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Virgin Mobile - Student 12mth Sim Kit $45pm-Unlmt Nat Call&Text- $300 Int Call/Text-15GB Data


I was browsing Virginmobile website and notice this new plan.
Can't find anyone posted this deal.

Hope this is useful for some of you

Exclusive Student Offer
Unlimited standard national calls & text
$300 standard international calls & text
15GB Data

Student Offer: Sign up by 6 March 2017 to the $50 12-month SIM Plan and receive $5 off your monthly bill until you cancel or change plans. Offer subject to valid student ID presented at time of purchase and we reserve our right to remove the discount if your student ID is found to be invalid.

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    Virgin Mobile Student

    that could be read in a few different ways…

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      Hope that is a bit clearer

      • thanks…

        I thought you accidentally posted a Tinder post here on OzBargain…

  • It's a 12 months contract. Minimum cost $540.

  • I signed up to a $40 Virgin Mobile 12 month SIM a month ago. came with 13.5 GB + 7.5 GB bonus…

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      That's a great deal … was it shared on ozbargain?

  • Students sure have money these days..$45 for a plan wow. I had a Nokia 3210 and $30 Optus prepaid and abused the Optus free time back in the day. Would go without or prank people so they call me back.

    • Times have changed, and once you factor in the time value of money - we're paying less now, than you were back then.

  • Merged from [VIRGIN MOBILE] $50/M Student Plan for $45/M (Unltd Calls / 15GB / $300 Intl + Spotify, Google Play, Pandora) +6000 Velocity Pts

    Virgin mobile has a great deal for Students

    $45 Student sim plan 12 months (your Student card Must be Shown at the time of sign up in store)
    what you get…
    unlimited Standard national calls
    15GB of data
    $300 Standard International calls and Text
    Stream your music with no data charges on Spotify, google play music, Pandora, IHeart Radio
    data gifting
    unused Data Rollover
    unused International calls Rollover
    earn 2 Velocity points per $1 you spend on your bill

    6000 bonus Velocity Points

    • Unused data rollover is interesting ….Something the Optus student deal doesn't have …. Not sure what data gifting is though …….Telstra are lagging more behind these deals.

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        Unused data rollover is interesting

        They've been doing that on pretty much all their plans for a couple of years now…

        It's only rolled over once and added to the end of the next month's data… It then expires if you don't use it.

        • They've been doing that on pretty much all their plans for a couple of years now…

          So the student deal with Optus lets you have data rollover?

          • @0burntrice0: I don't know. My comment is about Virgin's plans…

      • Data gifting: http://www.virginmobile.com.au/data-gifting/

        Basically, you can give a friend some of your data if both of you are on postpaid Virgin plans. Nice idea. I switched to Virgin recently and when I checked my usage I found I had over 6GB of data - threw me for a moment and then realised that a couple of GB had rolled over from the previous month.

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          Basically, you can give a friend some of your data

          Not true.

          It does not have to be a friend. It can even be your wife or mother in law…

        • Find 2 friends and you can create an infinite data gifting triangle :)

        • +1

          I can see the ads in Gumtree already - 4GB Virgin mobile data, worth $20, for $10….

      • Not sure what data gifting is though

        You can 'gift' a specified amount of your data to another Virgin mobile customer…

      • +1

        Data gifting means you can transfer data to any Virgin number. So my family has one $40 deal with 13.5G and 3 older $19 deals with 1.25G each. I transfer data to whichever of the kids needs more as the month progresses. It's working out much cheaper overall than when we were all on $19 plans and I was paying $40 or more extra each month for additional data. As a sign up bonus I also get 500M roaming data which will be handy when we go to the States in a few weeks. I think they are still offering that too but you'd need to check.
        Edit: Wow! You have to be quick! Beaten by about 6 people :-)

      • It accomplishes the effect of making you less likely to leave to get better value whilst simultaneously not using the service you paid for. It's a trap.

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      As a student, I can only afford $20 plans… e.g. telechoice or coles prepaid or aldi mobile

      • Yeah pretty expensive for a "student" deal

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          must be for the international students i see in campus i guess…

          • @Clain: That's pretty much why they included "$300 Standard International calls and Text" in this plan.

      • As a student, I can only afford $20 plans…

        That's true… Need the money for beer…

      • Removed. Virgin Mobile have informed us that doesn't apply to sim plans, only 24 month plans as stated on that link unfortunately.

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          sorry, my bad - didn't properly read and realise it was for phone plans only :(

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