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Xbox Live Gold 40% off - $47.88 for 12 Months


XBOX GOLD 40% OFF limited time.
I dont see an end date.
Just says limited time and only available on in dash sign up.
Available only on the Xbox console

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    Nice clickbait friendo.


    HUKD Looks targeted.


    It's targeted. I just finished my 14-day Gold trial and the dashboard had a "50% off 1 month" promo, bringing it down to $5.50.


    I just got it today.


    Worked a treat saving of $37.

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    I only play two or three times per month, very unhappy that can not play online after expired. I should buy a PC.


    I'd like a gold controller please.

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    I have been checking since November for decent Live Gold deal. Promised my kid 12 months for his birthday, like every year.

    Today I get the call that Live has run out, rage is building, cannot play!

    Once again I check around and it's all too hard from CDkeys etc, and I cannot wait for delivery… so I paid $79.95 a few hours ago for a Code from M$ store via my work PC. Which I then redeemed on the PC already.

    And you know what's worse? Since I have already extended, I won't ever even know if that 40% off offer would appear.

    A bargain lost is like… ヽ༼ຈʖ̯ຈ༽ノ …like how I feel when I dream what might have happened if I had got together with that cute blonde chick, rather than staying with my future ex-wife.

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      Heavy man.

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      cry evry time

      1 like = 1 prayer for u


      I am just a PC player but I know the feeling when I buy something from a cheap CD Key site and then I find it cheaper even though I only played less than 2 hours within 14 days since I bought it (the standard return period), but I can't get the refund because it wasn't made through Steam directly. Well at least I don't have to pay a subscription to get multiplayer, I feel sorry for you guy there.


    Definitely targeted. Of the three accounts that use my Xbox, two had the "get 1 month free offer" on the dashboard, the other account (which has expired Gold) had nothing.


    I wish. :(
    I got one in December though, but it only applied to half off a month of Xbox Live.


    I got one of these offered to me the other day after my $1 month ended. Mine was a 50% off. I'll probably activate it right before Force Unleashed gets put up, since I traded my copy the other day for 8 bucks. 5.50 for a month, to own the game, that's a 2.50 profit right there, proper OzB.

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    I usually get a 12 month code when they are on sale from the code sellers ….. usually about $50 AU and they stack up to 3 years ….. have 18 months left, but with halo wars, if my son and I want to play I fear we may need a second account :-(


    Thanks OP


    How do i get this, I assume my membership has to have expired

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