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Free Passes to See 'Hidden Figures' Movie @ Show Film First - New Dates 12/02 - 15/02


12/02/17 11:00 (NSW) George Street, Event
13/02/17 18:30 (ACT) Canberra, Dendy
13/02/17 18:30 (NSW) George Street, Event
13/02/17 18:30 (VIC) Jam Factory Cinema 10, Village
15/02/17 18:30 (NSW) George Street, Event
15/02/17 19:00 (VIC) Rivoli Cinemas, Village

12/02/17 11:00 (WA) Innaloo, Event Available
13/02/17 18:30 (WA) Innaloo, Event
15/02/17 18:30 (WA) Innaloo, Event

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  • -2

    Is this free? Might want to include some details outlining how this is a deal.

    • +7

      its Free!

  • +4

    Pity nothing on 14th!! I would have claimed it was a valentines gift for my partner !

    • +2

      I watched a previous session and a guy made an announcement before the show that it was a free screening and please spread the word.

      That would have been awkward if you'd claimed it was a "gift".

      • A true ozbargainer would be inventive in this respects ?

  • No love for SA?

    • +10

      No Power either!

    • Meh, no love for Qld either.

      • -1

        No Comment..

        • Really? Hardly an acceptable answer.

      • Qld was last week … you missed out

        Got to see at Mt Gravatt

        Great movie :)

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    I saw it last night with my wife and we both really enjoyed it. Highly recommended for a cheap date night.

  • +1

    who reported this?
    thanks got 2 for sunday.
    its hot day so get in to cinema is better than stay at home and use aircon (high electricity bill)

    • Yeah, don't get why it's been reported?

      • +2

        all good. click the number 1 next to report word and youll see

        Unresolved Reports
        1 for Title/Description
        Last reported 34 min ago

    • +1

      Just don't buy anything while you are out like popcorn etc, and make sure free parking or free transport, then save on electricity bill haha

      • +2

        At the cinema there's always free popcorn (and sometimes some other surprises) down the back of most seats!

        A sort of Oz(Bargain)Lotto

        • +1

          If you take your dyson portable, you can just vacuum it off the seats/floor and then it's also in a handy tub/container.

        • @Tiggrrrrr: You are assuming that it can actually pick up popcorn, which would imply it's got good suction…

    • Any free parking deal for Sydney as well?

      • just camp near central - lets create flinder st version 2 in sydney

  • sweet, got 2 for the Rivoli session. cheers OP!

  • thanks for the tip, bonky !!

    • My pleasure!

  • +2

    I saw this last night thanks to ShowFilmFirst and highly recommend the movie.

  • Thanks OP - 2 tickets for Canberra secured.

  • This one is great. Unexpectedly funny too

  • VIC all gone.. Missed out again!

  • +1

    all gone for NSW

  • +2

    Victorians love a quick freebie

    • -1

      everyone love quickies

  • If anyone snagged 2 tickets to the Jam Factory in Vic on Monday and no longer wants/needs them, I would very much appreciate them!

  • +1

    13 mins…13 mins and all NSW is gone….how often am I suppose to check OzB? ;-)

    Thanks for making a lot of people happy OP. I'll eventually watch this film anyway:)

    • +1

      55 happy people!

      plus +1 now!

    • +3

      Apparently at least every 12 minutes? ;-)

    • There should be an instant ping or something linked to selected key words.

      • Rude words! :-)

  • +1

    Saw this earlier in the week, a very good film. I thoroughly enjoyed pacing of the story and the script. I found the acting top-notch, Kevin Costner finally starts doing some real support actor work.

  • +1

    Wonderful movie.

  • +1

    Thank you bonky

  • -1

    Is there a way to tell when they release these tix besides checking ozbargain

  • Thanks OP!

  • is this a good movie to watch with a 10yrs old ?.. thx OP got 2 tix before ozbargained

  • Any ever gone to one of these free screenings before can comment on how packed it was? I beleive its first come first seated?

    • I went to the LION one on WA. It was probably 80% full.

    • And sometimes there is a prize under the seat…

      • I dont call hard chewing gum a prize!

    • Good idea to get there 15-20 minutes before to ensure you get a decent seat as they usually let people in well before the start time, often there are no trailers at the start. Depending on movie/venue they are usually 70-90% full, went to one once that was over booked and we just got told we could see any other movie we want instead. This movie in SA was 70% full, Lion a few weeks back was close to 100%

    • Completely full for Astor sessions. You need to be there when the doors open for the best seats, about 30mins.

      Through Contagious they used to do these all the time, and they collect your phone at the door.

  • +1

    I didn't see any figures in the movie. Then I remembered they were "hidden"

  • Thanks OP. Got 2 tickets for Sunday at Innaloo WA.

  • -2

    I think a screener has been out for this for a few weeks, found in usual places :)

  • I got tickets to this for my sister and her partner the other day. They really liked it. Said it was a great movie.

  • I saw it on Monday night. It was an amazing movie! I loved it! I got the email today to get tickets for my friend, but unfortunately I think it was Ozbargained before I got a chance to get at it.

  • If anyone ends up with a pass they can't use for Rivoli Wednesday night then I'd love to take it off your hands :) give me a PM tia

  • if anyone has free pass in WA; am willing to take it. thanks very much

    • they have a ticket available for WA now if you grab it fast

      • just checked and unfortunatley all gone

        • Ah unlucky! I saw there're 2 tickets just mins ago…

        • @citygal: thanks

  • got some tix. thanks

  • Someone put back 2 tickets to Vic showing tonight, I'm taking my sister to see it. So happy!

  • I just put back two tickets for tonight at Rivoli

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