Mechanic Changed Tyre During Roadworthy Check and Threatened to Hit Parents

Hi, my parents recently went out to a mechanic shop for a roadworthy check.

We sent our Toyota Aurion AT-X out for a roadworthy check in preparation to selling it to a customer and went to collect it. Upon inspecting the car, they (parents) found that the tires had been changed to a much older tire and did not look like the one we had before the royalty check. I just went out to check it myself and saw that all 4 tires had been replaced with an old tyre (possibly from a friend of theirs). If any advice could be given on this it would be great. We went home aborting the roadworthy check since they did us a bad deed.

They decided to go get their colleagues out and have an argument with parents, luckily they were both there so they would not have the guts to start attacking my parents. They went to the back and got long sticks (possibly to beat my parents) but they did not go further.

The tires: (if you look closely the tread is terribly worn out and our car has only clocked 30,000KMs.

—-UPDATE 12/02/2017—-
Hi guys, This is ItzMilzy's brother - I wanted to post here to clear up as much doubt or main questions as possible. The above is a recount by my young teenage brother upon hearing this from my parents. Below is my input after speaking to them and having a look at the car earlier today. I feel some comments I made using iCollected has been ambiguous (haven't looked at the car myself and only going by what my brother told me) and some comments may have been taken the wrong way, so hopefully the following clears them. Note that the above and the below recounts will vary as I'm leaving the above unedited so that comments in this thread make sense.

TOPIC: parents allege mechanics changed their car tyres-

My parents have upgraded their car. Their 2013' Aurion is to be sold to their friends. It has had a 60km service (30km use) on 17th January 2017. Never had a problem, tyres have not been changed since purchase.

Date of service, km of use and relevant checks highlighted.

Some background; my parents are gentle cheery Asians. Dad looks after his things, he hand washes his car weekly, sometimes twice, he finishes with wax and he sprays the tyres so they're shiny; he knows what they look like. Mum drives 5km below the speed limit (kudos to TAC wipe-off-5 ad campaign), dad doesn't like freeways, "they're too fast" for him. They don't drift or do burn outs.

They took it to a mechanic for a roadworthy inspection a few days ago and were informed, 4hrs after leaving the car there, that their tyres needed to be changed - they are happy with that, though did wonder why the Toyota dealership didn't pick that up. Upon arrival dad noticed the tyres are extremely dirty- he washed it just the day before- and on closer look was adamant they are not his. He was not aggressive, so he claims. "He was almost in tears actually, feeling a bit helpless", recounts mum. Dad only asked them to please just change his tyres back and they'll be on their way. Understandably the mechanics were extremely angry and it escalated from a plea from dad, to the presumed owner asking one of his worker to go fetch him a metal bar to "do" them in. Dad and mum backed out of the area onto the front of the shop so that other businesses can witness if something was to happen. The owner threw him his keys and told them to piss off.

When they got home they told my brother about what happened and my brother went to the car to have a look. He googled some things about tyres and found that the manufacturing dates for recent tyres can be found as a four digit number; the first two, the week and the last, the year. One tyre was 1615; week 16, 2015.
see picture:
1st apology for confusion found later in thread; when looking at the numbers 1413, 1113 etc some where upside down and my brother didn't flip it when he reported to me hence some of my comments mentioned 2011 and 2014 years. The other three tyres are 2013 but much more worn than dad recalls. regardless, even a single 2015 tyre can not be present in a 2013 car.

I called up Toyota dealership to clarify some things:
1. Tyres can have different manufacturing years as stock (goes to a warehouse and fitted on later).
2. However, it can't possibly be a 2015 tyre on a 2013 purchase.
1. Our tyres have never been replaced and they currently have 2013, 2013, 2013, 2015 year stamps on them.
2. It has been changed somewhere along the line.
3. The car has only EVER been serviced at a Toyota dealership and a roadworthy check with these mechanics.

2nd apology; I mentioned us buying 350k worth of cars only to stress how little $1k car tyre change means to my parents, I apologise if this insulted anyone (comment received a fair number of negs). There was a good comment re; calling lawyers to deal with it, why come to OZbargain if we were so well-off. My parents as well as myself never had the intention of posting this on ozbargain. My teenage brother was sitting at the police station waiting to file a report and decided to post on ozbargain because he was bored and angry. I was just trying to clarify all his inconsistencies to the community. Yes, I have consulted my lawyer. Yes we have filed a police report. I also learned a lesson that comments regarding high value purchases or income should be avoided on ozbargain.

In summary, we don't have proof. We just have probable cause; dad's memory, the time-travelling tyre from 2015 on a 2013 car and the inconsistent reports of the dealership-service a few weeks ago and the tyres found upon the roadworthy inspection.

The biggest thing about all this is the shock my parents had. They trust the local community they've lived in for over 2 decades more than anything. They trust the legal system and its ability to curb harmful practices. I guess they just feel let down and defenceless when they needed it.

Thank you all for your comments regarding this. There is not much further we can do. We hope this serves as a notice to whoever reads this to be vigilant. Maybe taking photos of the car's general condition when dropping off your cars at the mechanics can help deter any malicious intents.

P.S. for those interested in the police's comments: they can't do anything regarding the alleged tyre swaps. They can't do anything re; physical threats. If you are physically hurt, They will then be able to visit and speak with the accused; however, no charges are generally laid due to lack of evidence without a witness.
Which I guess are all fair comments.

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  • +18

    Go the police and file a report. It's the best thing you can do.

    • Would anything be done about this? I'm currently at my local police station

      • +45

        Threatening to hurt someone is violent behaviour and considered illegal. Potential for assault charges. The police can do a hell of a lot more than random people on an online bargain site.

        • +1

          Awesome, hope they do receive charges.

        • +8

          I don't agree with Clear.
          Us OzBargainers can be really annoying sometimes.

          Maybe next OzB meetup could be at this Mechanic's place and we can drink his beer and tell him stories about our Eneloop adventures?

        • @Kangal:

          Well said, made me laugh, kudos in return you will be raped by random hot chicks !

  • +9

    what's a royalty check?

    • -3

      A safety check on the car required to do a name transfer to sell a car

      • +13

        You mean a roadworthy check?

        • +81

          Maybe it is an old Toyota Crown?

    • +2

      Ask Paul McCartney.

  • and are Primacy tyres the ones fitted from new?

    • The original ones we had is factory stock, have not replaced them since 2013 (when we bought this car).

      • and the originals were what brand? and make?

        • I'm almost certain they are Michelin's out of factory, bosses work Aurion is about 2.5 years old and they have worn like shit too. Similar km's to the OPs car.

        • +8

          The ones in the photo are the brand and type that Toyota has on new. To me they look exactly what tyres that have done 30k look like.

        • +2


          Way too much effort for a mechanic to pull this stunt.
          Mechanic was no doubt sweating their arses off to then be accused of fraud, thought your parents we're scammers.

          Unfortunately I feel your parents were mistaken.

        • @SmithInOz: yep. Exactly what I think too

      • +3

        I have bought 2 Aurions, Brand new, one in 2012 and one in 2015, (The 2012 one was written off) and both times all 4 tires where Michelin's

        • New Aurion we got built nov16 delivered nov16 came with Bridgestone and gone to 17" rims as standard as well.

        • Ditto my 2014 Aurion - Michelin.

        • My 2010 Presara were also Michelin tyres. Were all the Aurions fitted with Michelins?

    • +27

      The whole thing doesn't add up.

      Taking factory tyres (cheap factory spec) with 30,000km on them off the car (they are worth literally nothing) and putting slightly more worn tyres back on.

      Where is the gain for the mechanic exactly???

      • +38

        I'm betting on paranoid parents being the explanation.

      • +1

        yeah i dont get it and his saying

        "It's no big deal. We'll do a police report and leave it at that. Pick our fights. Worse case scenario a ~$1k lesson"

        why 1k lesson

      • +11

        Spot on. The replaced tyres aren't significantly different to 30000km tyres. How is it worth the effort to swap them over?

        The parents accused the mechanics of stealing - they were understandably pi##ed since in all likelihood they had done no such thing.

        Let it go OP.

        • +5

          I tend to agree. These look like tyres which have done about 30,000k's to me, give or take. There's no reason a mechanic would go to all the stuffing around to change them over.

          Are you saying the wheels are the same, and they've changed the tyres? If so, you would see lubricant around the bead of the tyre, which they use when they change tyres. Looking at those tyres, they haven't been taken off the rims for a long time.

        • +2

          @Big Trev:
          Unless mechanics friend had similar car and did a quick rim change.

      • +5

        Factory fitted tyres are NOT CHEAP SPEC. Rather exactly the opposite they are the only tyres sold In Australia that must comply with Australian design rules. All after-market tyres need not comply so they are cheaper spec than factory fitted tyres.

      • Michelins are not junk… factory spec or not.. more reason that they would be attractive to a shonky mechanic.

  • Should if called police on the spot.

    • True, I wasnt there to do so though.

  • +4

    they have good online reviews - can't imagine that they would swap tyres……where's the $$ gain?

    • -3

      Can you link me to this?

  • +1

    what's the date stamp on the tyres?

    • Seems to be 2015, as said we have not changed the tire before

    • +1

      Image 3077 shows as "1013"

      • so…………not really old then are they?????

        with 30k's on them?

        maybe you should cool your jets

        are all tyres the same date stamp? within a few weeks?

        and the year of your car?

        • 2013, the one taken is 2015. Other tyres have similar years (13). You cant judge wear because it's only 1+ year old, could have been pressured past its performance. It has noticable wear

        • +24


          Out of interest, what year is the spare?

        • +6

          @Gronk: bingo.

        • +2

          Good point! Will check when I get home tonight.

        • @icollected:

          Sooo? Did you check the spare?

  • +18

    I phoned the business with a pizza delivery mix-up and they seemed pretty understanding even though I was pushing their buttons…

    Press play to hear it…

    I think it may be worth double checking the details as it may have been replaced prior to this and they also think a scam is going on.

    Also, isn't it called a roadworthy, never heard of royalty as a reference.

  • +2

    Haha please excuse OP re: royalty check. Definitely means roadworthy. He's barely in high school.
    Geez bro. You're using this site already?

    It's no big deal. We'll do a police report and leave it at that. Pick our fights. Worse case scenario a ~$1k lesson.

    Oh and good comments re: double checking.
    Always give others the benefit of the doubt. Will reassess dates and tyre sizes and call up Toyota dealer to see if they have records of what tyres were placed on. + how come no pick up on these terribly worn tyres as we've had a service only a few weeks ago.

    • -1


      Do you work at the mechanics or what? All this talk of 'we'

      • +7

        I'm his brother.

        Hence "geez bro. "

        Further. The years on the tyre are allegedly 2011, 2014, 2015. All over the joint. I don't know anything about tyres and dad hasn't come home with it yet. So will check myself and do some googling.

        • +5


        • @Scrooge McDuck:

          Yep, different years. Will probably take it back to Toyota dealer who did our service recently and ask them.
          Seriously though, my parents barely even take this car on the freeways; only locally within a 10km CBD radius. These tyres look like they've been MELTED from burnouts. Ridiculous. The wear on the wheels are inconsistent with each other.

          Looks like they're right that we now need new tyres for roadworthiness.

        • +2

          This story just got interesting…

          …keep us posted, because this is an unusual thing to happen.
          And how you handle it and the results will be helpful for someone in the future (especially if they deal with the same Mechanics).

    • +1

      Really he has been using ozbargain since 2013 with plenty of posts and comments some which sound pretty adult like to me.

      • +2

        Yep. He's a bright kid and occasionally does some customer service emails for our online store - heck, maybe since he was 9.

        • No idea why you're getting so much flak, iCollected. Everything you've said is coherent and is inline with what a dodgy mechanic would do. I don't think the OzBargainers commenting on this post have any idea what they're talking about. It sounds extremely fishy, mate. Good luck.

  • +4

    Tread looks like about 30k wear on them.

    Do you think its possible that maybe the apprentice was doing a few burnouts on the test drive making the top of the tread look rough.

    • +6

      who does burnouts in a camry?

      • +20

        P platers with Mum & Dad's car.

      • Anyone who's driving a camry which isn't theirs….

      • -4

        Tonyjzx… You do know that the aurion is P plate banned because of its performance capabilities??
        Not the preferred car of bogans, grocery racers and maccas heros but still… :-)

  • Those tyres look pretty right for 30,000 ks use.
    Do you have any photographs of the car taken within the last 6 months that will be good enough to show the tyres?

    • Obviously not

  • +13

    Another vote for tyres look normal for 30000 km of use. Why would a mechanic risk the damage to their reputation/business by stealing a set of cheap OEM 4 year old tyre and replace them with something older. They are hardly worth anything.

    • Maybe someone else working there

    • +5

      According to the OP, they replaced it with newer tyres! lol

  • -2

    Take the car to a Michelin dealer and ask them if they think they've been replaced. They should know for sure.

  • +7

    What's your spare?
    Was it new?
    Was it also changed?

  • Make sure you put a review on google maps and any other site you can find. Plus report to police.

    • +2

      Yeah… maybe wait until its resolved first before giving them a bad rap on the internet with only hearsay from potentially english lacking customers.

  • +17

    I dunno who is right or wrong but if somebody accused me of stealing their tyres when I was innocent, I would be pretty pissed.

    • +4

      But I wouldn't threaten them with a metal bar either.

      • +3

        I dunno if it happened or not, but if somebody accused me of threatening them with a metal bar when it wasn't the case, I would be pretty pissed.

        • I'm sure the two elderly parents were making this up. rolls eyes

        • +1

          @ThithLord: It could be a coincidence. Could also be a cultural thing where they greet you with long sticks.

  • +9

    As a mechanic myself, Looks pretty good for a 4 year old car and 30k on it. Normally a Toyota Aurion tyres last 20k on it with average driving. Don't think the mechanic would waste his time to change already worn tyres to worn tyres. People would not look at their car before it goes into service and always look at it after it finishes and always complain. Lol btw look like you been driving the car tyres under inflated.

  • This is a very strange story I've read. How much will they profit from your used tyres? Where were your parents when they were servicing your car? In my understanding, it'd take 15 minutes to replace each of your tyre, let's say labour cost $25 for them to do so, the the used tyres would cost 30 each, plus their reputation, would they risk all of those to get into this trouble? You should check your royalty check yourself

    • +2

      Would the profit be deeming tires not road worthy hence possibility of the parents changing it with them?

      • How much profit do you think they would make off 4 tyres + fitting?

        • i have no idea. I think whether it is worth the trouble or not, depends on the turn over of the place. As with any business. One type of job may be worth doing to some, but not to others as they have higher yield jobs to do.

        • +1

          It was more of a rhetorical question, the answer was sweet fa.

  • +5

    The tires: (if you look closely the tread is terribly worn out and our car has only clocked 30,000KMs.

    I'd like to know what you expect from a tyre that's done 30000 km.

    This is another example why we also need a voting system for the forum.

    • 30,000km is all i expect from the front tyres of a v6 fwd

      rear tyres would do twice that if you dont rotate

      • -1

        I bought a 10 year old Lancer and had it for 6 years before changing tyres. Tyres were very much standard and good condition but not new when I bought it. Did another 50,000km on the same tyres. Maybe its normal that Aurions chew through "soft" performance rated Michelin tyres (if they are) but Lancers obviously do much better than just cheap on fuel.

        • A Lancer does less than 2/3 the power torque of a Aurion and 2/3 of the weight.

          I have always owned performance cars. My V8 Commodore goes thru back tyres at less then 20,000 - fronts double that.

          Heavier powerful cars use expensive tyres faster than small cars.

        • +1

          @tonyjzx: But what's the radius and width of each. If the car weighs 1.5 times as much, but the tyres have 1.5x the rubber, then I would expect life to be similar.

        • @macrocephalic:

          When I first got my car I think I used a set of back tyres in under 10,000km.

          It was my fault, if you give me a fast car I will burn them out. There is no formula, just dont hit accelerate or brake heavily.

        • @macrocephalic:

          Tyre wear is determined by weight, friction, temperature, driving style and internal pressure (which relates closely to the first three variables). For anyone about to chime in with wheel alignment or tyre balance, they result in both friction and increased temp.

          Assuming FWD as per the Lancer/Aurion example above, Aurion has more torque acting on the tyres. It has bigger brakes and the combined unsprung weight will be greater than the Lancer. To cope with this, the Aurion has wider tyres with higher load ratings to safely support its weight at the rated speed without it deforming, delaminating, unbeading or exploding.

          Pick two sizes of the same brand and model tyre: the actual rubber compound won't differ much, if at all. The main difference is the number of steel, rayon and nylon belts used in the construction of the carcass. This is key to the load rating. The heavier the vehicle, the higher the load rating.

          The same rubber supported by stronger foundations is subjected to greater forces of a heavier, more powerful car acting upon it.

  • +8

    I am sure the mechanic would not have replaced tries as yours would be quite old and worn out at 30,000 kms. It would make sense if the swapped out engine parts…

    They went to the back and got long sticks (possibly to beat my parents) but they did not go further.

    I am not sure what happened here. Again its hard to believe the mechanic got long sticks.
    I would also not suggest listing the details of the mechanic without having reasonable proof.

    • +18

      A REAL BIG +1 to this last comment.
      You may have a legit complaint but placing the name and details of a company on a web forum and then accusing them of theft and intended violence can get you in trouble with defamation laws.
      That you did it with intent (ie: named the business and linked to their yellow pages listing) may open you up to even more serious consequences (
      In choosing to name and shame via OzBargain, it - as the publisher - may also become liable for defamation as well (
      If push comes to shove OzBargain may hand over your details and a random user name and email address may be insufficient to protect you from legal action.
      I would remove the details IMMEDIATELY (and, I am unsure if there are Mods on OzBargain but if there are, how come this hasn't been picked up already?)

      • Yes sir. Right your are! About time someone made an intelligent and responsible comment and put these whinging OPs straight. here here!

  • +7

    Tracey Grimshaw would be all over this