expired Costco Digital Photo Centre - Create an account, receive 25 free 6x4 prints MEL only


Please note - You need to be a Costco member for this deal to apply.

Received Costco's Coupons this morning in my email - valid from Monday 2 August and in amongst them was the following -

"25 FREE Prints when you sign up for a new photo centre account online. Visit Costco.com.au and create your free account today. Upload, edit and enhance your photos for FREE. Print only the photos you want - never pay for a bad photo again.

9¢ per print for 4" x 6" prints
Enlargements from 25¢"

I've included the direct link to the Photo Centre in the URL. Prints at this point can only be collected from a Costco store and operate on a new day pick up service.

There is no mention of the deal itself when you sign up but when you log in for the first time a yellow tab will show that you have 25 free prints.

Although I did not type this in the title, Sydneysiders might as well create an account as your Costco in Auburn will open soon enough and I couldn't find any expiry date for the redemption of the prints!?

Enjoy! :)


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    Harvey Norman is giving away 50 photos free online
    you can pick up from many stores around the country.
    and "anyone" can do that.

    with Costco, you have to be a member first before they let you in the door.

    it's just not worth the hassle.

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      Ahh the ignorance. It is well documented that you can recover the membership fee and more quite quickly. As an example I recently had to purchase a new iron. I went to Myer Melbourne. The Philips Iron I was after was $159 (Philips GC4620 for those interested) in Myer. The exact same iron was $119 in Costco. That is their regular price and not on sale or anything. There's $40 covered. Next up a pair of Mavi jeans. In a surf retailer in town they were $120. Costco for the same style were $79. There's another $41. So on that basis alone I am $20 in front in one single shopping trip. I think it's time for people to look beyond the "membership" costs. For the record I joined Costco when the opened in Melbourne a year ago now and I will definitely be renewing.

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        you're missing the Point

        I was comparing 2 freebie offers.

        1 is free to any one. (50 photos)

        2 is free for "member" only (25 photos)

        Yes, if I am remember, I can save around $2.5 for the 25 photos
        my time, my electricity cost, and internet bandwidth cost involved to make this offer come true made it not worth my while. (tight-asses like me consider these things as cost.)
        and when cost is getting close to profit, I would not bother.

        If I am going to spent the effort, I would rather take up the 50 free photos offer.

        elguapo, If your idea of average price is from Myer, then you shouldn't be here.
        This is the land of bargain hunters.


          OK, I take your point on the direct comparison between Costco and HN. On the Myer statement, the iron I purchased is at the higher end of Philips iron range. It isn't available in discount retailers like Kmart, Big W etc. You have to go to the likes of Myer or HN for the more expensive items. The point I am trying to make is that many many people on this website seem to make a single issue of the cost of Costco membership. Where in actual fact it is very simple to make back that fee and more. Let's face it if Costco's pricing model was such that it was similar or more expensive to shop at than any other retailer I doubt they'd still be in business.

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    Harvey Norman Print Costs -
    6 x 4" $0.15* $0.10* (For a short time only)
    5 x 7" $0.59*
    6 x 8" $2.95*
    8 x 10" $4.95*
    8 x 12" $5.95*
    10 x 15" $14.95*
    11 x 14" $14.95*
    12 x 16" $22.95*

    Costco Print Costs -
    Product Price
    4x6 $0.09
    5x7 $0.25
    6x8 $0.59
    8x10 $1.99
    8x12 $1.99
    11x14 $4.99
    12x16 $5.99
    12x18 $5.99
    12x36 $6.99

    I think the prices speak for themselves superkieu!?

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      The fact that Costco costs $60 a year to join is ridiculous. Besides this is for the free prints, which aren't really free for non members and Harvey Norman are offering 50 actually free prints if you sign up.


        Clearly you've never been to Costco before otherwise you'd not be claiming the membership to be ridiculous!? Over the past year I have saved hundreds by shopping there. Granted if you don't have a large family buying in bulk is probably not your cup of tea anyway.

        That aside, if you read my post I don't state they are free for non-members!?

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        Not a valid reason for a negative vote - your opinion and comments are fine and valid, but do not justify a negative vote. based on your logic, we could all vote this down as its Melbourne only. The post is clear its for Costco and most know now that costco costs $60 a year to join.

        Lets hope the really you reads the guidelines.



          I only left the comment Pete.
          I did not cast my vote.


            it was isthatreally me's vote

            Comments, unless offensive or abusive etc are always fine, thats an opinion which as such is anyones right.

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    this deal is only good if you are already a member of costco..
    i however am not, mainly due to the fact that it's like 60$ to get a membership for a year.
    I can walk free into harvey norman. :D


    I have added the membership condition to the deal.

    EDIT - Looks like we have some neg happy people here today…as you will! :)

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    This is not a freebie.

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      I dont think so. If this was a case of one or the other thats fine, but hey I can avail myself of both deals (if a costco member) so really if you are not a costco member clearly this deal doesn't suit.

      So both of you are correct, just depends on circumstances

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    Not a deal when it costs $60 to become member before you can use this offer!

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      Not all deals suit everyone, if you are a member or want to be a member then it can be a deal. Its in Melbourne, I am in Sydney so should I say its no deal because I have to pay an airfare to take it up. In that case I just leave the deal alone for Melbournians and in this case Costcoians

      BTW Iam in sydney so it's no deal for me - that's why I haven't voted


    What are the rest of the coupon deals? Save me a trip to the store to find out what's on special!

    I'm a member and they have my email, but I've NEVER received emailed coupon vouchers from them!

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found the Aug 2010 coupons on their website and as usual, they are useless unless you're in store because they don't show you the actual price of the products!


    With this costco … can someone else use your card or is it restricted to just one person?


      You have your photo on the card but you could still possibly get away with it as they dont seem to check it all that well.

      edit: actually, at the check out they might take a closer look.

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        You can't use someone else's card as your credit card name has to match your Costco member card name. If you paid in cash I'm sure they might ask for further ID!?

        EDIT - Really the way some of you neg comments is hilarious! Get a life!

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