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RedLeopard Orbit Pool Cleaner w/12m Hose & 2Y Warranty $199 Delivered - PoolAndSpaWarehouse.com.au


RedLeopard Orbit Pool Cleaner w/ 12m Hose & 2Y Warranty $199 Delivered

A premium automatic pool cleaner that incorporates the latest design principles and has proven to be exceptionally reliable, efficient, quiet and durable.


  • Effective: Superb balance design directs maximum energy to cleaning the pool.
  • Fast: High performance disc, foot pad with large suction vents, powerful diaphragm, and flexible deflector ensure real quick results.
  • Quiet: Proven Baracuda diaphragm technology.
  • Durable: Sturdy one-piece body design with no screws, clips or glue/weld parts.
  • Ready to Go: Easy to assemble and set up.
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • To redeem this offer you must enter the promotion code "orbit2017" during checkout.
  • Limited stock offer. Only 100 units available for this promotion. Promotion expires 19/02/2017.
  • Promotion limited to 1 pool cleaner per customer. You are welcome to purchase more than 1, but the discount will only apply to 1.
  • Free Shipping will be extended to any other products added to the shopping cart.

Australia's largest range of Pool Cleaners at the best prices.

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  • Where to enter promo code during checkout?

    • On the cart page, under "discount codes", as illustrated in this screen shot: http://prntscr.com/e8uq14

      • Ahh, OK. Doesn't appear when checking out with IOS - need to use PC or other…

  • Is this type of pool cleaner suitable for an above ground pool ~ 12,000 litres? Pool has a filter and skimmer box.

    • if there is a skimmer box, and there is enough suction, the cleaner would be able to work.

  • How long have these been around? More importantly, how long will you keep selling spare parts?

    Seems the diaphragm are Zodiac-compatible, which is useful

    • +1

      We have been selling them since 2013 and plan to keep spare parts available as we do with all major brands. The diaphragm is zodiac/baracuda compatible.

  • What kind of adapter does it come with for the skimmer box? Not at home at the moment, but unsure if I would need to buy some adapter to make it fit

  • Pulled trigger

    • If any probs, just contact us and we will help. The cleaner comes with all std fittings.

  • is it available without the hose

    • the head-only version is not available at the moment, sorry.

  • Do you rate these as good as the Zodiac Aquasphere, T3 and G2 ?

  • Better than the last cleaner you posted ? That ones working fine for me so far

  • Trying to work out how this gets installed. When working does the skimmer basket stay in or you take it out? Can it worked when connected to the skimmer lid?

  • is there any deal on MX6 or Zodiac LM3 40 Pool Chlorinator, want to replace current one, saw the deal early last year, very attractive lol.

  • any chance of a deal on Zodiac MX6? want to buy one for my pool fairly soon.