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Can anyone please recommend a good antivirus? I have Mcafee and windows defender, but they are really slow. I don't mind spending money on subscription as well.

My PC specs are:

Lenovo E470
i7, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM, 2GB Nvidia.

Sometimes I think it just takes a while to respond, like opening a word document should instant, I might have to do a system restore… I deactivated my antivirus the other day to look for a crack for Movavi video editor and probably ended up installing something funny.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks guys.


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    If you really must use something outside Microsoft, AVG is fine and free. It is well reviewed by Choice.
    The best way to avoid these things is to be careful. Make sure you keep everything updated. Anyone can get unlucky, but if you stick to popular websites, don't torrent or download things from small sites and are sensible with email you are less likely to have a problem.

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    I'd recommend installing the free version of Crytpoprevent from Foolish IT: despite the name, it's not just ransomware/cryptolockers it prevents, it will actually stop a huge amount of malware that many AVs won't.

    Other than that AVG or Avast are fine as free AV, McAfee and Norton I'd advise to avoid, but most others on the market are fine. Kaspersky and ESET NOD32 have been my favourites, but I've been using Webroot the last couple of years, as I got given some free licences at a conference.

    Keep an eye out for the MSY special offers if you want good prices, quite often can get a good AV one year licence for under $10.

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      If you don't produce the I and the T independently… That URL sounds like full-o-shit

      I chuckled, and snorted a little.

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    Windows Defender is not slow.

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      I agree. Just use Windows Defender and don't open attachments from strangers or disable anti virus to use a keygen to install software :)

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      Also agree, had a lifetime 3 PC license for Outpost Security Suite but stopped using it 5+ years ago - too much system impact.
      Now I just have Windows Defender and Malwarebytes AM v2 (lifetime license).

      Keep your system up-to-date, use common sense, and have backups (which you should have anyway).

      Not a recommendation, just another perspective:


        Perfect combo I think.


        Did you get the Malwarebytes "lifetime" licence from Stacksocial?


          No, I picked up a couple of lifetime licenses in the month before they changed them to yearly.

          I have seen the lifetime licenses on StackSocial and PC AU(?) but there have been some comments in threads here on whether or not they are "real" lifetime licenses from MB.

          Some doubt as to whether you'd be able to reactivate if you have to reinstall your system, may be worth a punt but I'd monitor the registration with RegShot or similar and keep any changes made so that I could register it later by copying files/registry entries back.


        MalwareBytes is good as an on-demand scanner but to run it as realtime protection is definitely not something I would suggest. We attempted to do that a few businesses and one business had their MYOB file totally break as a result which I had to restore from a backup they had and at the others their computers just became so slow it was nearly unusable and we received multiple angry phone calls from different staff members there. We also installed MB on the 2 office PCs at our office and they have also slowed down to a complete crawl as a result. If you disable the realtime protection it is much better but then it constantly warns you that the protection is off and I can't find a way to stop it bringing up those messages.

        The reason we went for MalwareBytes in the first place is for the anti-exploit feature and its supposed defense against CryptoLocker but my god the realtime antimalware/web filter sucks. For a few people we bought the business standalone MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit and this product has been perfect but then they recently replaced the product with an MalwareBytes 3 which removed the ability to purchase it by itself. They really need to add a custom install option so you can exclude protections but for some reason the creators on the forum deny that these issues exist and they don't see why anyone would want to disable the realtime shields.


          I haven't had much, if any, impact performance-wise but I'm still running v2.

          v3 would not install, would not update, would not work on my machine - afaiac, it's still in beta.

          I run it without the Web filtering because, quite frankly, I have yet to find any program that won't piss me off faster than one that keeps telling what freaking website I can/can't look at.

          You're right about the forum, reported the inability to install, gave them the logs they wanted … and didn't hear a word.

          Welcome to the wonderful world of support :)


          @4wd: yeah the support is fielded by some very arrogant people and won't offer you much if any resolution aside from "it's that way because that's the way we believe it should work" with no room for argument.

          The web filtering isn't just an issue of restricting what sites you can view but it's more an issue when a site requires external stuff to display properly. Both Avast and MalwareBytes web filtering have broken websites for clients because it's impossible for the creators to know the ins and outs of every single website on the internet and sites that people use every day can be coded in odd ways that get blocked by the filtering. For a technical user it's pretty easy to create exclusion rules but for the every day mom and pop they won't know why their favourite websites are not showing half of the things they used to display anymore.


    I've also been looking lately as my Norton has expired. I've been using it for a number of years and have been happy but looking just the same. I typically buy this time of year which coincides with their cash back promotions. ends up being around $10 per PC.

    I came upon an anti virus testing page which 'might' be useful. I have no idea if they have a vested interest in giving awards to certain companies. this page gives an historical overview chart

    they have comprehensive reporting elsewhere on the site.

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      I've used Norton AV for quite a few years, and I particularly liked the backup function. I used to buy a new copy of the standard version named Norton 360 on Ebay for about $20 delivered, and this covered 3 devices.

      However when I bought this year's update I discovered on installation that the standard version no longer has the Backup capability, and to get that you have to buy the Premier Edition which is around $50.

      I was really cheesed off as I had no warning that the standard edition had been nobbled, and it is entirely probable that when this lesser edition expires I'll get something else, though I do like the Vault facility to store passwords.

      The bottom line is I'm not sure Norton Premier is worth the cost.

      Cheerz Wabster.


    I find Bitdefender very good and apart from doing a pattern update on starting (using all my slow internet speed for a while). One trick I found with them, I used a free three month trial on one PC which expired after three months. I ignored the first few upgrade/resubscribe offers then they sent me one for Bitdefender Total Security 2017 1 yr * 5 licences for $25.

    I paid that but did not activate it immediately. When my license expired on my other pcs I activated it which then started the 12 month count. Saved me a good deal of money.

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    If you're playing with cracks….pay up for a bitdefender/Norton. If you're safe, Use one of the free ones.

    I know you want to hear, "oh just use the free one". But realistically speaking, cracks are risky.


    saveonit always have a good deal on Kaspersky
    We use it at work.


    Download malware bytes and do a scan with that first.

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    AVAST has served me very well for many many years, and it's completely free for home users.

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    You have an i7 and SSD and Defender is slow? I've got Defender on a Pentium with 2Gb on one of my computer's and it's not noticeable. Maybe you need to reinstall Windows. And if you're going to run suspicious files, do it on a virtual machine.

    Edit: Did you have task manager open and seen that it was your AV causing the delay?


    suggest Kaspersky Internet Security. Apart from normal AV it also checks new apps against a dynamic online database and blocks anything not yet "voted" is safe. Cost about $30 for 3 devices 2 years. worth it for me.


    I use Avira, much better job than my norton did.

  • - enterprise grade antivirus with web filtering for FREE, better than other free crap - does the job and it is great - no load on the machine and pretty good hit score.


    We have used various Norton products for many years without any problems. Heard all the grumbles from others, saying a waste of time and too slow. After an overburdened (and very well matured) laptop had problems (nothing to do with viruses etc.) we followed our computer guys recommendation to just have Kaspersky (free…). Anyways Kaspersky drove me 'nanas with its continual questioning, whether I should open a site or not etc., and finally the laptop finally succombed to the "cup of coffee on the keyboard" syndrome. After years, free of problems, with Norton 360, I would just suggest you use that. There is always some shop offering (a 3 user) variety at a quite reasonable price. The yearly updates on credit card can be a tad expensive compared to new subscriptions (which I find very annoying Norton) but at least there is continuity. By the way some of the people that did say Norton was too slow, costly etc. and used free virus protection did fall victim to viruses at some stage. Son's new laptop came supplied with Norton and Windows 10; no problems at all. I am sure he takes all reasonable measures to expose it to every known suspect site there is too.


    I have Trend Micro Maximum Security and really like it - it is quick and easy - I have a subscription that pays for several laptops and phones - I also took the top subscription to give me free help when things go astray or if I was to have any problems what-so-ever with loading/renewing/updating ect the programme - I took this as my daughter was going to be studying in China and I could not be there if there were problems - particularly when running a VPN in a country like China - and yes, you guessed it, things did go wrong - however, the wonderful, and very resourceful, techs at the help desk found ways around what had happened and solved the issues really quickly. I will certainly be renewing the top subscription even though all users are back in Australia.


    Firstly you do NOT need a paid anti-virus to get the BEST AV protection. Lots of good "opinions" here But don't necessarily fit your brief. Nor are they qualified recommendations by authorities in this field.
    The following FREE antivirus are both highly effective and lightweight on resources:
    1. Bitdefender FREE edition - lightest on resources, most simple to use and most effective
    2. Avast FREE Anti-virus but only install the basic models (File system shield, Mail shield and Wed shield) - slightly heavier on resources, requires slightly more user interaction and still highly effective
    3. Avira - Top rated product in the tests carried out on links below but I find it much more confusing to use.
    here is a link to the latest tests and comparisons from the experts in the AV field. You can read the results and judge for yourself.
    You can also see test results from another AV test lab here:
    Note that both avast and Bitdefender rank very highly here as well and both are free


      Still waiting…


      I tried to use BitDefender for awhile instead of Avast but it didn't end so well for me,

      I wonder if they have made much improvement since then? It was seriously awful when it actually detected something as a false positive I could not get it to exclude it no matter how hard I tried.

      I went back to Avast for awhile but now am just using Defender. I find Defender to be a bit of a pain in the ass when installing software though as when you open a 1GB exe it has to scan the whole thing and it can introduce a large delay before your program actually opens.

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    Thanks guys! I didn't expect so many replies, I am going to go through all and hopefully solve my AV crisis.

    Appreciate it fellows! Enjoy your weekend.

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    Downloaded bit defender, so better than Mcafee.

    Thanks guys


    I thought windows default AV, Defender is a decent tool. But if you're looking for something outside of that domain, Kaspersky and BitDefender are pretty decent options. I've used Avira and Avast too and out of all these, Avast seems to be the fastest alongside Windows Defender


    My recommendation is to get the free Avast!

    During the installation press custom and then select minimal install and then untick everything except File Shield. It will give you good protection without all the bloat.


    Please, ask that again using a specific forum. I say that because I read terrible suggestions here.
    It is obvious that you already avoid open files or browsing some dangerous website, but you still want an extra protection.
    I can only recommend Avira, Kaspersky, BitDefender and other software that use their engines and database.
    I have been using ZoneAlarm, and I am happy with that.
    Whatever is your choice, try for 30 days before buying because you can have specific software installed on your system that might be incompatible with some AVs.
    Search on Google, and you can find some bargains, and frequently 6-month licences.
    I paid 20 AUD for my ZoneAlarm licence, for 3 computers, 12 months


    Whatever antivirus you go with, make sure you have malwarebytes installed on the side to do the occasional check if you do get a virus. It is better at finding brand new viruses.


    Don't buy these Kaspersky, Bitdefender, AVG, Microsoft, AVast, Avira even Zonealarm even if they're free or cheap. They're not good for management. Too slow for updates and can end up costing more if you have multiple computers, macs, phones & tablets etc.. and not all of them supports multiple OS platforms.

    For Free get Sophos and for paid get Symantec.
    For Sophos for Home, you can get 10 licenses for FREE.
    For Symantec, it only cost $172 for 10 licenses ($50 cash back last month - expired) for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android phones, Linux etc.

    I've chosen Symantec 10 user pack for small business $172 pick up from Officeworks (with $50 cash back) coz I have 10 systems at home, multiple laptops, VMs, phones and tablets - all runs different OS.

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