eventually met with a slap-in-the-face offer of a 4% discount on a future order (obviously I'm never shopping with them again)

    More in-depth:

    Jan 19th - Placed order on their site

    Jan 21st - Received an email from them stating a product in my order couldn't be shipped to my country and asking if I wanted to remove it or choose a different item. There was no indication through the order process that there was any issue with shipping this item, if there had been I obviously wouldn't have ordered it. Ask them to remove and refund and ship the rest. Order processing delayed due to this

    Jan 24th - Receive another email stating that 2 other items in my order actually aren't in stock and they had no ETA for when they would be receiving them. Again, no indication that this product wasnt in stock when I placed my order, wouldn't have ordered it if there had been. Once again requested them to remove and refund and ship the rest of my order. Order process once again delayed due to their error

    Jan 24th, later on - received an email stating that due to the Chinese New Year their "shipment service" would be suspended between the 26th of January and 3rd of February and my order wouldn't finish being processed and shipped until after that. Again, there was no indication when I was placing my order that there was such an extreme delay imminent. More frustratingly, it seems likely that my order would have been shipped were it not for the earlier delays caused by their failure to provide accurate information. Obviously, had I at all known I was in for such a screw around I would never have ordered with them in the first place. I can't help but assume the omission of their information, and presence of misleading information, is intentional, because they know people will be less likely to shop with them if they knew the actual nature of their business conduct. At this point I was fed up, told them I was disappointed with their service, and requested that they cancel and refund my entire order. I received no response.

    Feb 3rd - I received an email stating they had removed the out-of-stock items from my order and would proceed with packing and shipping the rest. I responded to this reiterating that I didn't want them to ship anything, that I wanted the entire order cancelled and refunded. I followed this up by responding again to the earlier email informing me about the impending delay due to CNY asking them to cancel and refund my entire order. No response to either of my emails.

    Feb 5th - I receive an email stating that "my order" was shipped on the 4th with a tracking number etc. I responded once again detailing in depth how abysmal my customer service experience had been and offering them an ultimatum: refund the remainder of my purchase cost as requested, or I would proceed to name and shame their shady business practices on online forums frequented by their current and potential customers.

    Feb 7th - I receive a succinct email saying "sorry for the delay" with a coupon code for a laughable 4% off another order.

    Feb 9th - Told them that wasn't good enough and

    It's not even the money that bothers me. It's being treated with such disrespect, and having wasted so much time and energy needlessly, and that they continue to get away with such unethical business practice.

    This is legitimately one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever experienced. If you're considering shopping with Geekbuying, I highly recommend you DON'T. Go elsewhere. It's worth paying a little more to be treated decently, and to not fund a business that has so little respect for their customers.

    Oh, and just an aside - anyone know if I have any hope of recovering my cash through a Paypal dispute or something?